Jill Wagner on Spike TV's Women of Action

So I forced myself to sit through Spike TV's Women of Action show last night. I say forced because I normally don't really enjoy watching shows talk about models and other hot women. Yes, I'm a straight guy and I just said that. I get bored very easily and just watching eye candy doesn't usually keep me entertained for very long. But, since Jill Wagner was on the show, I figured I should at least watch it so I could post my thoughts.

Actually, the first thing to note about the show is that they did a mini feature on Jessica Gower right before they went to Jill Wagner. Jessica and Jill were the last two women on the show, which was kind of cool to have Blade: The Series bringing it all home. It was odd since to see Jessica partially featured since she isn't listed as one of the Women of Action on Spike TV's website. I think they did it to give more exposure to Blade: The Series, rather than actually include her as one of the featured women. She looked a lot more girl next door while being interviewed as she was dressed normal with her hair styled different and a much kinder face.

Jill shooting gunAfter Jessica had her brief moment, they moved right on to Jill Wagner. To me, Jill already had the girl next door look going for her and she had it going on during the show last night as well. They played up her gun collection and fondness of fire arms as well as her down to earth attitude.

It's always tough to watch shows like this because you never know just how fake the women are. It's like how you always read about celebrities talk about how they're always attracted to geeks and nerds, but you never see them with any. The first women in the show last night seemed the same way, but Jill came off a little more real. I still think she was putting on a little bit of a show, but I believed most of what she said and definitely found her laughing at her own jokes entertaining. She talked about how she's into bad boys with long hair and tattoos, which unfortunately leaves me out.

All in all, it was really just a fluff show with no real meat. Like I mentioned above, I'm not really into shows like this, so take my opinion with a grain of salt I guess. Jill did represent the show well, as did the other cast members that were interviewed.

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