IGN Interview with Emily Hirst

Fans of the character Charlotte and the girl that plays her are in for a treat as IGN has just posted an interview with the young actress Emily Hirst and it's all about Blade: The Series.

From the interview:
IGN TV: Most of your scenes so far have been with Neil Jackson. While in reality he's acting with a 13 year old girl, but it really comes across that he's in the presence of an elder. Did you work this out together?

Hirst: He's amazing, I love him. He's so hilarious. It's really easy to work with him, except he's very goofy between takes. He would make me laugh and then we would try and put on our serious faces. I think it was his ability, and we worked [well] together.

IGN TV: Like in the scene where you scold him in his office?

Hirst: That was really funny actually. The director [Alex Chapple] was awesome. He was laughing the whole time when I was sitting above Marcus. I was very comfortable with Neil and everyone there so it was fairly easy.

The interview goes into some great detail with her acting methods, her reactions to the mature content, and even what her parents think of it all. She actually hasn't seen the Blade movies nor Interview with the Vampire (many draw comparisons to Charlotte and Kirsten Dunst's character Claudia). IGN asks if we can expect to see Charlotte next season, but Hirst dodges the question telling us that we'll have to wait and see.

It really is a pretty in depth interview with some interesting answers by Hirst. Head on over to IGN and read the full interview and post your thoughts below.

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Thanks for the link Squirrel. Well.. for me its hard to not beleive there will be a season 2. It just seems she has completed quite a few more episodes than this season. My gut says this is going to explode and we are in for a real treat with the last two episodes of SEASON 1. I wonder if this interview will taint the current poll.. wink wink nudge nudge. Cheers!

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I'm actually pretty sure that they haven't started filming the next season yet, though I too am starting to think there will be another season more and more. As for tainting the current poll... I actually have read a lot of spoiler information that would definitely affect a few options on the list. But then again, there are votes for Blade, Marcus, and Krista, and I really doubt any of those three have any chance of getting killed off.

  3. christian Said:

    were did they get this tween queen from. 1st if she is supposed to be a 200 year old vampire but she looks like the prepupbescent version of the actress named evan Rachel Wood. And what happens when she hits puberty and starts growing up and filling out which girls do in puberty. how are they going to explain why she is growing up and filling out vampires don't age. not even 200 year old prepubescent vampires. next who writes charlottes dialog i mean NO child talks that way. even if she is supposed to be 200 years old. She comes off as a child trying to act and sound like an adult and when i hear her character speaking that dialog i want to laugh because it's Just NOT believeable. coming from some one that looks that young sorry. anyway i give this series two years and then it will get old and die. like most vampires do. Buffy it's not, and i know it wasn't intended to be like buffy buffy was funny and playful but it also got old after awhile and it ended and this will too. until then i will watch blade with tongue in cheek when ever Charlotte says her lines and try not to laugh too hard. she is cute though even with her silly dialog.

  4. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well Christian respecting Charlotte I guess your laughter will subside as she is no longer with us. Guess there is no need for you to tune in now ;) - but something tells me your Tele will be tuned to Spike next Wednesday. As well I completely disagree with your anaylsis of Emily's acting abilities. I thought she did a great job of portraying the 200 year old pureblood in the form of a child. She was cold and emotionless and demanded respect... pretty good job for a child actress to come across that convincingly. Her one liners "Drink" - directed at Chase when given the newborn blood, "Put me down" - directed at her Pet Thorn... were most excellent. I actually am going to miss her character and found it very suprising that they ashed her so quickly. I definately thought Thorn was on the outs but... suprise suprise. Of course all of the aforemetioned IMHO, Cheers!

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I agree with Jeff that Emily Hirst did a great job as Charlotte. I too am sad to see her go.

  6. Mark Said:

    To: Christian After reading your post it is clear to me you don't understand the character of Charlotte. Regarding your first comment: Chalotte's doalogue was not meant fot a child because she was not a child. she only resembled a child. Please understand that she was not a little girl trying to behave like an adult; she was an adult who looked like a little girl. As for your second comment, Charlotte looks twelve because, as was explained in the first movie, vampires do age-- very, very slowly. As was also explained in the first movie, purebloods are born vampires. She looks twelve because it has taken her over two hundred years just to age as much as she has. The lack of insight demonstrated by your ignorance is all too typical of our insecure and insensitive gender. In regards to your third comment, I would have to say that you are correct about her physical development. This has been delt with-- she is gone. If you are still having trouble accepting this character than might I suggest that you do as I do-- call her Babyface Charlotte and get over it!

  7. Mark Said:

    Some people have drawn comparisons between Charlotte of the House of Chython and Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. This is ridiculous- there is no comparison.Claudia was a turned-blood brat only a fraction of Charlotte's age with no sense of maturity or responsiblity. She was always angry about being turned and decided to avenge this event by murdering Lestat- a wreckless and irresponsible decision which led to her eventual destruction. Charlotte did not choose to muder Marcus Van Sciver- even though she had every reason to- without first seeeking the approval of the council. She went through proper channels. Her death was only the result of the actions of one random fanatic (Blade). Charlotte was older, wiser, more mature, and a pureblood. Claudia was not a pureblood. Aside from a superficial similarity of outward appearance, the two were nothing alike.

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