Blade Cast Promote Show At Ultimate Fighter Finale

Spike TV had their Ultimate Fighter live finale last night. What does that have to do with Blade? Well, Spike TV used the opportunity to promote the hell out of the show. Besides having trailers and previews during nearly every commercial break, they had Kirk Jones (Blade), Jill Wagner (Krista), and Neil Jackson (Marcus) there to promote it even more. After certain fights they even had Joe Rogan, one of the fight announcers, interview a cast member about the new show.

Kirk Jones talked about the intense training he had to go through to prepare for the show. He specifically mentioned kickboxing, martial arts, and wire training. His "interview" was quite brief and besides the training information, he really just talked about how much he enjoyed the UFC and how he believes it will take over boxing.

A few fights later Jill Wagner was asked a few questions, also focusing on her training. She said how she didn't have to do much training for martial arts because her brother is a big martial arts guy and he had trained her a lot already. She also talked about how she has a gun collection and that she's very comfortable holding guns onscreen.

I did mention that Neil Jackson was in attendance, but Rogan didn't speak with him. We actually only saw him when the camera was focused in on Kirk and Jill with Neil poking his head in from the side. That shot actually showed Jill being very friendly with Kirk, with her arms wrapped around his and leaning all over him. Actors often show affection like this to the cameras without it meaning anything more than friendship, but it'll be interesting to see if an onscreen romance translates into something in the real world as it often does.

All in all, it was good to see Spike TV putting in a good amount of effort to promote the show. It's been said that they spent a lot of money on the pilot and are backing it 100%. Hopefully these are all good signs of it becoming a successful show.


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