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The pilot for Spike TV's Blade: The Series premiered last night and it was pretty good, definitely worthy of my TiVo's season pass. I'll have my full recap and review either later today or tomorrow. If you happened to miss the show, don't worry because it looks like the pilot episode will be airing three more times before the next episode hits.

The below times are PST and I'm not sure if they will be air at different times for different time zones, so make sure you verify yours if you're not on the West Coast.

  • Saturday July 1 at 4:00 PM

  • Sunday July 2 at 9:00 PM

  • Tuesday July 4 at 10:00 PM

And remember, once you have seen the episodes, make sure to come back here with your comments and questions as I'll be doing an episode wrap up (likely tomorrow) and hope that we can get some great discussions going.

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  1. Tagne Said:

    Hello, I am looking for the transcripts of this series. Do you have it, or do you know where I can find it? Thanks ;-)

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Unfortunately I haven't a clue where to get the transcript for the show. I did a bit of research looking for it, but couldn't find one. It may be too early for transcripts to start appearing online. I did, however, find out that the first episode is available for free download. Check out my post about it

  3. cassy Said:

    how can i watch last nights blade

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