Reader Question: Info on Marcus and Krista Chemistry

Marcus BloodlinesI've received another great reader question via the contact form but I, unfortunately, don't have much of an answer. As such, I'm hoping by posting it here perhaps some readers may have some information that could be helpful. Below is the question and below that is my lengthy attempt at an answer, which could definitely use some help.

Joponica writes:
Love the show and this site is very informative.I may be a minority , but I love the character if Marcus Van Sciver and I would also secretly like to see what they would do with he and Krista. There is so much chemistry with those two. Are there any websites that promote Marcus and Krista?

First, thanks for the great question Joponica. Like Joponica, I'm very fascinated with the connection between Marcus and Krista. The first couple episodes were pretty strong on this connection, but lately the Marcus / Krista relationship thing has been put on hold.

We still don't know his reasons for turning her, or exactly how much he trusts her. It does appear that he cares for her a great deal (the scene showing him by Krista's side after she killed Fritz for example). We also don't know exactly what Krista feels for Marcus. In the beginning, all she wanted to do was kill him, even though Blade told her not to. Now she appears to either be going along with Blade's plan of spying on Marcus or perhaps she has actual feelings for Marcus after he turned her.

Chase is obviously going to be some sort of added conflict here, which can only add to the excitement. Her character has only recently been given more screen time, so as her character develops, so should the love triangle between Marcus, Krista, and Chase. Of course, it's probably more than a triangle as we also have Blade who might have feelings for Krista, as well as Chase's ex husband who might still have feelings for Chase and has also shown that he may have feelings for Krista as well.

Anyway, that really doesn't answer much of the question, which boils down to whether or not there are websites that promote Marcus and Krista. I've given a bit of depth on their relationship above, but perhaps there are some sites out there that are dedicated to these two characters, or better yet, a website dedicated to the chemistry between the two.

I did mention in a previous post that some of the cast had MySpace pages. There's one for Jill Wagner (Krista Starr) and Neil Jackson (Marcus Van Sciver), but they don't provide much new information.

So, with all that being said, if you know of any sites that focus primarily on either character or perhaps on the love triangle going on, leave a comment below.

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  1. David Said:

    I would say look at the Krista ADE sequence in pilot and you'll get your answer. I'm not going to point out the exact part... It's more fun if you find it yourself.

  2. Sarah Said:

    Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Marcus/Krista relationship too! At we talk about the relationship a lot, as well as the entire show. Or, if you're looking for another fan to talk to about the show, feel free to write to me. :-) My address is SDMathews(at) Sarah

  3. Michelle Said:

    I Think Marcus see Krista as is late wife before he turn into vampires.

  4. Randa Said:

    I believe that Marcus turned Krista into a vampire because she intrigued him by being brave and not willing to give up her humanity for anything. I truly believe he was attracted to her at first sight and possibly saw her as a person to whom he could spend eternity with but both of these people have lost everyone they have loved and in some respect can cope with each other about wanting to feel needed. I believe the big attraction is that both Krista and Marcus are lonely and instead of being by yourself share it with someone who understands what you are going through. I am looking forward to see what happens in this relationship.

  5. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Good post Randa, The only problem I have with this "love affair" is that I cant and hopefully Krista cant forget that Marcus took his brother, took her, and indirectly took her Mother and Uncle. Tough basis for any kind of relationship which is why I am confident (plus the show must go on) that Krista will come around with a plethora of the injected blue stuff and a wake up call or two from the "hero" Blade!! We should have a relationship poll!!! Blade - Krista / Marcus - Krista / Chase - Marcus. Cheers!

  6. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Ask and you shall receive... a relationship poll has been added. Many are debating who Krista should end up with, so I figured we might as well lay it all out there and see which lucky guy (or vampire) deserves her. I left out complicating it with Chase, Charlotte, or any other relationships as I wanted to focus on Krista's.

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