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Neil Jackson has posted again at the official forums. This time he has provided some more information on how you can help support the show and try and make sure there will be a second season. He has provided the following contact info to write, call, or fax:

Neil Jackson writes:
Spike TV
1775 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.767.8705 Fax: 212.846.2560

Here are some good people to start writing to:
Doug Herzog - President, Spike TV, Comedy Central, and TV Land
Kevin Kay - General Manager/Executive Vice President - Spike TV
John Cucci - Chief Operating Officer - Spike TV
Pancho Mansfield - Executive Vice President, Original Series
Robert Friedman - Senior Vice President, Programming
Bill McGoldrick - Vice President, Programming

He also mentions the feedback form on the Spike TV site, though many are getting errors when trying to submit it. If you want to try that route the URL is

You can read the Jackson's full post here.

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