Season Two May Depend On You

There has been talk of how well the show has been doing ever since the pilot aired. We know that the ratings broke records for that first episode, but the ratings apparently dipped quite a bit after. However, it's not uncommon for the ratings to spike in the beginning then trail off a bit. The important thing is that they don't keep going down.

Well, the last episode actually went up a little in the ratings, which is great news. Supposedly the show sounds like it is on the edge of coming back for a season two, but the ratings for the next couple of episodes will likely be determining factors. David Goyer, Neil Jackson, and Jill Wagner have all come out urging people to watch this week's episode. They also say that if possible, watch the first airing of the episode (the one that's on at 10pm), as that is the one that counts.

I personally am not sure how ratings are determined. I don't know if you have to have a special box on your tv to track your shows, or if they somehow can tell just by the signal being delivered to different homes. I think it's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you tune in this Wednesday to help keep this great show alive!

If anybody does know how the ratings are calculated, if you could leave a comment below or send me an email via the contact form that'd be great.

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  1. YankeeFan Said:

    I can't believe this. I thought the show was doing really well since it is so advertised on Spike TV's website, and because they air it so much. We need a second season!

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    It doesn't actually mean they are doing bad, just that they want to make sure they get a second season. I'm hoping it is doing well, especially since it did break the Spike TV record for highest ratings for original programming or something like that.

  3. Joponica Said:

    I will be watching. I hope the show does come back a second season. There are so many possibilities with where it could go. Is there some comment line that we are able to call to let Spike TV know how well liked the show is?

  4. squirrelinabox Said:

    I think the best is to use the "Feedback" form on the Spike TV website (it's in the upper right hand corner). You can also mail letters to the cast and crew, that info was on this post here: While I'm sure they'd love to hear how much we all enjoy the show, the network executives likely only care about ratings so tuning in to watch is the best way to support them.

  5. Claudio Said:

    I don't know how it does work in USA, but here in Brazil, we have an Institute called IBOBE that uses boxies at a lot of homes arround the country and the information is sent to their computers, on-line.

  6. David Said:

    The system is similar in the US using the nielsen rating system. They have a website if you're interested in finding out how it works. However, to get a detailed listing of a particular series you have to purchase the data.

  7. richard s Said:

    Bullshit we need season 2 and 3 and 4 and..... They CANNOT cancel this action packed and trilling serie

  8. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, this season is already amazing, and they've hinted at some really great plotlines for future seasons (such as a possible vampire house civil war). I really hope this show comes back next season!

  9. Lamont Phillips Said:

    If you're a fan, you will find a site like this to get all the info on your new found T.V. show. Personally I was Looking for the casting, or a guest appearance in the second season. I am a FAN of blade, and vampires myself. Why not get a part, or show face in something you like a lot. I am pulling for a second season. This show is fun to watch. Plus, I dug up my old ONYX CD just because Sticky is Blade. He does a good job. It will be fun to hear one of his songs in the back ground. The first two Blade movies had a alsome club seen. Let’s see if the series can come up with one.

  10. Kellee Said:

    Great show! I have always loved Vampire stories. I think the show is well done and the acting is very good. Good choice for Blade character. I really hope the show continues.

  11. Orven84 Said:

    Amazing show...what a great story writing like this around. Keep it on!

  12. brittany619 Said:

    this show should come back. it turned my whole summer around.this is the best show on T.V. now. i love this show. it has it all.everyone fits there charcter graet.this show is perfect. i havent missed a episode yet.PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Demitri Brewer Said:

    Blade is the best show on this summer.AWESOME CAST! Has it all.I'm really hoping to see this show come back for many more seasons to come.Watch it every time it comes on,plus the marathons as well.Blade made my summer.I couldn't wait for the next week.The marketing could really be huge as well.Send letters,e-mails,phone calls help save Blade:The Series.

  14. Lovey Said:

    OMG I love this show and i'm telling you that if they dont have a second season I will like die cause i really want to see if Marcus will forgive Krista; I love those two together!

  15. lana Said:

    this show was awesome except i didn1t like how the end went cause i wish it would continue and i hope it does continue cause i t was really good i wish weasly snipes would have done the show though cause kirk sticky jones isn`t overly that good because he didn`t kick ass as good

  16. melanie Said:

    this show was totally awesome the ending made me pissed off though cause i wished it hadn`t finished i sure as hell hope it does come back on cause i`m dying to see what will happen

  17. trevor Said:

    i fucking liked this show it was d bomb i want it to come back on so it will give me an excuse to sleep during class causei would have stayed up late to watch a great show

  18. eric donnel Said:

    This show was friggin awesome i got the podcast everyweek!there has to be a second season the end of the first one left hangin and wantin more!

  19. Squirrelinabox Said:

    what podcast?

  20. Mike Said:

    I was excited to hear about this show being on because Blade is an awesome character, I really enjoyed all of the season 1 episodes. They were all great. I will be buying season 1 on dvd when availble. There needs to be a few more seasons, of this really cool show.

  21. Jonathan Barker Said:

    I'm not sure about everyone else but jesus I love the show.... I never catch it when it's on to be honest I tivo it and i'm sure other people do the same. If there is a way to tell when people are recording something or not i'm not sure but! PLEASE make a season two. I f'n love this show keep it up for like 20 season :]

  22. Maria Anstiss Said:

    There's not to many vampire TV series. Buffy and Angel show was canceled.Now I'm a big fan of vampires movies and TV series. I have all 3 Blade movies and to think they made a series i was excited. I've been watching the series since day one and then the finale was awsome. You can't end a series in a middle of a story. We all need a season two. I need to know what happen to Krista and Marcus and where did Blade and his sidekick ended up. Do they have another secret hide out? What happen to Chase? The first movie of Blade, he kills Marcus and of course Chase dies as well. But the series deals with the in between. I want to know more. I want more. So please bring back the series. Make a season two. My husband and i were faithful watcher. I love the series. I kept going online to find out when was the premiere of the series but couldn't find anything till today. Disappointed to read that there might not be a season two. Thank you!

  23. 6questions Said:

    Blade the series kicks ass!!! Kirk Sticky Fingaz is much better than Wesley Snipes. Blade the series better return to spike tv. Blade da man!!!!!!!!! ( Kirk Sticky Fingaz)

  24. Jun Said:

    You gotz to be friggin kidding me, of course there has to be a season 2!!!!! so many questions left unanswered, the action is hot , the women hotter, what more could you want in a show. SPIKE TV if you are listening FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BRING BACK BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Carl Said:

    No season 2 ?? hell no ! ! you cant stop the series here, there has to be a damn continuation ! ! you cant do this to us Spike TV we all love blade! ! so get your shit together and get season 2 ready I love the show

  26. Marielle Said:

    We need another season there still alot that is unexplained. I loved the show how could it have gone off air. Now spike t.v suck!!!

  27. Kim Said:

    You guys are CRAZY if you don't at least do a season 2 to tie up some loose ends. The rateing went down because season one dragged a bit after te 1st couple episodes but the writers managed to get it going again rather well. Still don't know if I like "Sticky" as Blade but the show definately works. The last few episodes rocked! Marielle is right with out the good shows like Blade, Spike does suck!

  28. Tesha Said:

    I can't believe its over, PLEASE bring it back. I love that show. It was my time during the week that I looked forward to every Wed. night. Damn right Blade "Sticky" kicks ass. Its the best TV series in a long time. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!

  29. lovemonkey Said:

    i hope there is a second series beacuse i wanna see wat happen to krista

  30. liz Said:

    nnnooooooo there has to be another series i need to knowwhat will happen next is kirsta falling for marcus ? i must know

  31. Lucian Said:

    Bring Blade back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are crazy!!!!!!!!Is the best TV Series dor a lon time!!!!!!!! Bring him back!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Lucian Said:

    Bring Blade back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are crazy!!!!!!!!Is the best TV Series dor a lon time!!!!!!!! Bring him back!!!!!!!!!

  33. Harvdawg Said:

    Please bring this show back for a second season. I don't know what to do with myself on Wednesday nights as there is nothing but crap on this night of the week. Why is it that every time a show is really good it has to get canceled? I actually liked Sticky as Blade as much as Wesley Snipes, maybe a little better. The show was able to delve into the realm of the vampires better than the movies did. I love the movies but the show fuckin' rocked. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. tina Said:

    PLEASE BRING BLADE BACK!!!!! It is a great show..well put together and fantastic story line. I can't believe it was cancelled! Who makes these decisions. To think that other shows (will not mention) make it another season and not BLADE surprises me.

  35. Nina Said:

    You must bring back Blade, it was fantastic! The characterisation was amazing in places, particularly Krista and Marcus. I looked forward to watching it so much every week, please, please, please make another series!!

  36. Bridget Said:

    BRING BACK BLADE PLEASE!! It is amazing!! It is not fair to simply cut it off when there is an upset such as the last scene of the final episode! that is like stopping Law and Order before the judge reads the verdict!! So please bring it back and either end it properly with out a loose end or keep it going!! I love this show!! Why is it that all the good one are always canceled?

  37. Gery Said:

    They have got to bring this show back! It is one of the best series I've seen in a long time. The story line is great and the characters are very good. I agree with what Harvdawg said, I like Sticky playing Blade just as much as Wesley Snipes, perhaps more. I actually was watching Blade 2, the movie, a month ago and wished it was Sticky playing Blade, even though Wesley is awesome, too! BRING BACK BLADE!!!!

  38. May Lee Said:

    It is disapointing that there is problems with bringing back the new series of blade, I can't believe that we will be left with the finally,but without any conclusion. I felt that the serie of blade when it first air was fantasic, it is the only serie that i have scene that show a better interpations of vampires and the story lines are gripping and exciting the charactors are great in and i just want more i'll like to see how it concludes and where the story end up...PLEASE BRING BACK BLADE 2. I am a great fan and as a fan I support for it to come back!

  39. May Lee Said:

    It is disapointing that there is problems with bringing back the new series of blade, I can't believe that we will be left with the finally,but without any conclusion. I felt that the serie of blade when it first air was fantasic, it is the only serie that i have scene that show a better interpations of vampires and the story lines are gripping and exciting the charactors are great in it and i just want more i'll like to see how it concludes and where the story end up...PLEASE BRING BACK BLADE 2. I am a great fan and as a fan I support for it to come back!

  40. NickyG Said:

    When I found the series, I was immediately hooked and remained on edge awaiting the next installation. I, however, was never to see how the story line would play out due to no Season 2. This was a quality show that had a cult like following similar to Buffy or Angel. It disappoints me to see the current programing on Spike and question why they choose to air their current line-up and not continue the Blade storyline. Whether Spike agrees to bring the series back or not, I do feel they owe the fans a movie to wrap it all up.

  41. jake Said:

    i read the other day that the show was still being pitched to other networks by New Line as they believe in the show & think it could go a long way. does anyone know if this is still in the works? personally i think any network to turn it down is foolish. bring on more Blade v Marcus!

  42. Rusty Said:

    this was a great series but the question is why did spike let it go. and then no 2nd season makes no sense cuz when they end it it just drops you off at the end u never finds out what happens to kristia or any thing it sucks bring back blade and i think alot of ppl would agree wit me!

  43. Christopher Said:

    YO, SPIKE TV!!! You've got a modern classic on your hands and you've gone and gotten us hooked! The story, the characters -- you gotta bring Blade back. Too many good shows get the axe too soon, and you're in danger of making the same mistake. Give it a chance. This show deserves -- hell, WE DESERVE -- more than to dissapear into television oblivion and become an obscure footnote in television lore.

  44. WTF Said:

    I can't believe they're going to cancel it. It was a pretty decent show. I think the ratings systems are bunk. Because, most people either tape, or have their systems set up to tape shows so they can watch it all in one go, or do other things besides sit infront of the tv. I think the TV industry really needs to rethink their format. And their ratings system. That said, I'd love to see a season two. The story was just starting to unfold and get really interesting. It'd be a pity to end it just like that. I am so tired of the mediocrity of American TV. Only the mediocre shows, like soap operas, reality tv shows, etc - that are brainless ever stay. The ones well written, directed, with decent actors - die so quickly.

  45. jono Said:

    we need a season 2 i will be so pissed if we dont get it.

  46. Brian Said:

    If you guys really want a season 2, whining about it online will do nothing. However, you can write the producers of the show and SpikeTV (or other networks that might pick it up) and tell them to bring the show back. Use snail mail, handwritten would be best but typed it also fine; just be sure to make it personalized, tell them how much you liked the show, why you like it etc. Jericho was brought back for another season after being cancelled by dedicated fans writing the network, the same can be done for Blade.

  47. Brian Said:

    Good people to write would be David Goyer, an executive producer, Jim Rosenthal, the president of New Line television, and (possibly) SpikeTV, along with other networks you hope will pick up Blade, i.e. SciFi channel, FX, and perhaps SHO or HBO.

  48. Special K Said:

    I just got through watching the series and at first it was not working for me, but then I started to get into it and I found it very entertaining. Please bring Blade back or at least tie up the loose ends from season one.

  49. Wolfe Said:

    The show was great I am disappointed that it only lasted one season yet crap like Buffy and Angel went on for so long.

  50. Gabriel Said:

    Hey I just finished the last episode of blade season 1 and I really hope the the director or producer will reconsider making at least a season 2 to finish the story correctly. I think a lot of people like me is disapointed to see a end to this story on such a suspence.

  51. Andrew Christy Said:

    I want to continue lobbying for a season 2 if not a direct to dvd movie follow up this stuff was great. I invested time and money. Bought the series the second it went on sale and wish for more

  52. Andrew Christy Said:

    OH and I have not watched a single program on Spike TV since this show eneded

  53. Steamrage Said:

    I want to have a season 2 Why the silly people of Spike TV cut it off ... It is awesome ....

  54. Jason Said:

    Please bring back Blade. This was an awesome show. I was stunned when it was canceled. Now we will never know what happened in season 2 unless...

  55. elisa Said:

    please.bring back blade series

  56. chris Said:

    Dammit PLEASE bring back Blade the series!!!!

  57. Dennis Sterlon Said:

    do something!-bring back the a movie with Sticky and the Nightstalkers or Moonknight...atleast do a direct to video movie. C'mon, this is a great character in the Marvel universe, put him in a crossover cameo or somethin'.

  58. Joe Said:

    Man i love this series! ive watched it all many a times! I would be fine if the series ended, but on such a good cliffhanger? Noooo! Come back :( I Miss you Blade :P

  59. Bladefan Said:

    Please, there has to be a second season of Blade. This series is awesome. Season 1 should not be the end, it is such a cliffhanger!!!!!

  60. alana Said:

    i really love this show and we would all appreciate it if this rose back to life

  61. wazza Said:

    i think its wank that they left it open at the end of season 1 and didnt bother with a season 2 just the same old shit wen it gets tough give up you produsers nd directors cant finish nethin you start cus your too week to take rejection and turn it in to acception

  62. philippe pena Said:

    its a shame make a second series blade must be come back

  63. Jaqu Said:

    I just bought the series and loved it. I think its in the same class, like prison break and Heroes. But.... It sucks that it ends so sudden. I would love an ending.

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