Reader Question: Why Did Marcus Turn Krista?

Joponica has sent in a "two parter" with the first part asking about the second season. I mentioned in the previous Reader Question post (Joponica wrote in before I made that post) that I'm on the look out for when they announce any second season info, and I'll be posting it the moment I get it. The second part of Joponica's email is what this post is all about and it asks for some interpretations and predictions on Marcus' intentions towards Krista.

Joponica writes:
This may not be the forum to ask this, but will they post if the show gets renewed? We see Marcus's hatred against to purebloods and now Chase knows as well. I still don't get why he turned Krista. I noticed that when Glynnis refered to Marcus's woman Charlotte thought automatically of Chase, but Glynnis meant Krista. Thus far, we have seen nothing but maybe sexual tension between the two. What do you think Marcus really turned Krista for? Did he kill ger brother to bring her to him?

So why did our main villain turn the once innocent beauty? Last night's episode revealed a possible reason when pureblood Alex told Chase that Marcus was falling into old habits, namely that Krista resembled Marcus' wife. This little tidbit opens up a whole new world of possible motivations for Marcus. If Alex was telling the truth, and Marcus did have a wife, his turning of Krista could be as simple as him seeing his wife in her. I don't think it's that easy though.

I'm thinking Marcus still doesn't fully trust Chase, which is sad since she betrayed an ex lover and risked her life helping Marcus and his experiments (which she didn't know the full scope of until recently - and she may not still know everything). We know Chase is vicious and manipulative, but so far she has been extraordinarily loyal to Marcus. However, the pilot episode showed her smirk when Marcus was sent in to the purebloods to be disciplined for turning Krista without permission.

So, what does all that tell us? Not much really, except that Chase has seemingly been loyal. However, it was Krista who was told of Aurora's falsehood first. Does this mean that Marcus has already chosen his eternal bosom buddy? It seems to at least point to him trusting Krista more than Chase, though that trust is obviously misplaced. Maybe he knows Krista isn't fully turned. Maybe it's the human-ness in Krista he's attached to. Perhaps it's the combination of Krista being partially human and looking like his wife that lures Marcus to Krista.

Why he turned Krista isn't the only part of the question, as Joponica also asks whether or not Marcus may have killed Krista's brother to bring her to him. I want to say the two acts were not connected, though the fact that he knew who she was when she first confronted him makes it seem as though he orchestrated the whole thing. He could have just been covering his bases by figuring out all the loose ends tied to Zack (Krista's brother), rather than planning out an ellaborate mechanism for turning Krista. I'd think he would have easily been able to turn her without the Zack murder, and if his plan is to get Krista to love him, killing her brother probably isn't best way to show it.

I see I've rambled on quite a bit. Unfortunately I don't have any real answers, but I guess that's because we don't have all the information yet. To sum up my theories... I believe Marcus believes Chase can't be trusted to be with him throughout all his grand plans. I believe Marcus sees a part of his wife in Krista, but that isn't the sole reason, as I think part of her humanity attracts him. I believe Marcus did not kill Zack to get to Krista, as it doesn't really make sense since he didn't need to go to those lengths.

And, I believe I'm also probably completely wrong in my assumptions so please leave your own below in the comments so that we might come up with some new theories together.


  1. Vanessa TaleWeaver Said:

    *looks around* umm, am I the only one who noticed a particular scene in TofS? I haven't seen any other comments about it yet. I figure the events of TotS happened over roughly 48 hours (tops), from when Krista stole the serum to when she ashed her mom. The scene with the doctor in Sacrifice would have happened the night or day before that, when she still had the scar on her face (you can see it when she's asking her mother about being turned), and her arm looked like raw meat. The day after Krista turned her mom, while they're hanging around the woodworks waiting for dusk, Krista takes the glove off and her arm is perfect, and she then feels her face to discover that her scar is gone. The fact the scene's in at all seems to indicate that it's not a goof, so... Krista probably had a couple of doses of serum, but given what we've seen of her healing rates so far, that shouldn't be happening. But the only other thing she's had is a taste of her mother's blood, when she turned her. So... A taste of human blood shouldn't be enough, would it? To heal her face, maybe, but her arm? Five bucks says this is significant to the story arc in some way. Hell, I'll even go out on a limb and state a theory! I've said elsewhere that I think Marcus turned Krista for a specific reason, beyond wanting her in his bed or any resemblance to his wife (you don't rise so high in so vicious a political structure by letting your heart - or lower organs - rule your head. And Krista's been a fairly major complication for him along the way). I'm now thinking that Lisa - and thus Krista - have some sort of genetic anomaly or something similar that makes their blood particularly potent for vampires. Marcus said in ep 2 that he was working on making the House of Cthon 'eternal' - maybe Krista's blood is the final ingredient to doing that, once he's used the keyhole virus to kill off all the Purebloods. Any ideas?

  2. squirrelinabox Said:

    I had actually noticed the arm and face scene and do think it was purely from her feeding on real blood rather than serum. This could be bad, since it seems that if she feeds too much, she may become fully turned, and thus, evil like Marcus, Chase, and now her mom. Her face and hand had healed a decent amount already with just the serum... when she finally had the human blood, it should have healed her pretty quick. Chase went from completely charred to nearly perfect health in only a matter of what seemed like a couple days. However, I have had the same theory about Krista being special. I actually started thinking that when I saw Krista jump from the top of the House of Chthon and landed on another building that was incredibly far away. I believe it was in the pilot. I know vampires have extra strength and can cling on walls, but that jump seemed way too "special". Perhaps it meant nothing, I don't know. I really haven't seen much since that jump that might indicate that Krista could be special. I don't think her healing was all that incredible personally and if she were special, you'd think without blood she could heal like a normal vampire, and with blood she would heal incredibly fast. We know, however, that she can't heal very fast with just the serum, which makes me think that she might just be a normal vampire. Then again, it would definitely explain a lot if she did have some special powers or is some key to some master plan. Let's hope they either reveal more before this season is up or hope that there is a second season so we may find out. Oh, and Vanessa, I love your lastname/nickname "TaleWeaver"... awesome.

  3. Joponica Said:

    You both bring up good points. I am just anxious to see how things play out and connect. I heard that there has been another preview of next weeks show. Has anyone scene it and what was said during.

  4. David Said:

    The Alex character said something that I picked up in the pilot if you look at Krista's ADE... it's up for a second don't blink you may miss it.

  5. Uyevywgr Said:

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