Episode 8: Sacrifice

Recap and Review
Episode 8 starts off innocently enough with a man alone at a firing range - nothing bad could happen right? Wrong! Bad boy Steppin' Razor returns in a big way, murdering the man and starting a killing spree of people from Blade's past. This also triggers multiple Blade flashbacks, all with Blade as a young boy learning to deal with his condition.

Before the flashbacks began, Blade and Shen discovered that the fluid from the previous episode was actually a virus that's been designed to take out a specific group of... well.. something. While they don't yet know who (or what) it targets, my guess is purebloods (can't be humans since they'd lose their food source).

Now, I had heard that this episode was going to feature flashbacks, and while I normally hate such devices, the flashbacks utilized in this episode were pretty good. They tied together Blade's past with the murders taking place, making sure to provide a great backstory while not seeming out of place. It was definitely interesting to see how Blade and his father had to try and deal with him and his thirst for blood. Bringing in a young Whistler (Blade's mentor from the movies) was a great tie in and showing how Blade was the cause of his bum leg was a nice reward for fans of the movies.

Blade with fatherWith the flashbacks ending with Blade running away as a small child, the hunt for Steppin' Razor brought Blade full circle back to his home and to his father (whom he thought dead). During the best fight scene yet, Blade matched up against Steppin' pretty evenly. Blade's father showed up at just the right time, plunging Blade's sword through both vampires, ashing Steppin' and wounding Blade. Even though his father saved his life, Blade still holds ill feelings towards his father, so they parted ways moments after seeing each other for the first time in years.

While Blade was off chasing down his past, Charlotte was busy trying to secure her future. She and her spy met up in a limosine to discuss Marcus and his hidden agendas. Unfortunately for Charlotte, her spy has come up with nothing so far. The spy did prove to be at least somewhat useful, as she brought Charlotte a gift in the form of a baby. It was disturbing to see Charlotte hold the baby and alluding to eating it, though I must admit it did add to the creepiness and cruelty of her character.

Vampire catfightFor most of the episode Krista was busy taking care of her dying mother. As was foreshadowed in the previous episode, Krista decided to take things into her own hands (and teeth), biting her mother in an effort to turn her into a vampire. Her actions didn't go unnoticed, however, as Charlotte's spy arrived just in time to catch her in the act. But before the two could start what would likely be an incredible vampire catfight, agent Ray Collins showed up with a perfect "oh shit", ending the episode.

Notable Scenes

  • Young Blade beating his hand to a bloody pulp to escape.

  • Blade's father thrusting the sword through both Blade and Steppin'.

  • Ray Collins' "oh shit".

Closing Thoughts
As you may have noticed by my recap and review above, I didn't really come away with as much from this episode as I have in previous episodes. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode and all the backstory given, but with nothing really new being revealed, there's not as much to talk about.

I will say that I'm a bit disapointed with Krista deciding to try and turn her mother. I was really hoping they wouldn't take the show in that direction as I don't see Krista doing that when nearly every episode she makes it clear that she hates what she is. I understand that it would have been tough to just let her mom go when she has the ability to save her, but she should know the consequences.

It was interesting that Boone as absent again, making it two episodes in a row that he hasn't made an appearance. With Armaya now knowing of Marcus' plans, it'll be interesting to see what kind of role Boone might play in the grande scheme of things. Maybe he'll meet up with Krista's mom and they could go on a killing spree together? Naw.. that'd be too disturbing.

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  1. chimericalfantasy Said:

    Krista doesn't completely hate the fact that she is now a vampire; she is just upset about her disability to see the sun again and be with her family. When Marcus turned her, he did give her a little piece of "vampire education", which as a result, Krista didn't mind sucking blood. I think the reason to turn her is just so they can be together. But she totally miss the fact that Marcus wouldn't not possibly agree with this, according to the rule of the house.

  2. YankeeFan Said:

    The flashbacks helped me understand Blade's past, but that is really all I recieved from this episode. I was shocked when Krista turned her Mom, and it was disturbing to see her suffocate her mother with the pillow. I'm not sure I like the idea of future episodes consisting of tracking down Krista's mother, but we will see how it works.

  3. Joponica Said:

    I thought the episode was interesting and very telling of Blade's past and the reason he acts as he does. As far as Krista turning her mother, I had a feeling she might, but wasn't for sure. She sees her mother as the only family she has left. Maybe in her mindset she thought only to take her mother's pain away and did not think of the ramifications of her actions. Krista will be pushed to the brink if things don't go as planned with her newly turned mother. What did Charlotte mean when she said " Killing as sibling has an allure?" she stated that she had done it before. Marcus knows Krista is not drinking enough. I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out that she has not bee drinking at all. Also, when someone turns another they are obviously connected in someway in the case with Krista and Boone. He was her first kill and therefore she was able to find him through the bloodbath. It should be ineresting to see what has yet to come.

  4. squirrelinabox Said:

    The previews for the next episode kind of gave away how a few things are going to go with Krista's mom. I'm not going to say what I saw, since it would spoil it for people. I hate seeing previews because it can ruin some of the intrigue and suspense, but after each episode I can't help but watch them. I hope they kill off Krista's mom quick, hopefully during the next episode. I want the story to swing back around to the bigger plot between Marcus, Charlotte, and the House of Armaya. They touched on it a bit this episode with the scientist talking about the liquid and with Charlotte's limosince scene, though I would have liked to have seen more.

  5. Sarah Said:

    Last night's episode was OK for me; I'm not the biggest fan of Blade himself because I think the character is kinda boring (especially compared to the bigger plot between Marcus, Charlotte, and the House of Armaya) but it was interesting to get some of his backstory. Great to see Chen back--he had some very funny lines in the beginning of the ep! His character is totally cool. Also very nice seeing Krista using her new powers/abilities, such as climbing along the ceiling. The scene with Charlotte and the baby was TOTALLY creepy, very cool but creepy. Love that Charlotte and his secretary can't find any evidence of Marcus and his plans; he is VERY smart, which is another thing I like about him. Which leads me to believe that I'm SURE Marcus knows that Krista is using Blade's serum. He comments that she's not healing as quickly as she should, and she refuses to go to the "feeding" room. So he knows that she is not drinking human blood. I have a prediction: Since we see in the previews for next week's ep that Krista's mother gets free, and it looks like she starts attacking people, I suspect that Charlotte's secretary gets away with the serum Krista brought for her mother. I think she'll go to Marcus to rat on Krista and show him the serum, and he says something to the effect that he knows about the serum already, and he kills the secretary to make sure she doesn't tell anyone else.

  6. squirrelinabox Said:

    **WARNING, POSSIBLE SPOILERS** My guess is that Glynnis (Charlotte's spy) will be killed next episode, either by Krista, or by Blade. She cannot get away with her knowledge. If she does, the entire show changes. I like not knowing exactly what Marcus knows about Krista. I like her walking the fine line between good and evil. If Marcus finds out (or if we find out that he already knows), then what will they do with Krista? The only way I can see Charlotte's helper survive is if she ONLY goes to Charlotte with the information and Charlotte keeps it to herself and uses it to somehow blackmail Krista. That could be interesting, but I think a bit too complicated. As such, I'm still guessing that Glynnis dies, Krista's secret survives, and I'm even going to go out on a limb and say her mom will die either next episode or the one after that. I really hope they don't draw out the plotline with Krista's mom.

  7. Mike Said:

    I loved this episode save for two things. 1. The flashback sequences contradicted statements that Whistler made during the first movie. In the first movie Whistler said that he found Blade at the age of thirteen, on the streets, and feeding on the homeless. Whistler almost killed him, but then decided to train him after finding out what he was. According to the flashback sequence Whistler found Blade long before he was thirteen (He looked ten or eleven to me), and he wasn't on the streets feeding on the homeless. Also, Whistler didn't even meet Blade before knowing what he was. 2. They killed Steppin off a little too early for my tastes. He was similar to Fritz in that he was introduced as a possible rival for Blade, but was killed off very quickly. I thought that Razor was going to survive this episode at least... Other than those two things I loved this episode. I like how they touched on Blade's past, even if it contradicts the movies. The scene with Charlotte showed just how cruel vampires can be, and the fight between Steppin and Blade was the best fight scene yet.

  8. Traveler Said:

    The idea of turning Krista's mom into a vampire is interesting and yet disturbing to the relationship of mother and daughter. Unless her mom can be turned back (a person can be turned back in Blade movies), otherwise her mom is likely to be dusted. Nevertheless, I don't want to see her mom gone from the show: Krista will have no one to care for, her humanity character may change. Krista accepts what she is now though disliking the fact she is truly alone in the dark now. She did say that she's jealous of Boone the way he can be and she can't.

  9. Lionlaw Said:

    If you really wanted to make things interesting. You'd have Blade and Krista trying to catch up with Krista's Mom. And for some reason, Blade being forced to dust her. You think Krista is conflicted now? Torn between anger towards Blade, and her anger towards Marcus for Zach's death that would just open up a world of script possibilities. The only family she would have left would be Cthon or would it?

  10. squirrelinabox Said:

    My guess is that that's exactly what will happen (Blade and Krista having to catch her mom). I'm guessing that either Blade or Krista will have to ash her as well, though I'm not sure which one. Krista will definitely have some issues for these next few episodes, but hopefully they don't drag it out too much.

  11. Successstory312 Said:

    I just wanted to know when or if they were going to show another marathon of the episodes.

  12. squirrelinabox Said:

    Unfortunately, there are none currently scheduled that I know about. The next would likely be just before or after the season finale. I'll definitely post news of one when I find out though.

  13. Kirk Said:

    Great episode blades fight with steppin was the best fight yet.

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