Goyer And Johns Talk About Detroit

Blade: The Series writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns talked with The Detroit News about their reasons behind choosing Detroit as the setting for the series. Well, there's really one main reason, and that's the fact that both Goyer and Johns are from the Detroit area.

They do talk about other aspects of the show besides the setting, such as the differences between movies and TV, episode growth, and even DVD possibilities.

From the article:
"We've been shooting R-rated stuff and the idea for the DVDs is that it will be bloodier and have more nudity and be more foul," Goyer said. "We have been cognizant of that since the beginning, so every time you see a script, there will be a clean version and an R-rated version."

I find it interesting that they've been shooting extra material to be used in a possible DVD release. I'm definitely excited about the idea of a DVD release having some more "mature" material thrown in. It'll likely make things fresh the second time through since there'll be changes and additions.

They also talk about other outlets for the Blade universe, such as new movies and possibly an animated series. It all comes down to how well the Spike TV series does. I personally am more immediately concerned about there being a second season. Give me that and I'll be happy... for now.

In case you missed the link, check out the full interview here.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Great article... I think this article answers my future season questions forthright and between the lines. I am quite confident Blade will be picked up for a least one season. At 1.6 Million viewers with an upcoming comic series/animated series and DVD "Unrated" Collection Set along with the "five season" foreshadowing. I just think there is too much going here for it not to be picked up. I also think the lack of negative speculation yields positive results as well.

  2. Joponica Said:

    I anxiously await the release of the DVD. I also hope that we hear some concrete news as to the shows fate. I hope the ratings for this past episode was enough for a second season. Either way, all we can do is continue to support and wait and see.

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