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In case you hadn't noticed, this site is part of my network of sites called the Squirrelinabox Network. I post news and updates about my sites from time to time as well as giving some inside information on some future projects that I'm working on.

Anyway, you may be wondering what this all has to do with this particular site. Well, I've just posted a little update on my network site that just so happens to talk about this site. The main thing I mention is that this place had just over 1400 visitors last Thursday, a site record for me. I hope this increase means more and more people are watching the show, and as such, mean the ratings are improving enough to force a second season of Blade: The Series.

I just wanted to point that out and hopefully get people excited that there seems to still be a growing interest in the show. I know we're all hoping for a second season, and it looks like the number of people wanting that are growing each day.

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