Some Comments Recovered From Spam

I've just "unspammed" a few comments that the installed anti-spam software flagged as spam. I believe there were about 3 or 4 comments that were accidentally placed in the spam folder, so I've recovered them and they should now appear on the site.

Since this site is set up as a blog with comments allowed under each post, there's often a massive amount of automated spam comments that are submitted. I've installed an anti-spam plugin on the site that catches just about all of them. Unfortunately, it does, rarely, create a few "false positives", flagging legitimate comments as spam. I try to keep on top of this, but since I usually get hundreds of spam comments throughout the week, I sometimes miss a few.

So, if you ever submit a comment and don't see it appear, just send me an email via the contact form and let me know so that I can mark it as ok. I wish it could work differently, but those few bad eggs out there running spam programs ruin it for everybody.


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