Neil Jackson Talks About Ratings And Season 2

Over at the official forums, Neil Jackson has made a post where he talks about last episode's ratings as well as how close they are to getting Blade: The Series signed for a second season. Apparently ratings were up, but not enough to convince Spike TV to commit to another season... yet.

Neil Jackson writes:
The ratings last night were up on last week. which is fantastic. but, however, they weren't up enough to embolden SPIKE into taking the plunge on season two. I know! It's getting frustrating. the show's great (biased I know), and we are receiving a phenomenal response from everyone. Still... they are waiting yet another week.

He also goes on to say that we should all go to the two websites Spike TV has been plugging on the Blade: The Series commercials, namely and The first is the official website and the second is one that they have just started plugging. I went the Yahoo one but couldn't find the show listed, so I'm not sure what Spike TV wants viewers to be checking out there, but maybe I just missed it.

Head on over the official forums and check out Neil Jackson's full post. He posted under his girlfriend's username "tinkerbell", but it has been confirmed to be him so you should be able to believe what he says.

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  1. elisa Said:

    i love blade series.Spike tv play moor series of blade the series.I cant leave.......... pleases season2 ......

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