Blade Cast's MySpace Profiles

Well, after some further MySpace digging, I found that the main Blade: The Series cast members all have MySpace profiles. Below are the links to the profiles.

*update: thanks to reader Mike, I have updated this post to include Jessica Gower's and Geoff Johns' MySpace profiles. Thanks Mike!

*update 2: it appears that Jessica Gower's profile has been deleted. I will update this post if I can find a new link.

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  1. kevin akinsipe Said:

    dear emily hirst i know you just turned 13 on july9 happy birthday i want you to know you look beutiful do they have an opening thier because i wanted to audition for any body in the show. let me know please. my email address is *removed by admin* my home address is *removed by admin* my phone number *removed by admin*

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Kevin, this site is a fansite. As such, Spike TV has nothing to do with it, nor do any of the cast members. I've removed your contact information because I have a feeling it isn't really yours and that you may be pranking somebody. Either way, you shouldn't post your phone number and/or home address on a public site like this.

  3. Joponica Said:

    I am loving the show each episode. My favorites as you may know are Marcus and Krista. Marcus is up to so much more than appears and now Charlotte is aware of it. But, what does he want? Does he want to destroy the Purebloods and make the House of Chthon the ruling class? Why did he turn Krista? Is he aware of her working with Blade? So many questions, and as the episodes get more and more interesting. I must say last episode was good especially the last part:) "Stop Fighting, Stop wanting and let go. Come with me, be with me.... forever." Marcus and Krista just have to be explored. So, Aurora never worked? What was it's purpose ? Just to make the Purebloods think that soon their weaknesses would be extinct? Its obvious there is some sort of caste system with in the Vampire Nation that the Purebloods are Royalty. I have a feeling that Marcus wants that sort of power , but maybe he may even have distaste of the Purebloods. The fact he must answer to them. And what is Vanessa pregnant with? Will vampires ever be able to create life?

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