Reader Question: Is There Enough For More Seasons?

With most fans anxiously awaiting word on whether or not Blade: The Series will be coming back next season, it might be a good time to stop and think about whether or not there's enough material for future seasons, and if so, how many more seasons. Well, reader Jeff asks some of those very same questions - thanks Jeff!

Jeff Thomas writes:
This could prove interesting conversation or a solid question for the writer/director. Assuming there is further seasons. How many episodes would be a reasonable expectation to ensure the content remains solid and how many episodes are drafted in some form? Is there enough material today for more than 2 seasons? Does a writer only write one season at a time or do they contextually plan for multiple seasons in a preparation for supporting the request for additional seasons?

Well, I'm not a writer for the show, but David Goyer is, and he has actually talked about the future of the show in this interview. In that interview he has "a five-year plan for the TV show". Clearly he is hoping to do at least a few more seasons, but is there really enough material? Oh heck yeah.

This season has already opened up plenty of plots and sub plots to follow for at least two or three more seasons. Hell, we've only been introduced to two or three vampire Houses out of twelve. There have been hints at Marcus having other plans, brand new villains for Blade and Krista to battle, and a possible vampire civil war. There's more than enough to fuel the series for a few more seasons, in my opinion at least.

As for the other part of Jeff's question, I do know that writers don't necessarily have an entire season planned out until the season has started. Take Stargate SG-1 for instance. It was recently announced that this season will be its last (unfortunate as it was one of my favorites). Also announced was that the finale has yet to be decided, even though the season has already aired a few episodes. I've heard of this happening with many shows, where the writers will have a general idea of the direction they want to take it, but don't fully flesh it out until they're well into the season.

Well, hopefully that answers Jeff's questions a bit. It is just my opinion so I may be wrong in my thinking that there's plenty of Blade to last multiple seasons. Obviously we aren't in control of the show and don't know exactly what they have planned, but I'm sure you've got an opinion on how much is too much. So what do you think? Think it's got one more season left in it? Two? Five? Could you see the show lasting ten years? As always, leave your comments below and let everybody know what you're thinking.

Oh, and thanks again for your submission Jeff!

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  1. Sarah Said:

    Oh my goodness, there's PLENTY of storylines to last us several seasons. Not only the things you mentioned--more vampire houses and vampire civil war--but lots of stuff with the characters we've already seen. Shen's backstory--how did he find out about vampires, why does he hate them, and how did he meet Blade? How did Frederick get turned, why did he turn Chase, why did they split up, and how did he end up at Leichen and she at Cthon? There's plenty more we could do about Blade's back story--his early years with Whistler, and the first vampire he killed. I know we're going to learn more about Marcus tonight but I'm sure we won't learn everything so more with Marcus's back story. If Marcus's plan works in the last few episodes, then we can see the transition of the "infected" ones taking over the vampire society. If his plan doesn't work, then does Marcus get caught? If so, does he get punished, or does he go into hiding? If he doesn't get caught, does he continue to do more research? Does Boone stir up more trouble? Does Agent Ray Collins stir up trouble or try to expose the vampire society to the rest of the world? Do we learn more about Charlotte? Does she have any weakness or kindness at all, or is she "bad to the bone" evil? I think the story possibilities for this show are ENDLESS, so I will be SOOO upset if it gets cancelled... :-(

  2. Joponica Said:

    Has there been a concrete date set for when we know for sure that the show is returning or has been canceled?

  3. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Unfortunately they haven't announced when they might know whether or not the show will be back. What we do know is that they are "on the edge" about bringing it back and that they are looking closely at the ratings of these last few episodes. The ratings for the last couple have gone up a little, supposedly, and this is good, but we all need to keep watching and supporting the show to make sure Spike sees that the show is worth bringing back. I'll definitely make a post whenever I hear anything new.

  4. koray Said:

    i think they should not bother with another series as the first one is crap. i mean this is not blade he cant fight he keeps getting a beating from standered vampires. com on he took on la magra and the reapers now thats impresive and how comes no one fears the day walker in the series wesley snipes took on a whole night club with out getting touched. in the series a couple of vamps give him problems blade is one of my fav vampire hunters out of all films and comics but the series really put me of him. the series should be a about a standered vampire hunter not blade as the series does not do him justice. and its just not me saying it its a huge amount the uk as well

  5. scbrownsr Said:

    Give me a break the series was not the best, but for TV it was something to look forward to. At least for me. It was bloody, sexy, and action packed. I love Blade the character, whether its a movie, comic book, cartoon, or series. I noticed that Blade on TV (Kirk) caught a few beat downs. To me, it made it interesting. A movie only has 2-3 hours, whereas a TV series has more time to show Blade get busy; And he did!! Stop hating in the UK.

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