Larry Poindexter and David Kopp Interviews

If you recall, I previously linked to an interview Starry Constellation Magazine had of the actor that will play Blade's dad during next week's episode. Well, I got a heads up from Lisa Steinberg over at the magazine saying that there were a couple more interviews that may be of interest to Blade: The Series fans.

The first interview is with David Kopp, the actor that plays Krista's brother Zack. He talks about the filming process, the chemistry of the cast, as well as some future projects. He doesn't say whether or not he'll be appearing more in the series, though my guess is that he'll show up at least a few more times.

The other interview is with the Larry Poindexter, the man playing the FBI agent Ray Collins. He talks about the Blade series as well as other projects. A bit of warning, he does mention a few little pieces of information that may be considered spoilers for the Blade show. They are minor, dealing with his past, but just in case you're trying to be completely free of any extra information, be warned.

I'd definitely recommend both interviews for fans of the series. It's refreshing to see interviews from the more minor characters of the show as they give a different perspective to the story and to their experiences.

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