David Goyer Hints At Future Developments

Comics Continuum has an article posted that recaps most of what Blade writer, David Goyer, had to say at the Blade panel during the San Diego Comic-Con. Goyer talks about his fears before the premiere aired, gives a little overview of where the show currently stands, and then spends some time hinting at future show developments.

From the article:
"One of the criticisms was that Blade was too weak in the pilot, that he would have been able to take those lesser vampires out really easily. You have to understand that the TV show is not the same as the movie. If Blade just mowed down, every episode, a hundred vampires, it would be really, really boring."

We also get some details about Charlotte, the pureblood vampire that was introduced to us in last night's episode. Apparently, she's a 200 year old in the body of a 13 year old and she's the head of the House of Chthon. I figured she was a high powered vampire with some ties to the House of Chthon, but it seems that it's confirmed that she's actually the head of it.

As mentioned above, Goyer also revealed a few future show elements. I've listed a few of those below, which could possibly be considered spoilers, so if you don't want to see something that may give away parts of the show, skip the bulleted list below.


  • Steppin' Razor returns in a future episode.

  • Other Marvel characters showing up in the series is likely.

  • Goyer, Johns and Dan Truly wrote the season finale together.

  • The 11th episode (written by Johns) will feature a vampire serial killer called The White Prince.

  • A return of Deacon Frost is "not impossible."

  • A Blade animated series has been discussed.


I'd suggest heading over and reading the full article (you'll have to scroll down a bit), though be careful about reading the last half as there are spoilers for this season and next. I actually left off a few of bigger spoilers in my list above, so be warned one last time that the article does contain a few things that could spoil future episodes.

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