Season 2 Update By Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson has made a post on his MySpace page about the situation surrounding a possible season two of Blade: The Series. He talks about the ratings, the demographics, and what the network is currently thinking about the show.

Neil Jackson wrote:
A few weeks back SPIKE hosted a sunday marathon of all of the ep's to date. This gave us a 40% increase in viewers. Something we have managed to hold. The current ratings are holding around the 1-1.2 million mark (I got these figures from one of the producers). If the weekly average were to be taken into account that number would be around 3 million. That's pretty good. But the main ratings number is still lower than they would have hoped. Add to that the gender demograph and we start to realise their hesitancy.

The show started off very strong but then had a bit of a nose dive. It looks like the marathon they had has helped bring the show back up quite a bit, though we aren't in the clear just yet. He goes on to say that the last few episodes will be looked at closely and the decision will be heavily influenced by those numbers. He concludes by saying "My gut tells me that it's a 50/50 chance, though I remain optimistic."

Head over to Jackson's MySpace page to read the full update.

*update 2 - Neil Jackson has posted in the forums that last night's episode "Hunters" had a 30% jump in ratings! He's confident that if those numbers hold for the last couple episodes that the show will make it back next season.

*update 1 - updated with the correct source information, it was posted on Jackson's MySpace page, but I found out about it over at the official forums here.

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  1. boo Said:

    Neil Jackson just left a note on the Blade forum that said that the ratings were up 30% last night!

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Thanks for pointing that out boo. I've updated the post with that information. Looks like the chances off a second season are getting better!.

  3. BlingDogg Said:

    That sounds great, it's good to hear that from Neil Jackson. Hopefully it means we'll get another season.

  4. Jeff Thomas Said:

    The feedback button on the is now working... top right. For those that feel it will help drop a line. I beleive it cant hurt to flood spike with emails, feedback, faxes.. etc... (It will show them a bit of a cult following) but at the end of the day the mighty dollar may reign supreme. Lets just hope again they have the foresight to see the income increase over the years. Cheers!

  5. Kathleen Said:

    When is the second season starting? I can't wait any longer

  6. diane Said:

    i am in the uk and heard so much about the show that i had to download it. does anyone know when the uk will air the series and please can anyone say when we are getting the second season

  7. courtney Said:

    Diane, it will air in the UK on January 7, and unless ratings are good, there will be no second season.

  8. courtney Said:

    EDIT: It will premeire on the 15 at 10 on bravo uk, sorry;)

  9. Latrece Said:

    I loved Blade the series. I hope the next season comes out soon. Sticky finger is to hot.

  10. lildruidess Said:

    Me and my family has been waiting for season 2...sigh...please dont say that it wont be aired....

  11. scbrownsr Said:

    blade the tv series was the only reason I watched spike tv. other than that, they can take it off my tv.

  12. ninja x Said:

    i wish the series wasn't canceled :( i really love the series

  13. Chris Said:

    neil is sooooooooooo hot. Spike tv better keep this show on !! I absolutely LOVE it.

  14. bacon bits Said:

    im bored

  15. Fuck Vamps Said:

    WTF I can't believe their actually considering binning this show!

  16. Linda Said:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease make a Series 2, it's the only thing on television worth watching! Spike TV don't know when they're on a good thing! Jerks.

  17. Raz Said:

    Iam dissapointed that Blade will not air a second or future seasons, the show was well directed, looked stylish, the actors also did a great job. I am pretty sure if this show went to a network with more viewers it would have done better.

  18. Taylor Said:

    If they don't bring this show back, I will cry. Literally. I have watched every episode and am in love with Neil Jackson. I think we should petition.

  19. Eric Said:

    OMG!!!! Please let there be a season 2. The whole season of Blade was awesome and then they leave that cliffhanger. I am very dissapointed that there is a chance of no season 2. I hope they bring it back.

  20. Key Said:

    Oh My God! This is one of the most suckyish things in the world!!!!! Blade the series was alsome. I watched every friggin episode and then they ended it like that. I was so pissed off. I agree that they should do sometthing at least send it stright to DVD.

  21. Jackie Said:

    I loved this show. The executives at Spike are idiots. I miss the characters, I want to know what happens. I WANT A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!! Im so pissed-off.

  22. Soraia Said:

    Come on! In Brazil,we also loved this show. How could that happen that it won't have more seasons??? I hope they can reconsider this decision..

  23. Barbara Mitchell Said:

    I have been waitng for the past four months, to find out the date for the new season of Blade to begin. When Blade first came on, I thought that I would not like it because of the Blade movies, to my surprise the show turned out to be great. How can you throw us a bone and then take it back so quickly. I had not watched spike before Blade, because I hadn't seen a show that was not a rerun that was worth watching on that station. Blade took a lot of people to spike TV, you are crazy for not even giving the show a chance. You could have seen what a second season would bring, you would have been surprised. Now if you changed it to a Wednesday night I bet more people would have easily found it while Channel surfing. Please rethink your decision don't give up so easily.

  24. Allen Carlisle Said:

    PLEASE keep this show on the air. I have watched every episode and even downloaded it to my iPod to watch again. This was a great show, great cast, well directed....why would you pull the only bright spot in an otherwise poor line up?

  25. Lissa York Said:

    I will b very upset if the show doesn't come back for another season..I love any good show about vampires..I dont watch anything else on that channell..the show kept me watching week after week..Isnt that what a series is suppossed to do??

  26. Toby Said:

    I just watched the whole Blade series and enjoyed it so much that i wanted to check when the second series would be out im very surprised it has been canned as it was excellent . Someone should make this series as i feel it will get better and start to get a larger following

  27. reggie Said:

    come on spike tv, like someone sed earlier, blade has brought that channel to many ppls attention including me, to run one season and then leave it like that would be a disgrace, especailly since it was suh a high wuality series

  28. Dimple Said:

    Common spike tv, put blade back on the air, if u do more ppl will be aware and a lot more ppl will watch it. This show is worth it! PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON THE AIR!

  29. bobblehead Said:

    This was my favorite show, it had many funny times and managed to keep a good story behind it. It had me interested the entire time. It would be a shame if they did not continue it

  30. denise otis Said:

    I just keep waiting for the second season. The 1st season was so great than nothing this was so completing twisted...Please bring back Blade the Series it was great..deniseotis

  31. 6questions Said:

    Dude I cant' believe blade was cancelled!! Kirk Sticky Fingaz was perfect for the part of blade. I looked up to see if it was coming out on dvd. they said it was coming out Sept, 18th 2007. Go to Wikipedia, type in blade the series, then scroll down until you see dvd release. Read it and get your hopes up.



  33. james Said:

    I live in liverpool,england and hope you guys are well.But like everything else you guys do is run a series for a season and then just stop. I think Blade is one of the best made ,after the films and know like many other Bristish people we would you to carry on with this series as it is a highly watchable program.Mybe one of the producers of the so would like to email and just explain why you always do this, or is it just money down the drain

  34. ANGER! Said:

    NOOOOOO! That's the best show i've ever seen! I was totally addicted.. I hate when they cancel shows that i fall in love with..

  35. Should of been Sci-Fi Said:

    if it would of been on Sci-Fi like marval should of freaking done considering the rest of their spin off shows are going there. then it would of been more funded ie come out faster, been on for at least 3 seasions and we would be anticipateing seasion 4 now. spike has and always will suck at programing, they only had 1 show worht airing when they changed the name to spike, ie WWE wrestling. and they couldnt keep that. spike is the exact reasion why i cant stand my gender, because we are steriotypically sposta only wana watch crapy ultimate fighter and the same girls gone wild infomercials if they had their way wtf. you had a show that was worht a damn, but your not worht a damn spike. btw i dont like UFC cuse two guys hugging each other and makeing their way to the ground is FUCKING GAY, and i dont like gay soft core (or hard core) porn you freaking rainbows. secondly why would i care if you show hot women on the other shows. they are reruns. as the saying goes, if you have seen one hot girl.... you wana see em all,, not the same one non stop if i wanted that i would of given her a ring and ensured that i want to play the feild with my tv viewing not be stuck with your crapy narominded demogrpphics bottem line spike sucks ass and the blade series deserved much better....

  36. Tavo Said:

    I agree, you should put Blade back on the air the only reason why i liked watching Spike was Blade oh and UFC but that gets boring, Blade needs more attention and better advertising, if your ratings are low don't blame the show blame the personal incharge of advertising the Channel and the shows.

  37. dreskills Said:

    I cant understand it either at first I thought the show would be weak but I have to admit I was drawn in to the story line. This show needs to be back on the air. Spike TV is dropping the ball on this one.

  38. FOXY Said:


  39. Stunna Said:

    Blade's the best late show that Spike has to offer, sucks that they would cut it. I want to know what happens NEXT. Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it back.

  40. niki Said:

    I love the blade series. please back the second season of the series. I want to know what happened to the main characters from last season to this season. I feel that I am still hooked on the show. I was trying not to miss every parts from the show.

  41. Erik Said:


  42. GhostNone Said:

    I think we can assume that because they showed a Blade marathon something is happening. They wouldn't just put on a marathon to tease us. Maybe it's their way of testing the waters to see if it's worth bringing it back. Needless to say, the answer should be a clear YES!!!!!

  43. Squirrelinabox Said:

    They probably showed a marathon more because of Halloween coming up rather than them planning to bring the show back in any way.

  44. john Said:

    i like the show i know it will be a hit give the show a chane they throuh the buffythe vampire was going to last but it did. so give the blade a chane

  45. Katia Said:

    I love the show. I have just looked at the hole first season and now i found out that there aint gonna be a second season? Wtf!! Thats just suxx .. :( Plz give Blade a chance!!

  46. Victor Said:

    Please give this show one more chance. Blade is one of my favorite characters from Marvel Comics history. All 3 movies we're great and this fist was really good. With season 1 ending they way it did I feel the story is not yet complete. Blades character isn't done. All Blade fans would agree, WE NEED SEASON 2. P.S. When when the full season 1 be released on DVD. Give Sticky Fingers a chance "Slam!"

  47. Natalie Said:

    Please bring Blade the Series back's my favorite TV Series and I really love it, and wants the second series of Blade...and I really hope that Kirk Jones, Neil Jackson and Jill Wagner will play again as their own characters next time...

  48. Ryan & Camille Said:

    I was watching Blade the series marathon on spike. I was so happy to see it again. I feel that today the series would be a bigger hit then it was back in 2006. The fans out there are dying to see Blade again. I am going to let everyone I know that like the serier to start writing in and you sould do the same. cause with the writing here and there isnt going to work. So people need to start again and start at full force. So start writing in. I think if you get enough people to do it they may bring it back. It has happened in the past (Star Trek The seriers) plus one I cant remember but that happened just last season. In todays word with people with DVRs will be able to watch it and give ratings even if then dont have the time right then to watch it. So people please write in.

  49. jonathan Said:

    Is not only a pity that they cancelled the series if I see it now come to spain and I pe been very surprised to see it .. Porke thought at the beginning if you are not the same actors in the movies Ke sure will be bad ... But it was not so I hooked while not meeting chapter 9 and the following are translated here and now I am anxious to rise. It is not the reason but really believe that the series is not good to follow it is not I am quite disappointed to know that they can say this of this great series that the truth not only in United States but all over the world to come slowly but continuously All homes and cancel is disappointing hope ke think well ... Pe seen worse series that have made many seasons ... Blade series deserves to continue Spain carefully someone who wants a second or third and fourth season all possible so that history does not remain unfinished ... Why ke what is a good food but not entirely. It is something that is very good but that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth is just to say ... I ask that you think that comment and more people to come back with more than ever explendor I thank all my bad English but google does what it can with my way of writing bad XD that are mobile ...

  50. Tiffany Said:

    I would love to see this show make a come back even if it's for one more season(I pray for more), plus it's not right to leave us with a cliff hanger..don't be another 'Fastlane'(which was another good show). Anyway, forget SpikeTV channel why not just go over to FX or Sci-fi channel? I'm sure you could make something work long as you get a channel that people actually view(but my recommendions would be your best bet), 'time waits for no man' so if you(the makers of this show) want to keep this show alive then you best get the moving coz an year has already past!! PS. In order to have loyal have to be loyal in return. ^_^

  51. Patty Said:

    I pray there is a Season 2 I tivo'd season 1 and watch it all the time...I have to know what Marcus does to Krista and what happens with Chase... Hope someone reads this and lets Season 2 happen, Please!!!

  52. Mayda Head Said:

    The Blade series is the best thing to happen to TV sence Smallville

  53. T.LeBlanc Said:

    I don't know why the networks are insistent upon ending good shows with a cliffhanger. The same thing happened with the show "Carnivale" on HBO, which was an awesome show. The least they could have done was make an actual series finale episode if they weren't going to pick up another season.

  54. Michele Said:

    Hi, i'm an italian guy who wants the second season of this show because it's a good product and better better better than other series who had more seasons..Sorry for my english!!

  55. mia the cuban girl Said:

    Hello, I'm from CUBA and i just saw BLADE on a DVD i think is great, the best that i see until now, and i very sad because i just find out that probably i don't going to see more of this awasome show ,hey at list could be ending and not live us ?????.I'm so sorry for my English but i did my best thanks,( if someone know something please get back to me sincerely a friend and fanatic of BLADE.)

  56. Annie Said:

    Blade TV Series is so fantastic and I really am curious what'll happen to Krista and Marcus, my favorites!!! please please please make the second season!!! ^_^

  57. Richard Freed Said:

    I bought the Blade Series on DVD, My wife and I enjoyed better than the movies. Why would they end it with a cliff hanger and not do a second season. Marvel did themselves a dishonor by using Spike. I never watched Spike till Blade.

  58. shakirra torain Said:

    i wish the series wasn't cancel because it was a really great concept, and love blade anyway.

  59. shakirra torain Said:

    i wish the series wasn't cancel because it was a really great concept.

  60. mathew barton Said:

    What everyone who loved this series needs to do is buy the boxset,maybe then spike will see they made a mistake just like fox did with family guy. What spike needed and needs to do is to co produce this series with other Tv channels.That way the funding for the show will be spread and so will the channels and countries its aired in. Im from england have only just watched the series this year. Listen to us fans this was a great series ,don`t bin this great show.You had a great show that could of been huge.

  61. Steve Said:

    What the hell are they doing. Spike tv cant have got it more wrong cancelling the series. I have just finished watching the dvd box set and really enjoyed the show. The entire concept and storyline are fantastic, but it just shows how narrow minded some people are.If the show was on now it would be huge, if it was on anyother channel apart from spike it would not have been cancelled, it would have run for atleast a second season to see if ratings picked up. Either make another season and see the ratings shoot up or sell the series to someone else, dont be so selfish to make an excellent series, get many people hooked and than cancel it.

  62. PORTO MICK Said:

    What in the name of Sam Hill is going on here. At last we have a great TV programe thats aimed at people with more than one brain cell and they cancel it ????? Maybe Blade the house of Big Brother might sell

  63. Aiya Said:

    Just finished the dvd box set tonight. And yes, I'm pissed off there was such a cliffhanger! Ugh! *slaps Spike TV with a huge metal glove* That was a challenge! Better bring it back, or face the wrath of the masses!

  64. azz Said:

    i have seen da series 4 times already i own the boxset i live in england i love blade i dont know whats going on but somebody needs to get there fingers out of there ass and make season 2 plz

  65. ashley Said:

    My boyfriend told me he watched blade the series and he loved it soooooo we bought it on dvd and I fell in love with it...Plus I love vampires and they did a great job with the blood and the action I dont understand how ratings can be bad from such a badass show?!!I really hope there is a season 2!!!

  66. Damien Said:

    Aye i agree i just watched the blades series onmy NTL boxset and it was bloody amazing and now i hear there wont be another season so im pretty pissed anyone with half a brain cell would agree with me

  67. Dani Said:

    I'm a fan of the series and the movies and I have to say that the people in Germany also want a second season. We started to pray for it... and in europe especially the dvd release seemed to be succesfull. I hope that it will continue...

  68. Berbs Said:

    I wish I had known that there was no series two to look forward to, would have avoided watching the whole thing because the series was too damn good and the cliff hanger really leaves you hanging GRRRrrrrrrrr. How fucking frustrating lol......

  69. Liana Said:

    i can't believe they cancelled the series, that really sucks, how can you leave us with so many questions unanswered, like, what will happen with krista and marcus, what will happen next, will blade finally kill marcus (i hope not he's a gorgeous bad boy), please, please, please, please, please make a second season the first was so fantastic, spike tv have really screwed up their chances of getting any viewers, well done spike tv great job...NOT!!!

  70. Alejandro Said:

    HEY SPIKE AND ALL THOSE PRODUCERS!!! How could you cance l such an amazing show? At least gives us some some answers as to why and not leave us more cliffhangers as though didnt leave enough already. Its a great TV show. Get your head straight on this one.

  71. Zack Said:

    Do you guys at spike like money, you must not, cause you're sitting on a butt load of it, it's called Blade: Season 2. are you people crazy? Make it already so I can buy the DVD

  72. elisa Said:

    ????? ????? ?? ??? 2 ????? ????????? ?? ?? ???? ? ?????????? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ?? ????????? ????? ?? ????????? ??? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?????,???????? ?? ??? ????? ???????,??? ??? ??? ??????,???? ??????? ?? ?? ???? 20

  73. elisa Said:

    i can.t believe they cancelled the series.that really sucks

  74. Renea Said:

    Man...I had to wait to buy this show cause I don't have cable and was royally PISSED when I couldn't see it. Blade totally rocks. Kirk Jones did a kickass job as Blade. Unfortunately they don't keep the good shows going into a second season anymore.

  75. elisa Said:

    i love blade series.please more series . im from bulgaria we loved markus and krista please season 2

  76. elisa Said:

    i love blade series.please more series . im from bulgaria we loved markus and krista please season 2

  77. FreddytheBlade Said:


  78. Johnny Tong Said:

    I want this show on HBO or Sci-fi!! If Spike won't pick it up then some other channel will. I would love to see Season 2 when blade takes out Van Sciver and give him "one hit to the body" (Rolling Stones song). Marcus, what a blood-sucking mother-fucking cocksucker bitch that Blade should kick his british bloodsucking ass. That Marcus is such a dumb-ass chazzer! Chazzer means pig in Yiddish. If you seen Scarface.

  79. cindy Said:

    So with this new fascination with vampires on the show "true blood" on HBO and "twilight" coming out in December, I can only hope to see blade back i loved it.

  80. Dan Harding Said:

    Ive just finished watching the 1st season of blade the series and it was wicked!very well done to the producers and the actors.the story lines were very good and what an ending!!I only hope they make a 2nd season?hope they do and hope they keep all the same actors and cary on from when they left of.

  81. Pierre-A. P. Said:

    If Blade disapear, the TV will lose a really chief of work. Please Spike Tv make Blade Season 2 a reality !!!

  82. Sherry Said:

    I can't believe Spike canceled the series. It was a great show in my opinion. They just had it on in a crummy time slot in my area. But I stayed up to watch it. I know I could have taped it but I did not want to wait any longer to watch it. What were they thinking? Very disappointed with the decision to cancel.

  83. Erebus Said:

    Blade was outstanding, superb script and acting, great story arc format. I loved it and would definately watch a season two... three... A lot of less worthy shows get a lot more publicity.

  84. Craig Jones Said:

    the blade series was an absolute stroke of genius excellent viewing please please please reconsider about make in more us UK viewers need it

  85. chris Said:

    blade the series was awesome someone please bring it back!!!

  86. Frank Said:

    I like the story very much, its not difficult to understand, but difficulty enough so it doesnt get boring to watch. I want to know what happens next!!! besides that: i can only agree to all this comments!! please make a second season!! please do NOT only look on the US-Market! In germany for example the series was watched by many people!

  87. Mr ramon Said:

    Blade season 2 must return pls it is very important i look forword for season 2, 3 , etc.

  88. Daywalker Said:

    I think the people like vampire action movies are less the people like police noob court and shoapoperas they dont understand the value of making and the hard work needed on SFX and acting action fight scenes.... the series was the best SFX series i have seen after the real Blade movie... They could made a finish line...they left it... Bubget is all it matter not if some people like Blade on a series....(pitty i loved nice works guys U r the best Crue made the Blade alive on TV series Thank you !)

  89. Daywalker Said:

    I forgot to say that this was the BEST acting and SFX work on TV series i have seen..(plus some naked scenes i dont think they needed to be in for respect on the actors...u dont neeed to make an actor be naked to sell a story let the audience imagine there naked bodies ,nudicity if familiar to soft porn but that destroys the essence of Blade magazine but is hard way to keep the insterest of many people on movies like I can say all crue and staff members actor made the BEST Series For Blade ever 5 stars work i hope they enjoy it as i did too ! good luck on any other work you do let your imaginations free and stop thinking budgets imagination has no budget no limits!

  90. PANAMA CITY Said:


  91. psyco Said:

    make a freakin season2 or i will turn someone to ash

  92. comment by passion Said:

    blade was the best show ever they need to make a season 2 from wat i heared they wont make a season 2 becuase they dont have enough money or viewer to finish

  93. Rogue Said:

    they always cancel the good shows...honestly i dont think they had enough promotions for the show. besides i think with all the marvel/dc movies being so hot right now, that blade season 2 would have awesome rating. look at legend of the comes on ch 12 and it had off the chart rating. so i really hope they rethink this bc i loved the show, and i want to know what happens bw krista&marcus.

  94. Stitch Said:

    I don't know why, but memories of this series just popped into my head. It's a shame that it got cut. We really need interesting and creative shows like this. Shows with STORIES. There is so much garbage on TV right now, but I guess that's all that the masses want...brainless reality junk and weak dramas.

  95. Steve Said:

    Blade was great!!! I must admit i had to get over the Westley Snipes Blade and accept Sticky.... The show was great after Sticky's version of blade grew on me I begain to love the show.... The grimey Sticky Fingaz Blade was Great!!!

  96. Steve Said:

    Give Us Season Two!!!

  97. thomas Said:

    bring blade season 2 back

  98. Misio Said:

    Blade series seson two... please

  99. eddie Said:

    Am thirsty of the Hell Blade season2.....bring it back before I turn Grihalt...huh....

  100. elisa Said:

    HEY SPIKE AND ALL THOSE PRODUCERS!!! How could you cance l such an amazing show? At least gives us some some answers as to why and not leave us more cliffhangers as though didnt leave enough already. Its a great TV show. Get your head straight on this one.

  101. elisa Said:


  102. kostas(gas) Said:

    bring it back know...seriously blade have lots of fans in europe.we want the season2.but i thnik from here nobody hears us ...:(

  103. paul Said:

    I can't wait anylonger for the season 2 of dis frigging hot stuff movie. its purely fantastic.please the producers should tell us when it should be released.i might die due to..........

  104. DaverXL Said:

    heres a comment from holland i agree with elisa. Its nuts if they dont bring blade back. for what ive seen theres still no ending in the serie. ive watched Jericho last year and they did the same with that serie one season but not so many vieuwers they stopped for the same reason ive learned from my dad (if you begin somthing you must end it) so LET THE SECOND SEASON OF BLADE COME greetings from holland

  105. valerie Said:

    i think it was good how they ended the season but it would be fucking rediculus not to have a second season and so yea yea make a second season. p.s makesure u use the same charecters that u used in the first season cause it would be realy dumb if u didnt.

  106. Jason Said:

    To anyone who hears this with the authority, please make a second season of this great show. I planned my whole week around this show at the time and thought it had a hell of a lot of potential.

  107. Donna (kiwi) Said:

    please you need to make season two marcus is great you just need to finish it better than that

  108. David Said:

    Please, you must make a second season for Blade! I cannot imagine a show so juicy in action, drama, and romance being ended improperly. A good beginning must have its ending execution. Frankly, I would rather watch Blade than the Twilight series! Blade was born before Twilight or Vampire diaries and it deserves a right to be remained aired! In addition, the Blade series contains unique qualities which distinguish it from Twilight and Vampire Diaries. This is not only me speaking, it's the TRUTH!

  109. Schroeder (Publisher/Owner) Cult Movies Magazine Said:

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that the 1st season ended as it did. I was disgusted that Blade (The Series) left you hanging. The series was VERY WELL directed, very well acted, very well written so I do not understand why season 2 would not commence. Blade the series has a HUGE cult following & will make it in future issues of Cult Movies Magazine as an iconic vampire series. I have received numerous e mails & letters in reference to a season 2 & if I had any info about a possible JUST DVD RELEASE. I could not answer any of those questions but just give my opinion. If a televised season 2 does not make it, at least finish the series with a straight to DVD release. Much cheaper, affordable & THOUSANDS of Blade fans minds would be at ease. It's just like a DR. starting a life threatening surgery & not finishing it, is the patient going to die or just left on the table? Spike or some other entity needs to finish the series for the blood lusted fans of Blade. Schroeder (Publisher/Owner) of Cult Movies Magazine

  110. daniel Said:

    i just watched it and its not like spike has got any good shows on and its stupid that they think that there are not enough fans out there!!!! they have no brains like UFC is freaking gay so if not spike come on space channel pick it up its a show that will pay off in the future so please at least space will give it a chance look at Dr. who it was ended in the late seventies and its back for at least six seasons so give Blade a chance u wont regret it!!!!!!!

  111. daniel Said:

    actually the vampire diaries was a book in 1990 its been around a lot longer then blade bad choice of shows david

  112. The Day Walker Said:

    The American TV and film industry needs to stop this attitude of canning a series and just leaving people hanging, The Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm are 2 examples of some really good TV that just leaves with no resolution, for example, we know The Lone Gunmen got out of that bunker with Morris Fletcher....but how?!?! And they do the same with Blade; even if they only do what Farscape did and create a TV mini-movie to close things off; at least we'd have a resolution to everything.

  113. Sri Lankan User Said:

    I what blade back

  114. Sri Lankan User Said:

    I want Blade back

  115. From Over The Sea Said:

    Hey; I saw the Blade series in 2006 when it was released and I was amazed. Blade The Series is the only show about vampires that actually are interesting. Blade the character is a bit boring and "slow", but the script is good and the movie effects and the plot and backround on each character is great, not far away from perfect. If you are planning on making a second season, I recommend releasing it in Europe. The USA is to busy watching kids series like The Twilight Zone... I hope you will start making a season 2, if so let me repeat, release it in Europe for gods sake

  116. clare Said:

    i have been waiting for series 2 for years i dont know why you have not done one the last one of blade ended with marcus knowing krista was working with blade so all i want to know is did he kill her or what that is just not how you leave things not happy at all so please do one more or more it was good its better then the vampaire diaries and i like that

  117. Nima_smn Said:

    Its so amazing , i realy love this series I saying always "EVERY GOD DAMN DAY"

  118. London Col Said:

    Blade ROCKS! Please make a second series!!!!!!!

  119. LIN-234 Said:

    What about the soundtrack for Blade The Series??? Where I can find the songs???

  120. ali :) Said:

    hey, i just finished watching the series and loved it, watched it all in one night. Heart broken when i found out there was no season 2.

  121. Annie Said:

    Hey guys, it's very important to produce a second season of blade. cause i love the first and want to know, how it goes on!

  122. chako knight okpewono Said:

    The way season one ended got me itching for season 2.Am so heart broken wright and I wonda if it will ever come out bcos I just can't waitm

  123. James Said:

    I believe Neil Jackson might have accidently caused the disintrest of following up with a season 2. Neil you should have checked your words right at the very end of the season finale that blooper every seemed to have missed has no for the most part ensured there wont be room for any seasons. And if those words are contained in the script do me a favour take two pencils (dull is better) and poke out the script wrighters eyes and cut off his fingers (a large side cutter works well) for he doomed the entire project. For those intrested I advice you all to pay closer attention to the words who knows you might learn something.

  124. lydon Said:

    why you leave us like this comone make it continue

  125. lydon Said:

    i like to watch blade the series continue pls pls pls pls pls pls doant leave like this continue make it you can do it and do it good movie series

  126. Lumeth Said:

    I am a big fan of the character Blade and loved the movies with Wesley Snipes. But this show is even better than the feature films. This has to get a second chance. I is insane not to continue with a second season now that there is so much success with shows like The Walking Dead.

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