Krista's Dream Sequence

This question was from YankeeFan and he asks "There was one point in the show I didn\’t understand. The Last time Krista was talking to Marcus, she asked about seeing her brother in the vision. She says her brother was saying to follow her, and she asks Marcus what to do. He says to keep doing what she has been doing and continue to follow him. Can you try to explain?"

His question as submitted in the comments section, which is where most discussion about specific episodes should be, but my response to the question is quite lengthy so I decided to make an individual post about it rather than answer it in the comments.

Below is the transcript from the first dream sequence as well as Marcus' conversation with Krista at the end of the show. Note that I copied this all down from my recording on TiVo so I may be off in a few places.

Young Zack: Wake up.
Krista: Zack.
Young Zack: You can't catch me (starts running away).
Krista: Can't? (it sounds like she says can't, though she may have just repeated Zack again).
Young Zack: Over there. I want to tell you something.
Krista: Zack. (seeing the old Zack)
Old Zack: (speaks some weird language that I couldn't understand. we then hear "die".
Young Zack: You understand?
Krista: (shakes her head no).

This was the dream sequence right after Krista was dropped onto the car. Marcus tells her that the visions were part of the process and that part of himself was passed onto her.

Below is the conversation at the end of the episode where Krista asks Marcus what her visions meant.

Marcus: He was trying to show you something.
Krista: What should I do?
Marcus: What you have been. Follow him.

Okay, so we have that all cleared up now right? Okay, I guess it really doesn't answer anything. I'm still unsure what the dream meant, and I don't know what Marcus' explanation means. I believe Marcus is trying to make Krista believe that following Zack means to follow him. However, I'm thinking Marcus is lying, as we know Zack was actually working with Blade, so Zack wouldn't be telling Krista to follow the "bad guy".

On the other hand, maybe Zack is telling Krista to keep close to Marcus and to follow him as a spy. It would make sense as that is what Blade asks of her. The problem with that explanation is that the dream sequence happens right when she died, so she wasn't close to Marcus yet or anything.

Yet another explanation could be that Zack was telling Krista to keep trying to avenge his death. This would seem to make sense as that is what she was doing right before she had the dream sequence. This would obviously conflict with Marcus' plans, so he shouldn't be telling Krista to follow Zack's wishes.

It's all still too cryptic to even really make an educated guess (even though I just made three). Perhaps the odd words that the old Zack speaks will become clearer to Krista as time goes by.

I guess this post is a good one to show that I don't have all the answers. I suppose that's why the topic is "Reader Questions" and not "Answers". Perhaps somebody else has a good explanation or theory?

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  1. Joponica Said:

    That was interesting to me as well. One expriences there sponsor being turned through their ADE? I also wonder since Krista has not been drinking blood what would happened if she is forced to? Blood is the life. It just seems that if has to feed in order to keep her cover what would be the results of it how would it affect her? Why is Charlotte so suspicous of Marcus? Most importantly what is Marcus's true plan?

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    I'm assuming that if Krista drink's enough blood that she will fully "turn" and become truly evil. Usually that's how things work, but with the House of Leichen, there are vampires who have fed and who were evil, but now don't feed on humans... so maybe there is still a way to resist after feeding. If I were Charlotte, I would be suspicious of Marcus as well. She knows he experiments on his own people and is sneaking around kidnapping vampires from other houses. She's probably smart enough to know that if he's willing to backstab other houses, he's probably willing to backstab anybody. She just needs to find out his real plans.

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