Interview With Writer Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns is a comic book writer who's worked on comics such as The Avengers, The Flash, and Teen Titans. You can read more about him here. The reason why this guy is important to the Blade show is that he's one of the writers alongside David Goyer. recently posted an interview with Johns, an interview with perfect timing since Johns wrote the Blade episode "Bloodlines" which airs tonight.

From the interview:
TheBigBadWolf: The vampire ash angle adds a whole new dimension to Blade the Series. How did you guys come up with that idea, and what can we expect from that angle?

Geoff Johns: Let’s be honest here, vampire shows are not new. Ultra-Violet, Buffy, Kindred and Angel. We wanted to build on what the films created and add more elements not seen in other shows. Vampire ash as a drug is new and specific to the Blade world. And it allows for stories to spring up from it. What do ashers do? Who’s addicted to ash? What happens if someone we know is forced to take it? Vampires vs. ashers. Stuff like that. I wish I had some vampire ash.

If you're interested in how the comics tie into the show, what kind of villains to expect, Blade's screentime, or pretty much anything else having to do with Blade: The Series, head on over and read the full interview with Johns.

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