Episode 10: Angels and Demons

Recap and Review
Oh. Hell. Yes. Episode 10, Angels and Demons, delivers some incredible backstory with surprising twists that answer a few questions while presenting us with a few more.

The previous episode left us with Krista shooting at her newly turned mother. They left it in such a way that we couldn't know whether or not she actually ashed her though. Tonight's episode doesn't waste time in letting us know that Krista did, in fact, kill her own mother. As many have suspected, the recent events inolving momma Starr cause Krista to begin a downward spiral to the vampire "darkside". Luckily, Marcus sends Chase after Krista to bring her in, which she does, just before Krista was about to perform her first "real" feeding.

Krista doesn't respond so well to Marcus' summoning though, as she starts a fight with him that he ends rather quickly (though not without getting cut by Krista first). Realizing Krista has some issues she needs to take care of, Marcus chains her up in bed letting her deal with her problems on her own. Well, not quite on her own, as she spends most of the episode re-living parts of Marcus' pre-vampire life using the bond the two have with each other.

The flashbacks we're given of Marcus' past reveal an incredible amount of information. First, Marcus did have a wife (Isabelle) and she did have similar features to Krista. Second, Marcus was turned in Detroit around 1899 which makes him a bit over 100. Lastly, Damek ran a protection racket type scam where he ended up threatening Marcus and eventually raping and feeding on Isabelle right in front of him. Damek left Marcus for dead, but Marcus was found by what appeared to be some form of savage Daywalker vampires and was turned by them.

These flashbacks are timed perfectly with the arrival of Damek to Marcus' office in the House of Chthon. Damek, not satisfied with merely being let back into the council, decides he wants a stake (pardon the pun) in Marcus' financial affairs. Marcus decides he's waited long enough for revenge, so he attacks Damek, eventually ashing him. Before dying, Damek let's Marcus know that he doesn't even remember Marcus (as a human) or Isabelle.

Chase and Krista burst in to find Marcus bloodied up. Marcus sends Chase downstairs to finish off one of Damek's men while Krista, with her new found understanding of Marcus' past, walks him to bed. Krista takes it a step further, eventually getting into bed with Marcus, where she's apparently gotten over the fact that he murdered her brother.

Meanwhile downstairs, Chase quickly ashes Damek's man with a swift silver tipped kick to the throat. Unfortunately for Chase, Charlotte's man-giant helper sucker punches her from behind and drags her off. We learn that Charlotte doesn't trust Marcus and has a secret plan of her own.

Back at the Daywalker camp, Blade and Shen find out the true nature of the Aurora vaccine and decide to try and get to Krista before she slips off the deep end. They take a bit too long, however, as Blade finds Krista in Marcus' bed and in his arms.

Oh and let's not forget agent Ray Collins. His trip home ends abruptly when he discovers that his boss is a familiar for the House of Chthon. After throwing his boss threw the window of a car, he runs off to a friend's house where he finds out that she's done some vampire digging of her own. She's a step ahead of Collins though, as she has information about Blade and presents the possibility of some sort of allegiance.

Notable Scenes

  • Marcus vs Damek fight.

  • Gruesome Isabelle murder.

Closing Thoughts
As I already said... Oh. Hell. Yes. That should make it pretty clear how much I enjoyed the episode. After the last few episodes presenting us with "twists" that were fairly predictable, tonight's episode delivers the incredibly surprising Marcus backstory, a backstory that reveals the likely motivation for Marcus' Pure Blood genocide plans. I'd like to point out what he told Isabelle during the flashback "Whatever kind of man I become, it's all because of you." I think that's a not-so-subtle hint at how important Isabelle was to him and how much she molded his character, especially after her death. Marcus has been driven by rage and revenge for over 100 years. It seems that everything he has done has been because of Damek, from harvesting Armayans for the experiments to the plans of eliminating all Pure Bloods. Does Marcus hold a grudge? I think yes.

Now that Damek is dead, there's likely to be some backlash from the remaining Houses, as well as Damek's House. The House of Armaya no longer has a Pure Blood, something that's got to mean something. Also, the timing of Damek's death can't be great as the House of Armaya was just let back into the council, an action spearheaded by Marcus' own House.

Speaking of Marcus' own House, Charlotte apparently has her own plans, though who knows what they may be. Perhaps she's always known Marcus was developing a Pure Blood disease and she has her own uses for it? I don't know, but it looks like Marcus is pretty much on his own. Ok, so Marcus has Chase and Krista, though Chase is obviously unhappy (and now possibly kidnapped by Charlotte) and Krista likely won't remain his for long.

Marcus' character just friggin' rocks. I enjoyed him before, but now he's more human with a more transparent and pure motivation. I hope there's more to him than his past, as his character is going to be put up against some serious obstacles in the near future. Poor Blade lost his wounded bird. I'm sure he'll smack some sense back into her. And Collins could definitely prove to be an interesting addition to the vampire conflict.

There was so much revealed, but so much more left unanswered... I love it!

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  1. Troy Said:

    I completely agree that this is one hell of an episode. I have to say though that I appreciated it a bit more on the second viewing. In the first viewing I was turned off by Marcus's arrogance and coldness toward Krista at first espeically since via the flashbacks we were supposed to empathaize with him. Maybe its because I came late to the party ("Sacrifice" was my first episde) I found it hard to do because I haven't fully connceted with the character yet. But on the second viewing I saw that in his later scenes with Krista he softened a bit so I could feel for him more. I am digging the intrigue and dense plotting. What is Charlotte up to? I get the feeling that creepy little baby muncher would not shed a tear at the extermination of her fellow Purebloods provided of course she is in control of the means of wiping them out. Someone posed the question does Charlotte have any kindness in her at all and from what I've seen the answer would be a resounding No. I've got to say that pet beheamoth of hers sure moves quietly for such a big guy. I'm also enjoying the subplot with Agent Collins, Larry Pointdexter who protrays him reminds me of Ryan O'Neal (probably best known from the 1970 tearjerker "Love Story") for some reason. I don't see him and Blade hitting it off however. I hope SPIKE TV realizes what a gem they have and does the right thing.

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Great posts. I was not a resounding Hell Yes... okay I was... but that comment is mostly in part to Miss Starr dissapointing me but I must admit for those that Loved or even liked Marcus prior to the Epi... His Poll/star has risen... who cannot appeal to that flashback. A notable line for me was Krista lack of vocabulary in the back alley. "You Go"... "You Die". That was wicked sweet. I am really enjoying how much "stuff" they are packing in each episode and still yielding so many questions. I was suprised that Marcus would have a weapon in arms reach that could potentially ash. I wondered how Marcus was planning to "dispose" of Damek... The fight was one thing but we all knew he would have to permantly remove him. If garlic was lethal to my well being I would not be keeping some in the side drawer! A Question that came to my mind was based on the "Savage Daywalker" transformation of Marcus. What powers does Marcus possess as a result of this "other" breed of vampires blood that runs through Marcus veins? Another notable scene for me was Blade viewing the passion entwined Krista. I could not help think Blade wants Krista for more than her "inside information". What is it that Blade sees in Krista? Should blade have feelings for anyone? Or does he? I have no idea how an alliance with Agent Collins and Blade could be advantageous and really have no fueling interest in that storyline. Charlotte and her bohemoth right hand on the other hand. Truly intriguing. I cannot wait to see this conflict escalate and the potential of that plot. The scene with the "pet bohemoth" dragging Chase is solid. Only 6 more days... Cheers!!!!

  3. Joponica Said:

    Okay, this was awesome. My favorite episode bare none. Whatever happens, I am so glad that I watched it and taped it. Krista finally seeing what has motivated Marcus . We also see Krista stop fighting the inevitable, her connection to Marcus. This is not just good vs evil or black or white. We can see from everyone's perspective why they do what they do just like in real life. Neil Jackson, you were magnificent. The chemsitry between he and Jill on screen is undeniable. And yes, I will say it I want Marcus and Krista together. I make you excuses. It may not have any reason to it since I guess I should want Blade to be the victor, but I think that it just not that simple. I pray we get a second season.

  4. Simon Said:

    Great episode! I hope that Krista remains on the "dark side" because I like a "vampire-Krista" that doesn't know on which side she should stand (I see conflicts with Blade coming up) way more than a "spy-Krista" that is just loyal to Blade and does everything that Blade wants without protest. Also the subplot with Ray Collins has become more interesting and I wonder if Blade is willing to accompany with him. It was some kind of satisfying to see Marcus beating the shit out of Damek because he really deserved it. And it certainly develops the plot in an interesting way (the House of Armaya won't look away when their pureblood has just been killed). Last but not least we found out that Charlotte has her own plans and I'm really curios which these are. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode because there are so many new questions.

  5. cprockhill Said:

    Angels and Demons: Probably one of my favorite episodes so far. I am glad to see questions popping up as far as the day-walking vampires that turned Marcus. The tomahawk that he used to kill Damek probably came from them; it would make more sense that it has silver in the blade, and f you were a vicious vampire day walker Indian you would probably make a weapon like that too to attack other vampires. As far as the lineage of the day walkers are also concerned; it seems that being unable to come out during the day also has an evolutionary advantage that would lead to only night walkers ruling. Sure, it is handy to not have to worry about the sun. But, if you are out during the day and vamped out of your mind looking for blood, you will bring a lot more attention to yourself; especially if the human population is ever growing. Ergo you will probably be hunted down and staked. Only coming out at night gives you a natural advantage; you are not tired at night and humans generally are, you can see really well and humans have horrible night vision, you can escape easier and people are more afraid at night, etc. etc. so you run less of a change of having an angry mob or a skilled hunter track you down and ash you! With two episodes left I have doubts that all the wonderful plots and subplots that have been touched upon but not fully explored will be completely dealt with and I hope they do not make an attempt to do so. Unfortunately, I believe that spike should have done a lot more advertising on other stations to get the word out that this was coming. The DVD will bring a lot of viewer-ship, but only if they commit to a second session that will be there for those new viewers. As for storylines; I am sort of irritated with the lack of acting skill that Kirk Jones has or the lack of range that they are letting the character of Blade have. It is a pretty monotone, flat role (anger and apathy only go so far) and his attitude is making me dislike his charac

  6. Randa Said:

    I am so looking forward to the next episode. I was surprised when Krista and Marcus got in on in his bed but since he first met Krista I always believed he liked for some reason but still wondering why he turned her in the first place. There were so many new plots and questions that arose out of this last episode and I am wondering at this moment what Blade was thinking when he saw Krista and Marcus together. I hope that a second season is in the works because it would be a shame to lose such a great series. Only 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the possibilty of Marcus' wife (Isabelle) still being alive. We saw her bitten and raped, but not finished off. She could easily be alive as a vampire.

  8. YankeeFan Said:

    After seeing what happened to Marcus' wife, everybody assumed her dead. Wouldn't it have been weird if she would have walked in with Damek towards the end of the episode. As much as Marcus hated Damek, I wouldn't have been surprised. Nice to see Marcus in a fight scene.

  9. Danielle Said:

    can someone please tell me when a repeat of episode 10 is? I missed it and my boyfriend's sister couldn't tape it. Help much appreciated thanks.

  10. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Danielle, Episode 10 Angels and Demons is playing again tonight (August 28th) at 10pm. It doesn't look like it will be playing again anytime soon after that.

  11. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Episode 11 - Can I mention how excited I am to see a few items from this show tonight. #1 - I cannot wait to see the dialogue between Charlotte and Chase! The future here is extremely exciting! #2 - I cannot wait to see the anger, angst and general screenmanship of our femme fatal as she battles through her "detox". Of course I always look forward to the producers adding a host of new sub plots and continuing work on each characters mystic. Cheers!

  12. Kirk Said:

    This was one of the best episodes from the series the marcus damek fight was good and the flashbacks but how did marcus escape the indian vampires?

  13. karina Said:

    what's the name of the music playing during the last few minutes of this episode?

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