Stunt Woman Kylie Furneaux Interview

Comic Monsters has posted an interview with Kylie Furneaux, the stunt double for both Krista and Chase. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

We have seen many cool stunts and fights so far on Blade the Series that feature Krista Starr (Jill Wagner) and Chase (Jessica Gower). Was that really you in there doing a lot of the flips and kicks?

Kylie Furneaux:
I would love to take credit for the fight scenes that you have seen already in Blade but unfortunately I don't appear until episode 11. I was filming X-Men 3 for three months at the beginning of filming. I am hoping for more of a showing in Season two if it goes ahead.

What has been your favorite stunt so far while on the set of Blade the Series?

Kylie Furneaux:
Ah see, now this is a hard question to answer without giving anything away. I am a fighter and someone who needed me to wear a blonde wig does a kick ass fight near the end of the season. Keep watching - it is worth a look....

It's a great interview with a stunt person whose been in a variety of different action roles. She talks about most of them, while also giving more details on her work with Blade: The Series. I actually love the stunts on the show. I just wish the cinematography would show it better rather than do the close up, quick cutting, motion sickness inducing crap they usually do. Let us see the action people, I don't need somebody trying to make me feel it.

Anyway, fans should definitely head on over and check out the full interview, especially if you're a fan of some of the great stunts performed on the show.

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  1. Sarah Said:

    Kylie is also Neil Jackson's girlfriend. :-)

  2. Joponica Said:

    I thought that she was. Damn, just my luck:) Good luck to them both. It is refreshing to see interviews on aspect of the film and TV industry. So, stay safe Kylie.

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