Episode 6: The Evil Within

Recap and Review
With last week's episode leaving us hanging as Krista submerged into the pool of blood, last night's episode starts off running and never stops.

Though the build up was on the anticipation of Krista's experience with the blood bathing ritual, this episode really brushed right by it. A brief dream type sequence showing Krista Boone's location and poof, she's awake (of course, she apparently was under for more than five hours, which was some sort of House of Liechen record). I was expecting a more long drawn out experience with an even longer after effect. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they didn't dwell on the ordeal, though they definitely took the opportunity to reveal a few key elements.

First, Chase's ex-husband Frederick discovers that being under the blood for as long as Krista was either meant the she didn't want to help kill Boone or that she was having trouble adjusting to the vampire way of life. When he lets Krista know this she tried convincing him that she had some sort of fling with Boone, and that is why she didn't want to kil Boone. However, after Frederick discovered an empty vial of serum, I think it's safe to say he's definitely in the know.

The second thing the blood bath did was to make resisting the vampire lifestyle that much more difficult for Krista. Her urge to feed and be free like Boone increased significantly after the blood connection. She may still be able to resist temptation, but she's definitely finding it harder.

After Krista tells Chase Boone's location, we finally find out Boone's intentions and why he's such a problem for Marcus. As I had mentioned in previous posts, Boone's big weapon is his knowledge of Marcus' plans. Specifically, he knows about Marcus kidnapping vampires from the House of Armaya. Boone tries to use this knowledge as leverage to get into the House of Armaya. Unfortunately for Boone, Chase, Krista, and a group of vampires from the House of Chthon arrive and kill all the Armayan vampires before the secret gets out. Boone, however, escapes even though Chase believes him dead.

While Chase and Krista were raiding the House of Armaya party, Marcus was left to deal with a new arrival - Charlotte. Charlotte is a pureblood vampire in the body of a little girl. She's also the person Marcus has been on the phone with for the last few episodes, and as such, we know he's at least partially afraid of her.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the episode was the conversation between Charlotte and Marcus. First, we learn that she knows of the Aurora vaccine and Marcus' exploitation of the House of Armaya. It definitely seemed as if Charlotte had a hand in the kidnappings, or at least she approved of them. Second, the House of Armaya is an exiled house with only one pureblood and no seat on the vampire council. Third (and most interesting), we learn that if the House of Armaya discovers who was behind the kidnappings, there would likely be a war. Charlotte even mentions that 5 other houses would join the House of Armaya in the war and that Charlotte and Marcus' side (the House of Chthon and whatever other houses would join them) would lose. She goes on to say that when the war comes, it must come when the vaccine is ready.

That scene alone was worth the price of admission (ok, so the price was free, but it was still great). Could the series be building up to a large scale vampire war? Could there be some covert missions to try and win alliances and start trouble between the different houses? There's just so much to digest... oh.. what? There's more to this episode? Well then...

Anyway, after the talk between Charlotte and Marcus, we find out that Charlotte wasn't just in town for a quick checkup. In fact, Charlotte enlists the help of a fellow vampire to do an in depth audit on Marcus, the House of Chthon, and anybody he has ever turned. This audit could prove to stir up a whole heap of trouble as it could reveal Marcus' true plans. Part of the collateral damage of the audit could be the discovery that Krista is having vampire issues. Marcus and Krista will definitely have to be on their guard.

While Marcus dealt with Charlotte's arrival, Blade was busy flying to Berlin to check out a woman who appears to be pregnant with a vampire. Oh, and by fly, I mean he took a plane. No vampires turning into bats or anything... yet.

Anyway, Blade busts into the building where Chase was keeping the pregnant woman. After killing a half a dozen vampires, Blade easily comes away with the woman and unborn child/vampire/thing. Of course, Blade left a little present behind in the form of a bomb that detonates burning Chase alive.

Krista isn't much for just sitting around, so while Blade was off stealing pregnant women in Berlin, Krista took the time to find an alternate route into the Aurora lab. Her mission took her to the underground tunnels, below the building. With a little luck, Krista was able to break in and out of the lab without much trouble. Unfortunately, she had left a trail that Marcus followed. Luckily, Krista is able to play the whole thing off by saying she just wanted to feel her old life again, hiding her connections with Blade. Marcus appears to have bought into it enough to not kill her on the spot as the episode ended with him asking her to live her new life, with him, forever.

And though Krista probably won't be able to smuggle out the vaccine, she does learn that the vaccine doesn't really work and that it likely kills the host after a few days. This in and of itself stirs up a whole bunch of theories of what Marcus' real plans for it might be.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
I'm officially ending my little "good, bad, ugly" segments due to the fact that there really isn't much that stands out as bad or ugly anymore. Sure, the episodes aren't perfect, but at this point, anything I harp on in these sections would just be nitpicking, and I don't really want to do that. So from here on out, those sections are no more. Everybody, please. A moment of silence... okay, that's enough.

Notable Scenes

  • Chase saying "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your head off".

  • Blade shooting the drug dealer's bat, forcing splinters into his face.

Closing Thoughts
I hate to feel like a broken record by saying how much I enjoy each new episode, but what the hell, this episode was great. Actually, it may have been my favorite episode yet. While we weren't really introduced to any new factions, we were introduced to the possibility of a war between the houses. We were also introduced to Charlotte, who will definitely prove to be an incredibly intriguing character. We also learned of the true nature of the Aurora vaccine, though it's purpose is still unclear (my guess is that it Marcus could use it as a fake vaccine and give it to the purebloods, which would kill them off).

Though we only saw Frederick briefly at the beginning of the episode, I'm hoping he'll return in the future as his character could provide some fun elements to the story. I could see him being a vampire that would be an ally for Krista while being an enemy to Blade. Somebody who is against Chase and Marcus and the House of Chthon, but sympathetic to the vampires in the House of Leichen. There also seems to be some chemistry between him and Krista, which would add another person to the incredibly odd love triangle thing.

We've got Marcus, Frederick, and possibly Blade going for Krista as Chase goes for Marcus while being an ex of Frederick's. The whole thing is a mess... and I love it.

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  1. shelly Said:

    does anyone know who the actress that plays charlotte is? she looks kind of like Hermione from Harry Potter but I know that's not right. Any ideas?

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, another reader actually asked that question when a previous episode showed a preview of her. Her name is Emil Hurst and I did a little info digging a few weeks ago here http://www.bladetvseries.com/2006/06/30/who-was-that-little-girl/.

  3. YankeeFan Said:

    I was really suprised when that building blew up with Chase in it. I thought it killed her, but I figured she would find a way out of it since she was a main character. I also thought they had killed Boone, but he's still around to mix it up with the House of Chthon!

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