Joke: Best Vampire

There were three vampires arguing at the top of a building one dark and stormy night. They were trying to determine which of them was the best vampire.

The first vampire pushed the others aside shouting "I'm the best here. Do u see that man over there? I can finish him in no time." He then flew over to the man and returned fifteen seconds later. With blood all over his cape he proclaimed: "See, finished him already."

The second vampire was not to be outdone. "That's all you've got? Hah, I'm much better than you. See those guys over there? I can finish them in no time." He then he flew over to the group of people and returned ten seconds later with blood all over his mouth and cape. The first vampire was amazed.

The third vampire laughed. "That's nothing! I can do much better than that." He then proceeded to fly off into the distance. Five seconds later he returned with blood all over his face, cape and body. The other two vampires were impressed but before they could congratulate him, the third vampire stopped them, saying "did you see that pole over there? Because I didn't".

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