Jill Wagner Up For Hottest Woman Of Spike TV

SpikeTV.com is has put up a voting page for the hottest Women of Spike, and Blade: The Series star Jill Wagner is one of the sexy ladies you can vote for. As of this writing, she's in second place with 27% of the votes; Laura Rodriguez from the Fight Night pre-show hostess is in first with 34%.

Apparently the contest is a promo for Spike TV's Women of Action show that'll debut Thursday, July 27th at 9pm. The site is kind of hard to follow so I'm not sure exactly what that show is about, though I'd expect it to at least cover the winner of the online poll.

Unfortunately there's only a small picture of each woman with very few details on each. However, if you're a fan of Jill Wagner and her character Krista Starr, you should still head on over and vote!

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