Interviews Kirk Jones

Over at, they've post an exclusive interview with Kirk Jones. They talk about the Blade television show, the movies, comic books, and his band Onyx.

From the interview:

"What do you think of the dramatic rise of comics to film within the last ten years? Was that a reason you wanted to do this?

KJ: For the first question, I think it’s incredible, especially with the technology because they can show more and they can pull you in further. They don’t have to use a green screen or blue screen every time they want somebody to fly. Some people they hook up to a wire and make them fly. What made me want to do this was the whole package. There were 3 monster engines, (1) Marvel, which I am a fan of and have been since I was 10 years old. I still read and collect comic books. Two, New Line. I love all the movies they put out and Spike TV is one of the more newer cable stations that are real edgy.With Blade, I don’t know anybody that I have come across that hasn’t heard of Blade. It’s really inviting and I feel like we need more black superheroes out there, so, of course I would jump on the opportunity to play a black superhero like Blade."

Read the full interview here.

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