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With this site being a little over a week old now, the initial excitement and rush has slowed a bit (which isn't so bad since it was quite hectic with the first couple days bringing in around 1000 visitors each day). Anyway, now that things have calmed down a little, I wanted to make sure everybody knows that I'm completely open to any and all suggestions.

All sorts of suggestions are wellcome. Maybe you think the ads are too intrusive or annoying, or you have a specific category you'd like added. Maybe you've got some good links or news stories to share. Whatever it is, send it on in and I'll promise to give it fair consideration.

Big or small, send your suggestions on over and I'll see what I can do. You can always use the contact form, or just leave some comments on this post. I hope to keep adding to and tweaking the site, and your suggestions will help me in that process so that we can all enjoy this place that much more.


  1. Joponica Said:

    Who all is excited about tonight's show? Show of hands. Me, Me !! Marcus gets his hands dirty, Krista is grieving the lose of her family, Blade is on the heels of finding out Marcus's plan, Charlotte knows that Marcus is up to no good and I have a feeling she may get some help from our friend Chase. Hopefully, tonights numbers will be awesome. Either way, slow and steady wins the race keep writig and calling in support. Sgout out to Squirrelinabox for creating this place . Much appreciation:) Enjoy the show.

  2. Sarah Said:

    >Who all is excited about tonight’s show?

  3. Sarah Said:

    Who all is excited about tonight’s show? Me too! Me too! Only 7 more hours... not that I'm counting or anything... ;-)

  4. Squirrelinabox Said:

    7 hours? Not fair, must be on the East Coast. I've got 9 and a half more hours here on the West Coast.

  5. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well I will chime in.. I cannot wait. I have allready ordered my Blade costume for Halloween and in the midst of convincing a friend to be Shen ;). Pretty sure I could holster a hotty like Jill wearing that gig on Halloween! At any rate west coast here to Squirrel... even TV saves the best until last. Thanks for your response on my question Sarah... I will chime in tomorrow with both my thoughts on the epi following Squirrels wicked recaps and my thoughts on my question. Cheers!

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