Episode 11: Hunters

Recap and Review
Last week's episode ended with the surprise Krista and Marcus bed scene, leaving us to wonder what will become of our heroine. Well, Blade doesn't waste time this week as he knocks her out and drags her into a holding cell forcing her to go cold turkey for most of the episode. While she's locked up Blade and Shen have a little work to do taking on a lone vampire who calls himself the White Prince.

White Prince GlyphThe White Prince storyline actually allows Blade to explain to Shen (and us) that there are splinter groups of vampires out there that don't belong to one of the twelve Houses. These groups even have their own familiars and glyphs (I've recreated the White Prince glyph to the right). This notion of rebel groups brings us even more possiblities for conflict, especially with a seemingly unavoidable vampire civil war.

Blade vs the White PrinceAnyway, back to the White Prince and all his gruesomeness. We're introduced to him in a very Saw like moment as he videotapes himself torturing a young woman. Shen and Blade pick up the case after Shen is convinced by the sister of a suspected victim. After raiding a club or two and using the sister as bait, our two heroes find the White Prince's lair. They each proceed to kick some butt with Shen taking on the vampire's familiar and Blade doing his thing ashing the Prince. I found it funny how Shen preached to Blade earlier in the episode about giving people second chances and that their job is to save lives and then he goes on to kill the familiar without hesitation. Obviously Shen realized there's a time for playing nice and there's a time for kicking some bad guy butt. It was definitely nice to see him do more than just tag along.

While Blade and Shen were out doing their thing, Krista manages to break out of her holding cell. Luckily for our good guys, she decides to remain in her cell and await their return, letting them (and us) know she's all better now. While she could be fooling everybody, I hope her current state of mind is genuine.

Shen and his new friendsSpeaking of genuine states of mind, Chase was left unconcious by Charlotte's man-giant Thorn. We find out that Charlotte has plans for Chase - to enlist her as a double agent to spy on Marcus. Chase returns to Marcus telling him Charlotte's intentions, giving the impression that she still sides with her man. Marcus hands Chase Blade's broken sword so that she can use it as a sign of loyalty to Charlotte. We'll have to wait for future episodes to find out which side Chase is really on.

Notable Scenes

  • Blade shooting Krista in the chest as she lunges for the bag of blood.

  • Chase and Charlotte drinking newborn blood.

  • Blade telling the White Prince that he's "nothin' but another crazy ass vampire."

  • White Prince's lower jaw being ripped off - just as Blade promised.

Closing Thoughts
This episode was very strong, even though it was mostly a side track from the main conflict. I was surprised to see a side-plot episode this late in the season. However, they tied it in well with the inclusion of Charlotte's plans for Chase.

While I'm extremely glad that it looks like Krista has not completely fallen for Marcus, I'm a little uneasy with how quickly she was able to "detox". She went from wanting to kill Marcus, to sleeping with him, to being back on Blade's side all within what seemed like a couple days. I love how fast paced the show is, but making Krista's character shift around so much so quickly seemed a little forced. I'm not losing any sleep over it or anything, but it was something I noticed.

Overall the episode was great. It had a couple things that bothered me, but as a whole, it definitely delivered. Noticably absent were both Collins and Boone. Boone has been missing for awhile, but I was surprised to see Collins MIA. They had been building his character for the last few episodes and to just to ignore him this go around was odd. He's such a minor character that it didn't affect the flow or the main plot at all, so I'm not too bothered by it. Also, we haven't seen any ashers for many episodes now. If I recall correctly, the head asher is still out there, presumably still killing vampires with Blade's blessing. I hope to see them make an appearance in these last couple episodes.

Since I don't like discussing previews during my episode recaps, I won't go into any details about this week's. However, I will say that these last couple episodes look phenomenal.

*the two Blade: The Series photos were found via Comics Continuum

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Great Recap. I agree the show was solid. I expect each episode to be solid moving forward. I had a few Good and a few bad this go around. I personally expected much more focus and air time spent on the "detox" and was a little dissapointed at how quickly Krista seemingly "recovered". Having said that twists are abundant in this series and one just never knows. If she was still allegiant to Marcus what better way to keep Blade at bay and save your head..... Why not stick around and "show" him you are okay... on the same token I am pretty confident she is back on track. Respecting Chase I expected something "different" as well. I thought she would show much more interest in defying Marcus but it is very apparent to me at least that Chase is definately Marcus' right hand... having said that I also think Chase is on her "own" team and truly does not plan to be a right hand therefore why not play both sides. Chases character impresses me more and more. I love the dialogue and sinisism she evokes. Not to mention she is severely HOT, sexy and ruthless. I think Chase moves up on my favorite character list weekly. What I thoroughly enjoyed was Shen. Hes got a little kick-a$$ in his arsenal. He truly routed the familiar and also showed he has a little vengenful spirit. Shen before this episode could come or go for me but today I look forward to seeing him next episode. Blade... For me this was Blades best episode. I found everything about Blade this go round feeling a little more like the Blade I am comfortable with. He brought a world of pain to the White Prince and really controlled the battle. I found the fighting much better and felt like we saw a more comfortable Sticky. A huge kudos to Sticky. I truly beleive the longer this series runs the more popular our Hero will become so that the show can appeal to the many fans that want Blade to be the center of attention verse the 12 houses. Again this show leaves me counting the minutes unt

  2. Larry Said:

    An update from my friend at Spike. Last weeks ratings were .9 or close to 1 million viewers. Ratings for last night's show will be in by 4 PM today and I should have them tomorrow morning. Last night, he heard there is some tussling going on upstairs. Some people think they should bring it back b/c it's good and they need to establish cred, while others want to cut it because it is losing money. DVD sales of season 1 would help it come back.

  3. Randa Said:

    I loved this episode and it was full of ass kicking which made Blade look much more the fighter then we have seen in the last few episodes. I was glad they focused more on Blade this time because he seems to be in the background a lot as compared to the Krista/Marcus relationship which seems to be the main focus but I am curious to know what will happen with this couple. I loved the part when Blade ripped the White Prince's jaw off and ashed his sorry butt. Chase has me curious a lot because since she had a meeting with Charlotte it makes you wonder really what is going on in her mind. I liked how Marcus asked Chase if she had seen Krista and glad that this was all that was mentioned because it makes you wonder what is going to happen there and I believe that a lot of stuff is going to be revealed and from what I saw of the previews for the next episode it is going to be intense.

  4. Randa Said:

    does anyone have information supposedly on this DVD that supposedly is coming out? I would definitely buy it. Is there any word about Blade for Season 2?

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    So far there has been no confirmed information regarding the second season or the DVD. Larry seems to have an contact within the network that says the show may or may not come back next season. Larry, once you have last night's numbers let me know either via the contact form or here in the comments and I will post the ratings (likely with a rumor tag since it hasn't yet been confirmed).

  6. Jeff Thomas Said:

    I definately have this warm fuzzy feeling that if there is any validity to the coming of a second season we will most likely hear it here first! Happy scouring Squirrel!

  7. YankeeFan Said:

    Even though this episode was a little off the plot line, I really enjoyed it. Blade's fights are getting better every week. Also, if Spike doesn't pick up a second season, has anyone heard about another network picking up the show such as Sci-Fi?

  8. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Larry... any word on the ratings from "our" insider. Would love to get some more information from your source.

  9. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I know I'm not Larry, but I posted an update on the ratings here: http://www.bladetvseries.com/2006/09/07/neil-jackson-reveals-episode-12-ratings/.

  10. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Nope your Squirrel and you deliver ;). I noticed a post on another site noting someone had seen a preview on Spike showing Krista being Ashed. Wouldnt that be something... but if I was a Krista fan I would not worry... she will be back!! Cheers!

  11. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I haven't heard anything about Krista being ashed and I highly doubt they showed it in any previews. If she does get ashed (which I doubt and which I hope doesn't happen), they won't show it on a preview as it would definitely spoil it. Previews do have a tendency to spoil some things, but a twist as big as Krista being ashed? I'd like to think they aren't that bad with marketing.

  12. pt Said:

    i love this episode cause chase kiss krista. hehe. i watch this series cause i heard it was a lesbian vampire series so i got interested but so dissappointing that thats the only scene i feel that its a lesbian series. so sad that there is no second series. even if they seem its not suitible for kids, i think they should still make it since its so popular. it doesn't have to be on tv it can be on a dvd.

  13. Kirk Said:

    I liked the white prince storyline a vampire physco serial killer what could be better.

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