Reader Question: How Do Pure Bloods Age?

Simon asks:
In the series we got to know two purebloods so far. I was wondering if purebloods grow up because on the one hand you have little Charlotte and on the other hand you have (or better had ;) ) Damek who obviously is a grown up. Turned vampires seem to always remain the same but what's with purebloods?

Thanks for the great question Simon. First, we've actually been introduced to three Pure Bloods (that we know of), Charlotte, Damek (who's now ash), and Alex (who's now some kind of vampire goo). Though there's definitely been some good air time for the Pure Bloods, the show hasn't really gone into much detail about what makes them so special (beyond being born a vampire rather than turned). Do they have special powers? Are they inherently more evil? Well, I have no idea on those two, but luckily Simon asks about their aging, which I do have an answer for.

Yes, Pure Bloods do grow up. I actually have a great quote from the writer Geoff Johns where he says "The physical signs of aging occur, but much more slowly. It can vary for Pure-Bloods. Due to actions or lifestyle they can stunt or spurt." (from the official forums).

As you can see, the Pure Bloods do age, but they do so at an even slower pace than turned vampires. Simon brings up Charlotte, a great example, who is a Pure Blood that's actually a little over 200 years old (which is young for a Pure Blood).

Thanks again for the question Simon, hope that answered it well enough for you. Let's hope we get to find out even more about the Pure Bloods as they are definitely mysterious and an interesting part of the show.

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  1. Simon Said:

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer. Anyway, I'm still wondering if Pure Bloods actually die a natural death after their long life.

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    While I haven't heard of an official answer to that, I'm fairly certain they do eventually die of "old age". If they physically age, it would then seem safe to assume that they would eventually grow old enough to die. However, there may be a point where vampires stop aging. Like maybe they age slowly up until a certain spot and then they remain that age. I don't know. Most references in other vampire lore say that vampires are immortal and live forever (such as in Interview With The Vampire). I don't recall ever seeing really old vampire in the Blade universe, so perhaps they don't continue to age at a certain point... I just don't know.

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