Episode 9: Turn of the Screw

Recap and Review
First, let me say how hilariously awesome the episode title "Turn of the Screw" is. Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, onto the recap...

Last episode left us hanging with Charlotte's spy Glynnis catching Krista in the act of turning her dying mother. Before we could see the vampire cat fight agent Ray Collins broke it up, though only temporarily. Tonight's episode dove right in with the two vampires battling it out and Collins helpless to stop it. Eventually Krista overpowered Glynnis and ashes her with a silver-backed mirror shard. While I'm sad to see the beautiful Glynnis go, I'm happy tha Krista's secret appears to be safe for the time being.

Krista's victory was short lived as her newly turned mother broke out of the hospital, leaving no trail. Meanwhile, Blade and Shen discover what Krista's been up to and track her down. Blade and Shen appear to be somewhat understanding as they don't kill her on the spot, but rather decide to help her try and find her mother. Unfortunately, her mother was able to kill her uncle and cause comotion at the House of Chthon before Blade and company could catch her. Krista desperately injected her mother with the serum, but as it had no affect, she was forced to shoot her mom, or so we think (the screen went black before we could see the result).

Meanwhile, Chase is off in Las Vegas trying to close a deal for Marcus. During her trip she runs into an old love interest that happens to be a pureblood from the House of Erebus (Erebus was the House from the first Blade movie I believe). Alex, the pureblood, seems genuinely in love with Chase and they both succumb to a night of passion before waking up to an extremely displeased Marcus Van Sciver.

Marcus convinces Chase to pack her bags and go with him back to Detroit. It's not long, however, before Alex shows up in Marcus' office trying to buy Chase's freedom. Unfortunately for Alex, we find out Chase was manipulating him the whole time, setting him up for another one of Marcus' experiments. And this new experiment was quite a revealing one as it showed Marcus' true plan of combining the Aurora vaccine with the special liquid obtained from the pregnant woman to form a type of pureblood disease that's harmless for turned vampires.

Throughout the episode agent Ray Collins was found poking around, trying to solve the Zack and Krista mystery. After being thrown aside during the opening vampire catfight, he made his way to the House of Chthon and confronted Marcus. He learns that Marcus was definitely hiding something and we find out that Collins does eventually learn Marcus and Krista aren't human. His role is becoming increasingly intertwined with the main story and it'll be interesting to see if he can make his way to Blade and perhaps become allies.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the reason I love the title is because of it's obvious meaning of betrayal but also of a betrayal that including actual screwing. Maybe I'm being immature, or reading too much into it, but I love that double meaning and laughed out loud the moment I saw the title (which was after I saw the episode).

Notable Scenes

  • Chase and Alex waking up to Marcus watching them.

  • Chases backside.

Closing Thoughts
Another great episode. I still liked the episode a couples weeks back more, but this one was definitely a good one. We finally learn what Marcus is really up to, at least so we think. I had figured his ultimate plan was to kill off the purebloods and it would seem that is his goal. It'll be interesting to see what kind of consequences he might face.

I can't tell you how happy I am that it looks like Krista's mom is done for. I mentioned last week how I really didn't like that part of the show since it's pretty irrelevant and out of character for Krista in my opinion. I do see them maybe using this as a way to maybe have Krista play with the "darkside" with Blade having to bring her back to the side of good. I really hope they don't do that, as it's pretty cliche. I'd much rather them focus back in on Marcus and his plans.

I'm glad that Chase didn't fall for Alex, as she seems much more ruthless and manipulative to go for somebody like him. I, personally, did like his character as he was a seemingly kind pureblood that was truly in love. I'm sure he wasn't all love and romance, but it was interesting to see a pureblood that came off as more, well, human as opposed to the viciously cold Charlotte.

Once again Boone was MIA. I really didn't miss him, but it'll be interesting to see what he has been doing this whole time. Maybe he's created his own vampire House with his own minions? Would be kind of cool, but I highly doubt it.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    I thought the episdoe was wonderful. Chase played Alex like a well tuned piano. And Marcus, he tripped me out when he was talking to Collins explaining how he met Krista. My favorite quote for the day is " Who's infected now?" Now we see why permission must be asked before turning someone. I assume that people turned are turned for a reason. Marcus never turned Boone and now we see why. Marcus as in full form last night. I think extinguishing the purebloods are just a stepping stone. But, the next couple of episodes should be awesome. I am ready for next week already. Fingers crossed for another season.

  2. David Said:

    While this series can be enjoyable, it's a little predictable. The whole Lisa Starr storyline was dissapointing in this regard and the soon to follow fall from grace for Krista goes nuts episode is only a matter of time. Krista annoyed me in this episode because I expected something a little more interesting from the 'turing mom' thread... I'm going to leave it at that. Overall, I rather liked this episode as it showed a bit more about Chase and what makes her tick, Marcus being the cool control freak and of course for the main thread development. The series had a slow start but it looks as if things are going to heat up!

  3. squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I agree with the episode having too many predictable turns, but the great thing is that they didn't drag it all out. If they had Krista's mother alive for many episodes, it'd definitely hurt the show. With it only being part of this one episode (and a bit of the last one), it wasn't so bad. Now, if they do the fall from grace, I hope they, once again, move through it swiftly as it's another "been there done that" type of plot line.

  4. YankeeFan Said:

    I sure hope that Krista did in fact kill her mother. The whole time during the episode I was wondering how they would treat Krista's mom if the serum worked. Would she help Blade an the crew battle Chthon and the others? I thought that would have been rediculous. I'm glad to see that's out of the way. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last weeks. I am excited to see Marcus will finally have an action scene next week.

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