Neil Jackson Singing

Yeah, you read that title right. Neil Jackson, the man behind Marcus Van Sciver, is also a singer/songwriter and has posted some of his songs on this MySpace page.

It doesn't really sound like his character at all, which is probably a good thing since I don't want Marcus Van Sciver singing at all. Jackson does a great job with his songs and even if you aren't a fan of his character, you really should check out his music. And if you are a fan of Marcus, I'm sure you're already listening to Jackson's songs while reading this.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    He has a beautiful that reminds me of Damien Rice:) This is a man of many talents. He can sing, act, play the guitar, and he is gorgeous. Man, men like that don't grow down South:) Fingers crossed that we get another season. This go around the show's execs need to get stars on every show known to man to promote the show. Hopefully, we will hear some good news soon.

  2. Troy Said:

    The comment about not wanting Marcus to sing got me to thinking musical episodes worked on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Xena." Also I read that "Scrubs" is going to do a musical episode this season. So really why wouldn't they work on "Blade? I can see it now Sticky could draw on his rap background and tell about ashing vamps. Shen could be the DJ show his skills as a beat boxer. Marcus could have a duet with Krista and/or Chase. Heck maybe Agent Collins and Charlotte could spontaneously burst into little ditties as well. It could be great!!! LOL. P.S. I'm totally joking honestly. LOL

  3. squirrelinabox Said:

    I know you were just joking, but I did actually think the musical Buffy episode was pretty good. I just don't see it working with Blade though. While Buffy was a "serious" show, it still had a "light" element to it. With Blade: The Series being much more serious and dark, I really don't want to see the characters burst into song for no apparent reason. Also, with Blade: The Series not really going into any sort of magic, I'm not sure what the explanation would be for the people singing. Perhaps the urge to sing is a side effect of Marcus' Aurora vaccine :)

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