Geoff Johns Episode 6 Q&A

Over at the official Blade: The Series forums, writer Geoff Johns took the time to answer fan questions about the show and specifically Episode 6.

From the Q&A:
BLADEANDBATMANFAN asks - My question is simple: If you could pick ANY comic book character to star in an episode with Blade who would it be - and I mean ANY character from the entire history of comic books, not just Marvel, it can be anyone you choose and why. Just for fun!

GEOFF says – We are still holding out hope for MOON KNIGHT in season 2. Goyer and I have the story already in our heads. So, yeah, even above Spider-Man and Wolverine – Moon Knight.

There's definitely some great information to be had, though be warned that there is some slight spoiler information on some upcoming episodes. He talks about the possibilites of an all out vampire war as well as future episodes that will focus on specific characters. He also discusses how there will likely be more flashbacks and backstory to help develop the various characters.

It's a pretty good read so head on over and read the full Q&A.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    Why is Charlotte so suspicous of Marcus?: I mean to the point where she is having him followed and telephones tapped.She obviously knows that Marcus is up to so much more than any of them realize and where the hell is Boone? I am sure he will come back at the right time and all hell will break loose.

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