Geoff Johns At The Canadian Fan Expo

Well, Blade: The Series writer Geoff Johns is currently at the Canadian Fan Expo and he's apparently been divulging a lot about current and future projects. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he's talked much (if at all) about the Blade: Series. He's doing a panel on comics writing, so it's understandable that his focus was on his comic works rather than the show.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what he's been up to and what he's got planned you can check out the update on this site. I'll keep an eye out for any more information from the Expo to see if he does touch on the show.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    Man, I don't know if I should be disappointed or not read to much into this. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to plug the show. Question, why do you think the show is not producing the numbers that execs want? From what I have heard the ratings are getting better as the acting.

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