Episode 3: Death Goes On

General Thoughts and Recap
First, let me clarify why the title of this post is Episode 3. While there has really only been one episode so far, Episode 1: Pilot, Spike TV is actually claiming the pilot was two separate episodes that were aired back-to-back. I think that's bullshit, but whatever. As such, last night's episode was technically, the third. Anyway... onto my thoughts on the actual episode...

Oh... hell... yes. This episode was exactly what I was talking about in my write up for the pilot. Remember all those cool plot opportunities I saw and hoped they'd capitalize on? Well, Episode 3 touches on a few of those, but focuses on a whole side plot I didn't even think about - the ashers.

If you recall from the first episode, dead vampires leave ash behind that some humans have refined into a type of drug that temporarily gives them vampire abilities. The substance and the people that crave it seem to be much more integral to the storyline than I had previously thought, and that's definitely a good thing. Last night's episode introduced us to the many aspects of the vampire ash drug trafficking trade.

First you've got the users (called ashers). These people are very similar to regular drug addicts with addictions that can drive them to crime and self harm. The main difference is that their drug has one hell of a nasty side effect, the urge to taste blood. The urge often causes ashers to gnaw on their own flesh once they come down from their vampire-like highs.

Next you've got the pushers. This episode focused on one main drug "lord" named Cain. We're introduced to Cain when he hunts down and kills a vampire in the back of his limosine, securing the ash to make more drugs.

Of course, you've also got the drugs themselves, otherwise known as vampires. In the first episode, we had no idea how much of a threat the ashers would be to the vampire population. I, personally, didn't even begin to think of such consequences. In this episode, however, we're shown just how scared the vampires are of the growing asher demands. Marcus even kills an ally due to her failures of allowing too many ashers to kill her vampire clients.

Lastly, we've got Blade. It's still unclear just how involved Blade will become with the ashers. He sought out Cain for unknown reasons, though the reason for his initial interest in the ashers was a theory that Marcus may have been experimenting with using the ash on his own vampires (which may, or may not, be the case).

With all these groups running around in constant conflict with each other, the Blade universe just got deeper and much more exciting. The great thing is that it didn't seem out of place or thrown together. Blade's need to discover the origin Fritz's powers brought him to Cain while Marcus' need to deal with the growing asher threat sent Chase and Krista to Cain as well. It was natural and work exremely well.

Speaking of Chase and Krista, I loved the interaction between the two. I got the feeling that Chase was trying to get Krista killed during the raid on Cain's lab. She kept sending Krista in first, even though Marcus told Krista she was supposed to lay low and watch. However, with Krista saving Chase's life, it seemed as though Chase may have started changing her feelings. Of course, then we saw Marcus pouring on the charm all over wounded Krista as Chase watched from the sidelines. That love triangle looks to be much more engaging and exciting than I had previously though.

I'm suprised that they killed Fritz off so early. He definitely seemed like more of a main character that we'd see for at least a little longer. I'm glad they did it though. It would have been easy to sit on the Blade vs. Fritz plotline for awhile, but they decided to throw in a suprisingly quick end to that. Oh, and having Krista chop off his head with a signpost? Brilliant.

I would also like to mention how Marcus let on that there was more to his experiments and the "vaccine" than everybody knows. It was interesting to learn that he's keeping secrets from Chase, as I thought those two would be close enough for Marcus to trust her. Whatever his plans are, it sounds like they involve screwing over the purebloods in one form or another.

Once again they didn't really do much with Shen or Boone. They started and ended the episode with Boone, just as they did in the first episode, but didn't give him much, if anything, in the middle. I do see some great things for his character in the future. While I'd like to see more of Shen, more of him in this episode would have definitely been out of place. This episode was about the ashers, Krista, Chase, and Fritz.

The Good
The introduction of the ashers' world. Instead of just having good guy Blade versus the bad guy vampires, we have the ashers trying to hunt down the vampires, Blade trying to hunt down the vampires, and the vampires defending themselves while scheming to do who knows what. There's more of a grey area of conflict rather than the cut and dry good guy / bad guy scenario... and I love it.

The Bad
The end of Fritz. While I loved the unpredictability of killing him off so early, I was really beginning to like his character a lot. He had that sad little spoiled boy attitude going for him, pouting about not being about to go out and fight Blade. The scene showing him use a bagged experiment vampire as a punching bag was gruesomely fantastic. Thankfully he went out in an incredible fashion, as to not be forgotten for at least another episode or two.

The Ugly
Again, the fighting has to be the ugliest part of the episode. They really need to do something about the fight choreography. Kirk needs more martial arts training... desperately. Luckily there was really only one real fight in this episode, and it didn't last too long. Blade is all about being a baddass, and he can't be one if the fighting remains this lame.

Closing Thoughts
While the last episode was one of those "it had potential" outings, this episode was fantastic. With all the possible plot lines they could have followed up on from the first episode, they decided to bring us one from out of left field. The concept of having ashers out there as a threat to the vampires gives us another group to get excited about. The fact that we don't know if we should really be cheering for them or not makes them that much more exciting.

Again, I'd like Blade to actually come off as more of a vampire hunter and not some private detective without any real vampire hunting skills. It'd be nice if he could exploit his advantages over vampires more somehow, and if Kirk Jones could learn how to fight onscreen so Blade at least look somewhat capable, that'd be nice too.

All in all, great friggin' episode. I can't wait to see if Blade somehow allies himself with the asher groups. I can't wait to see what Marcus is really up to. I just can't wait!

Notable Scenes

  • Fritz using a bagged vampire as a punching bag.

  • Chase hammering metal spikes into an ashers arm.

  • Fritz's unfortunate beheading.

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  1. YankeeFan Said:

    I agree totally. Fantastic episode. I had no idea everyone involved in the vampire ash would have such a big role. In the first episode (or if you want to say first two episodes), the vampires didn't mention anything about the ash. This episode, the were very concerned with it, even more concerned about it than Blade. I thought the ash would be such a small part to the plot of the show, and the writers have done a fantastic thing and turned it into a huge twist. Also, when Detective Boone was put up as a test object, I thought his role was finished. Now, it appears he is on his way back to Detroit to do some damage of his own. Very exciting! Looking forward to next week's episode!

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, if Boone starts his own little vampire group, things could get even more interesting. I'm guessing he's still more than pissed at Marcus and the House of Chthon. This means we could potentially have more than 6 groups all in conflict with each other. The 6 I'm thinking are Marcus and his group, the purebloods, the ashers, Boone and his group, Blade, and hopefully the House of Lycan. Who knows what else is in store... I really can't wait.

  3. Kirk Said:

    I loved this episode and fought the ashers story was cool but although fritz died in a cool way he should of at least survived for 1 or 2 more episodes for a bigger showdown with blade. I was also disapointed at this point with the fighting and i do think they need a little more training for the future episodes.

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