How You Can Email Spike TV About Blade

Over at the offical Blade: The Series forums, there's a post letting us all know that we can voice our opinions about Blade: The Series by emailing The email address was given out by Spike TV specifically for us all to send in our comments, concerns, and support for the show.

It sounds like Spike TV knows that there's a good amount of support out there for the show and want to give us a way of telling them how badly we want it to come back next season. I personally don't know how much good it will do to email them begging for a second season, but I do know that it can't hurt. If you're passionate about the show (as I am), then sending in an email is an easy way to try and help make sure there will be more vampire goodness next year.

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  1. tyrone mccloud Said:

    thanks, 1000 x for this show i love it, and don"t miss a show.

  2. LaCreashia Said:

    You have no anime and thats not right. Why can't you put on cool anime like. salior moon,caase closed, kodocha, Moon phase, and tokyo mew mew. You wold rock if you did.

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