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Below is the list of the main cast members with some background info as well as details on their roles for the Blade series.

Kirk Jones as BladeKirk Jones (aka Sticky Fingaz) as Blade
Blade won't be played by Wesley Snipes for the television series. Instead, Kirk 'Sticky' Jones will take on the role as "Daywalker", the half human, half vampire vampire hunter. He has the typical strengths associated with vampires, such as their strength and healing abilities, but none of their weaknesses (save for the craving for blood). His ability to be exposed to sunlight is the reason for his "Daywalker" alias.

Major roles that Kirk Jones has played include Maurice "Smoke" Williams in the TV show Over There, Jeremy in Flight of the Pheonix, and Kern Little in The Shield.

Jill Wagner as Krista StarrJill Wagner as Krista Starr
As a former US army sergeant, Krista Starr has the training to make an impact on the war with the vampires. The problem is, her loyalty is a grey area that even she struggles to figure out. One the one hand, she wishes to avenge her brothers death (a death most likely by the hands of vampires). On the other hand, she is conflicted with instincts that convince her to continue being a member of the evil Chthon. Blade may be her only chance, but will she let him help?

Wagner's previous roles include Rachel in Shifted and Millicent in Junebug.

Nelson Lee as Shen
Nelson Lee as Shen
As Blade's parter, Shen's main role is that of a master weapons maker. He may be a mere mortal, but Shen's ingenious inventions and constant loyalty have proven to be great assets to Blade's war against the vampires. It looks as though Shen may be the replacement for Abraham Whistler, who served as Blade's main partner and inventor in the movies.

Previous roles include Xiu-Juan Chang in Strip Search and Li Chen in Oz.

Neil Jackson as Marcus Van Sciver
Neil Jackson as Marcus Van Sciver
Marcus is an integral part to the evil House of Chthon. His ultimate goal is to become even more powerful than the pureblood vampires he reports to. With the odd relationship triangle between him, Blade, and Krista, things are definitely going to get personal. It will also be interesting to see any similarities there may be between Marcus and the first Blade movie's Deacon Frost, as both were driven by their struggle to become more powerful than the purebloods, using any means necessary.

Previous roles include Dale in Sugar Rush and Perdiccas in Alexander (France).

Jessica Gower as ChaseJessica Gower as Chase
As Marcus' most trusted lieutenant, Chase is the perfect example of femme fatale. While her loyalty towards Marcus and the House of Chthon is strong, her tendency towards jealousy could prove to be a conflict. With Krista entering the picture, there's no telling what might happen between the two, especially with Krista struggling to choose sides.

Previous roles include Harriet Stapleton in All Saints and Sam in The Secret Life of Us.

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  1. Chase-fan Said:

    whoa.Chase looking so sexy!(and little bit scary,right?)

  2. Dirty Die Said:

    yer but krista is fitter anyway kirk was a cool blade i think he looked great as the new blade and he brought something new to the character if they make a fourth blade film he should at least be considerd for the role. Marcus was a cool bad guy but no way as cool as drake, deacon frost and nomak shen is cool as blades new partner my favourite characters were the bad bloods they were sound.

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