Reader Question: Any Movie Cameo Plans?

Yet another reader question has come pouring in, this time from Mike..

Mike. asks:
I'm a big fan of the show, as well as the movies and comics. What I'm wondering is if you think they might bring back some movie characters for cameos in the series.

In a previous post I pointed out this interview with Blade writer David Goyer. The reason I mention this is because Goyer is actually asked the very question we're looking to answer.

When asked by "Will other characters from the Blade films appear on the series?". Goyer responds "Possibly. We have a flashback in which a young Whistler, who was played by Kris Kristofferson in the films, appears. We do flashbacks, so although a lot of our characters ended up dying, we have plans, if we go into a second season, to bring back two or three other characters from the films."

The followup question by presses further asking "Which other characters might show up?", to which Goyer replies "Dr. Karen Jenson, the hematologist from the first movie, and Hannibal King, the nightstalker (played by Ryan Reynolds) from the third film will show up again."

So, it definitely looks like they plan on bringing in characters from the movies. They are even bringing in some dead characters through flashbacks which should be cool for fans of the movies. If anybody else knows of any characters that are rumored to be showing up from the movies be sure to leave a comment below.


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