Episode 7: Delivery

Recap and Review
Does the episode named Delivery actually deliver? Oh hell yeah it does.

With last episode ending with Chase blown up by Blade, last night's episode lets us know right away how poor 'ol chase is doing. And she ain't doing well. Vampires might be able to heal themselves, but after a building sized explosion, it takes more than a few minutes of yoga to return to ones self. As such, Marcus immediately sets Chase up with multiple blood transfusions during a process that will take more than this one episode to fully heal her.

With Chase out of commission, Marcus sends Krista after Blade and Vanessa (the pregnant woman). Unfortunately for Krista, the mission comes at the worst of times as she learns her mother is sick with leukemia. Likely knowing the consequences of disobeying Marcus' orders, she only pays her mom a brief visit in the hospital before heading off to Paris to find Blade.

Before Krista shows up, Blade deals with a handful of sporadic vampire encounters, though they're nothing he can't handle. He also deals with a few dream sequences of his mother being pregnant with him. She warns him of Vanessa and her pregnancy, though Blade tries to shake it off. To determine exactly what he's dealing with, Blade takes Vanessa to a doctor who finds out the woman isn't carrying a human or vampire, but rather, a bunch of liquid. Just as they are about to do some further testing, Krista and a vampire hit squad show up. Luckily for our hero, Krista offs them in the car before they even show their fangs.

With Marcus' goons out of the way, Krista, Blade, and the doctor proceed to remove the liquid from Vanessa. Knowing Krista's cover would be blown if she didn't return with the liquid, Blade lets her take it with her - minus a sample for his own research. Krista realizes the liquid alone wouldn't be enough to cover her tracks, so they agree Blade has to make it look like they fought. Apparently removing one of her eyes was just the right amount of damage to convince Marcus.

Back in Detroit, Marcus has his own problems to deal with. Charlotte once again gives him a lecture about his scheming, and tells him that Dominic (the head of the House of Armaya), wants to meet. During the meet, Dominic reveals that he knows of Marcus' experiments and that, surprisingly, it was Sanz that tipped him off, not Boone. Dominic demands an end to the Armayan exile as well as a seat on the governing body. Charlotte agrees, at least for now.

At the very end we're presented with FBI agent Ray Collins again as he's searching for more clues. We learn that he's on thin ice with his department and that it sounds like he's had a recent personal tragedy that may be fueling his eagerness to solve the case. His scenes seemed out of place in the episode, but it's all likely to be building up to something.

Notable Scenes

  • Poor charred Chase.

  • Blade's mother saying "Gut the bitch", referring to Vanessa.

  • Krista without an eye... definitely not a good look for her.

Closing Thoughts
While I think I liked last week's episode more, this episode was still phenomenal. The show held up without Chase, Boone, Shen, and Frederick, which shows just how many interesting facets there are.

It was interesting to hear that the House of Chthon is basically the head house but that they could still be brought down by Armaya quite quickly. Dominic is playing Charlotte and Marcus while Charlotte and Marcus are playing each other and likely everybody else. They all know they are all being played and they all hope their hidden agenda will win out. I don't think there is an honest person in the entire show... and I love it!

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  1. YankeeFan Said:

    I really liked this episode because there was little down time. It was interesting to find out that Chthon was the leading house and had seats at the council, but in a week they could be taken down by Armya, who has no seats at the council and no support from the purebloods. Did you see the prievews for next week's episode? Krista asked her Mom if she wanted to live forever. You think she is going to turn her? Next week will be good.

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I saw the previews. The second Krista's uncle said her mom was sick, I pretty much figured they would introduce the temptation for Krista to turn her. I doubt she'll do it since she still considers herself a freak and that being a vampire is bad. However, when faced with the possible death of a loved one, the black and white of things tend to become a whole lot more grey.

  3. AFan Said:

    Speaking of your love triangle theory, I just want to mention that Krista is posing with Blade in the official pictures of the series and Chase is with Marcus... you get the idea. I think that Marcus pays equal amount of attention to both Krista and Chase (depends on whom is near the edge of death). He turned Krista because he "admired" her; he carried her to the emergency himself when she's wounded and gave her his blood to heal the wound later. But when he saw the badly-burnt Chase, he's more than upset (no kidding, you can see tears in his eyes). Throughout the episode, he was always there with the regenerating Chase. Probably for the same reason, he even seemed rather nonchalant towards Krista's wound on her face at the end.

  4. Joponica Said:

    I thought the episode was good. It should another side of Marcus seeing how concerned he was for Chase. My question is what is his true plan and does anyone really know besides him? Krista has nothing left but her mother so I think she will do what she feels is best.Squirrelinabox, I agree it is so not black and white. Kristais taking it all the way. She is finding it even more difficult to play both sides. Marcus,what are your plans for her and do you know she is working for Blade? Marcus's house of cards is falling and I wonder how he will deal with it. All I want is more Krista and Marcus interaction. I know I am being selfish, but those two are just awesome. This fluid that Vanessa was carrying, what is its purpose ? So many questions, not enough time:)

  5. squirrelinabox Said:

    I still doubt Krista will turn her mother. If she does, her mother will be killed of soon after I'm guessing. The show really wouldn't work with her mom running around as a vampire, unless she was an evil vampire (but then she'd be too similar to Boone). The liquid is definitely perplexing. It was a great twist to have it be fluid and not a human or vampire. Who knows what kind of twist it will be when we find out what it really is. As for more Marcus and Krista interaction, I dunno. I love them both and their back and forth relationship. But there's so much else out there that I'm not sure what I'd want to give up to be able to have more Marcus and Krista. There's just too much goodness!

  6. kntbrd Said:

    Krista is getting a lot of battle scars, I can take the first time when she got hurt as a vampire but the mutilation really got too me. I know they can regenerate but how much can take.

  7. David Said:

    I "suspect" that she will turn her mother... and then have to finish her off. She will then go on the guilt trip and become what she hates most -- a vampire. The guilt spiral will take her down to a point she can sink no lower... then Blade will knock some sense into her. This is just my guess.

  8. squirrelinabox Said:

    I don't know if she'd be able to kill her own mother, even if her mother was a vampire. If she's able to cross the line and save her from death by turning her, it seems like she'd do anything to keep her alive, even if that meant alive as a vampire. Maybe she'll turn her mom but then Blade will have to kill her. This would cause some crazy friction between Krista and Blade. I'm still hoping she doesn't turn her mom as it seems a bit "gimmicky" to me.

  9. David Said:

    I've also noticed a bit around 4 min mark where Marcus seems to point to Krista and say "...this is my wife Mary-Anne" or Mariam. I have no idea what this is about.

  10. squirrelinabox Said:

    Hmm... I have the episode Tivo'd so I tried to figure out what you're talking about with Marcus pointing to Krista, but he doesn't say anything. When he points to her during the beginning party scene, the first part of his talk is silent, then it cuts into the middle of something but it's impossible to make out, then it cuts it off. I don't think he actually says anything, at least nothing that was supposed to be understood.

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