Blade Marathon This Weekend

In case you missed an episode or two, there's a Blade: The Series marathon on Spike TV this upcoming weekend (Sep. 9th and 10th). It looks like they'll be playing all 12 previously aired episodes (counting the pilot as two episodes). The marathon will include this Wednesday's episode as well. The marathon goes from 2 PM - 7 PM Saturday and Sunday.

This is a great chance to catch up and if you've got some friends or family that you're trying to get hooked on the show, this marathon provides the perfect opportunity to show them why it's such a great show.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Thanks for the update squirrel. I am missing the pilot the rest I have on DVD.. cannot wait. Now to convince the wife to give me a solid five hours to watch them all again!!! 33 more hours till show time!!!

  2. Shannon Said:

    I was skeptical about this show and forgot about later on, but I was able to catch the marathon this weekend and I really enjoyed it. I'll be catching the series finale this Wednesday, and I hope it comes back for a season two. I think the guy playing Blade just needs to grow into him a bit more.

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