Episode 5: Bloodlines

Recap and Review
So, you're probably like me and have been craving more backstory for Blade ever since the first movie. Well, last night's episode, "Bloodlines", delivered.

Before they could get to Blade's backstory, they had to handle the whole business with Marcus' doctor. Well, wham, bam, thank you ma'am they handled it right away with the doctor blowing his head off within the first couple minutes of the show. With that loose end tied up, the story moved right along to the focus of this episode, the Bad Bloods gang.

Blade Chained
Apparently Blade did a bit of damage as a young half vampire - feeding on humans and even turning a few into vampires. Some of his first turns were a group of pretty bad guys called the Bad Bloods. Being turned by the Daywalker isn't such a good thing though, as all the vampire Houses not only reject you from joining, many of them seek out and destroy any vampire from Blade's "bloodline" (get the title of the episode yet?).

With Blade's blood being a one way ticket to being ashed, the gang of Bad Blood's decide it's time to try and get into good graces with the House of Chthon by offering up Blade. To get to Blade they use Reverend Carlyle, the man who has been helping out the ash drug addicts cope with the nasty side effects. Unfortunately for Carlyle, the Bad Blood's decided to kill him once they got what they wanted.

With Blade being chained up by the Bad Blood's, we are given a healthy dose of Blade history. The above mentioned Daywalker bloodline information is revealed as well as the fact that Blade's tattoos are signs of belonging to the Bad Blood gang. We also learn about how Whistler (the older man from the movies played by Kris Kristofferson) grabbed Blade from the Bad Bloods gang while killing a few along the way.

The episode couldn't completely revolve around Blade, so Shen comes to the rescue at the end. He pumps Blade full of serum to help Blade's thirst, which then allows Blade to kick some Bad Blood butt. Blade kills them all off, except for the apparent leader Steppin Razor, who is able to run away.

As with previous episodes, this one split the focus into two different storylines, one following Blade and one following Krista. With Blade being chained up and beaten by some former vampire buddies, Marcus sends Krista and Chase to the House of Leichen to try and locate the whereabouts of the rogue vampire Boone.

Krista Blood Bath
Before heading off to the House of Leichen, Shen lets Krista know what she's in for, and whatever it is, it'll be dangerous and require her to take a whole bagload of serum. We also find out before they leave that the House of Leichen is a house of vampires that have sworn off killing humans for blood, but rather drink cloned blood. It was interesting to find out that a whole vampire House could have such conflicting views on feeding and that even with those views, they still cooperate with the House of Chthon.

Anyway, as Krista and Chase arrive at the Leichen facility, we're introduced to Chase's ex-husband (the one that turned her into a vampire). I had thought she had killed him since she mentioned before that she made him regret what he did, but apparently death wasn't what she had in mind.

Chase and the House of Leichen vampires explain that Krista will be going through a process that will connect her with her first kill - detective Boone. They also explain that she will feel an extreme hunger that will make her want to drink an excessive amount of blood, but that doing so too fast could allow part of Boone's energy to overtake hers. This is clearly some foreshadowing that's letting us know Krista is going to have quite a battle with herself after the ordeal is over.

Unfortunately, the episode ends just as she dips under the bath of blood so we don't get to see how it turns out. While I'm disappointed that they left that part of the story hanging, the rest of the episode was incredible, so I'll let it slide.

A last little thing to take note of. When the agents broke into Boone's place to search for clues, they found a book from the House of Armaya. Now, we know Boone was working with Marcus and the House of Chthon. We also know that Marcus kidnapped some House of Armaya vampires to experiment on. We don't know whether or not the House of Armaya knows about Marcus' deeds, so it's unclear whether or not there may be bad blood between the two. However, it is interesting to see that Boone had a book on the House of Armaya.

Does that mean he was researching them for Marcus? Was he really working for the House of Armaya and was spying on Marcus? Does it mean nothing at all? I don't know but I'm definitely intrigued.

The Good
Blade's backstory was definitely a welcomed suprise. I figured they would probably slowly let parts of his past be known, but having half an episode dedicated to revealing a good portion of Blade's history was fantastic.

The Bad
With half the episode being a build up of suspense over Krista's journey through the House of Leichen procedure, it was a let down that the episode ended before it really got into the actual process. However, the introduction to the House of Leichen was great, with Chase's husband and the idea of a vegetarian sort of vampire House, so the disappointment over the way it ended was more than made up for.

The Ugly
The fighting wasn't great, but it was definitely an improvement, so the fighting actually gets by the bad and ugly this time. Also, the episode as a whole really didn't have anything that stood out as really bad. As such, this episode gets to walk away without anything "Ugly".

Closing Thoughts
If it's not clear already, I loved this episode. It was a bit disappointing to learn that it's the House of Leichen, a vampire house, and not the House of Lycan, a werewolf house, but the fact that there is a such thing as an entire house of vampires that refuse to kill is definitely a great twist. It'll be interesting to see if they may somehow turn out to be allies of Blade's in the future, though it's clear that they're currently taking a very neutral approach to conflict.

I hope to see more Steppin Razor and the Bad Bloods gang as the history between them and Blade is definitely exciting. I'd also like to learn more about Blade's past as it's very interesting to learn how he handled being what he was at a young age.

With the Bad Bloods and the House of Leichen, we were given two more factions that have special roles in grand scheme of things - roles that have yet to be decided. The Bad Bloods clearly don't like Blade, but they aren't allowed into any of the vampire houses, so they're stuck on their own. Steppin Razor did make a connection with Marcus, so perhaps Marcus will be able to use the Bad Bloods on secret projects without telling the rest of the house. The House of Leichen seems to be Sweden in the whole conflict as they are willing to help the House of Chthon, but are clearly against killing. Chase's husband seemed to know Krista's true intentions and seemed to be on her side, so perhaps they will turn on the House of Chthon in the future.

As always I'm excited to see how it all develops and am definitely looking forward to next week's episode.

Notable Scenes

  • Marcus' doctor blowing his brains out within the first couple minutes.

  • Chase calling the House of Leichen "bat shit".

  • Krista's naked backside (had to mention it... I am a guy).

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  1. YankeeFan Said:

    Good episode. The one thing that stuck out in my mind was that Shen still doesn't trust Krista. In their meeting, he thought she was hiding information on where Blade was being kept. I think deep down inside he feels Krista won't be able to control her thirst as well as Blade, and they will end up losing an ally to the House of Chthon. Blade seems to trust her a lot more than Shen. I think it is strange how much he trust her. I believe he has feeling for her which you mentioned in your latest post. Gets better every week!

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I think Blade will definitely start showing more interest in her, though I do believe he distrusts her still. Shen definitely has had issues with Krista ever since the first episode when he tried to convince Blade that bringing in Krista was a bad idea. As for Krista's thirst, I'm thinking her whole personality is going to go through a nasty shift after she gets out of the House of Leichen blood bath. I'm guessing the effects will be temporary, but they put a lot of foreshadowing in this episode to tell us something bad is going to happen. Maybe Chase will somehow intentionally sabotage the process... who knows? I can't wait.

  3. Gemhiker Said:

    I want to see Frederick fight. That actor is an athlete. But who does he fight? It's a cool plot twist.

  4. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, his character could definitely prove to be one hell of an interesting angle on the whole show. He could be an ally to Blade, rekindle his relationship with Chase, start something with Krista, or do who knows what else. I doubt that's the last we've seen of him. The actor that plays Fredrick had a recurring role on the Andromeda television show and did a good job with it, so the actor is definitely capable and experienced.

  5. Rennae Said:

    I myself love this show it rocks! I don't don't even have the proper words to describe the feeling of watching this show in the middle of the night. The episode Bloodlines definitely sparked some major attraction to my interest (which gives off hints of conspiracy, lust, and violence) and I cant wait to to see the next episode!! This show is truly ART!!

  6. dc Said:

    It was an ok episode but i think they should of showed more on blades history with the bad bloods but i think a few more of the gang members should of survived so they could have a bigger fight with blade in a later episode.

  7. Kirk Said:

    I dont think so you learn a lot from it and i think the way the rest of the gang dies is cool they were obviously gonna let steppin survive for a showdown with blade later but he is actually killed by blades dad robert.

  8. Kiren Said:

    Sucks that it's not returning! I think it was just the T.V. station. I stumbled upon it by accident-I'd never been to Spike before but saw Neil Jackson and thought WOW-gorgeous! I didn't even know there was a series coming out. but I fell in love with it!

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