Jessica Gower Wanted To Be Krista Starr

Starburst magazine has an interview with Jessica Gower in issue #340. Luckily for those of us that don't have the magazine, they've posted a snippet on their site. Below is an interesting part where Gower talks about how she was initially looking to play as Krista.

"My agency put me up for the main female role. Krista’s role was really prominent in the pilot and they put me up for that, naturally. The casting lady said, ‘Look, you’re much more suited for the Chase character. Do you want to come back in a half-hour after reading over some new lines and audition for her?’ And straight away I said, ‘Yeah, that sounds great.’ Reading the pilot script, the character wasn’t that big but I was told that they intended to build her up for the series, to develop her more after the pilot."

I hadn't heard that before, and I think it was a great decision by the Blade casting people to have Gower play Chase. Imagining her as Krista and somebody else as Chase just doesn't do it for me.

There are a few more excerpts from the interview over at the Starburst website, as well as a way to buy the magazine if you so desire.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    I think the casting was on point. Jessica is the only person I see playing Chase and Jill is the only person I see being Krista.Sometimes, things happen for a reason and glad it did. Jessica is doing an awesome job with Chase.

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, it's always interesting to read about how a show or movie may have had different actors in different roles. We are so used to the actors in their current roles that it's hard to see them as being played by by anybody else. But yeah, Gower as Chase and Jill as Krista just seem perfect.

  3. Sarah Said:

    Wow, Blade made the cover of the magazine?! Fantastic!! Can't wait to pick up a copy. :-) Sarah

  4. Sarah Said:

    Although I can't find the Starburst with the Blade cover (yet, I'm still looking) I did find Blade the Series mentioned on the cover of two other British sci-fi magazines! :-) One is TV Zone, Special #70, which has a Doctor Who cover, with an article/interview with Blade producer Dan Truly on page 28, with lots of pictures of Sticky/Blade, one of Jill/Krista, and one of Nelson/Shen. The other is SFX #146, August 2006, with Stargate SG-1 on the cover, and a small article/interview with writer Geoff Johns on page 22 with pictures of Sticky/Blade and Jill/Krista.

  5. dvd set Said:

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