House of Chthon Glyph

House of Chthon GlyphI've had a few people write in wondering if I could post a picture of the House of Chthon glyph. I'm not sure if it would infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks to post a screenshot of it, so I decided to recreate it with Photoshop.

The image on the upper left is my recreation of the glyph. I'm not sure if it's taken from real vampire lore or if it was created new for the series. If anybody knows where the actual symbol came from, leave a comment on this post so that others can know as well.

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  1. cprockhill Said:

    Want to use the glyph on wiki want to give you proper credit for the creation using your name, date created etc. You can email me the info or leave in the discussion tab on the wiki page for blade: The Vampire houses thanks

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