Episode 12: Monsters

Recap and Review
Well, it looks like the poll asking which characters might die was pretty well timed... but more on that later.

Last episode had Krista "detoxing" and supposedly returning back to her normal conflicted self. It appears that she's ready to go back to work for Blade as Episode 12 starts off with her strolling back into the House of Chthon like nothing had happened. She quickly goes to work trying to find out the location of the Conclave, a secret meeting for the Pure Bloods of Chthon, but Marcus intervenes with a little romp in the office.

Marcus and Krista finish their brief romance just in time for a meeting with Marcus' architect; who's apparently behind on the Conclave building renovations. Marcus reminds Krista of his brutality when he brutaly murders the architect's assistant right in front of him. A bitter Chase cleans up the mess and discovers Krista wearing Marcus' ex-wife's necklace. Needless to say, she wasn't so happy about that. As such, she sneaks into Krista's room and let's her know she's not a woman to be messed with, especially with the impending chaos.

Speaking of impending chaos, Marcus' gift to Charlotte (Blade's sword) turns out to be a bomb, which happens to detonate while Charlotte and her crew are mid flight. The resilient Pure Blood and her giant of a bodyguard Thorne both survive the crash. They also are able to heal themselves rather quickly thanks to a couple of unfortunate campers that happen upon the crash site. With the sun rising, the two vampires quickly make their way to the nearby town for cover.

CollinsMeanwhile, Blade and Shen welcome a new visitor to their group - agent Collins. After Collins proves his worth by determining the location of Charlotte's plane, Blade decides to take him along in an effort to round up some intel on the location of the Conclave. Upon arriving at the plane, however, they discover that there were survivors so they follow the tracks to the previously mentioned town.

When the two heroes arrive, they are presented with the aftermath of the blood bath that preceded them. It doesn't take long for Blade and Collins to be jumped by some newly turned vampires. Blade handles them quickly, but not before Collins is badly injured. Collins volunteers himself to be bait for the remainder of the turned vampires as Blade continues on in search of Charlotte.

Blade fights ThorneAfter a couple turns in a winding hall, Blade comes upon Charlotte and Thorne. The Pure Blood makes a run for it while her bodyguard does his best against the Daywalker. Thorne actually has the upper hand for a moment, but Collins shows up to distract him long enough for Blade to ash the giant. While Blade finishes his dirty work, Collins runs off after Charlotte. That proves to be a mistake as Blade finds him bitten and dying with Charlotte in the corner. She tries to offer him a deal, but he counters the offer by ashing her. Knowing Collins is done for, Blade stakes him before he can turn.

The end of the episode shows us that Shen does decifer the location of the Conclave from the information brought back from the wreckage, setting us up for a great season ending battle.

Notable Scenes

  • Collins being killed.

  • Charlotte being ashed.

  • Chase kissing Krista.

Closing Thoughts
This. Episode. ROCKED! I mean damn it had everything. Action... check. Romance... check. Drama... check. Surprises... check. Everything else... check!

I can't believe they killed off both Collins and Charlotte. Like I mentioned in the poll wrap-up, I was thinking nobody was going to be killed. I did say Charlotte was the most likely suspect, but I never would have guessed both her and Collins wouldn't make it. Hell, we still have another episode for people to die - and the previews sure make it look like we might have at least one more casualty.

Anyway, I was hoping she and Thorne would have put up a better fight. Actually, Thorne put up an okay fight, I just thought the fight scene itself was anti-climactic and poorly done. If the Thorne fight was more engaging, I think I would have been more accepting of Charlotte's quick demise. And Charlotte may have been ashed, but she did make a phone call first and that call will likely mean trouble for Marcus during the final episode.

Other than that last big encounter, the rest of the show was incredible. I don't know if I've ever been this excited for a season finale before. The build up in the show has been amazing and the key is that each episode still stands strong on its own without relying on the suspense for the finale.

Let me go off on a tangent a bit here using one of my favorite shows last season that turned into one of my least favorite this season - Deadwood. In Deadwood this season, the entire show was a suspenseful build-up of a single conflict. Every single episode this past season relied on that suspense and as such, each episode was pure crap by itself. To compound this problem, the finale was probably the most anticlimactic finale I've ever experienced. With that, the entire season was a snooze fest that only had me watching it because I was hoping it would eventually live up to its former glory... which it didn't unfortunately.

Now, take Blade: The Series. While each episode does build up to the eventual realization or failure of Marcus' plans against the Pure Bloods, each episode also delivers on its own merits, even without that suspense. This is why tonight's episode was so great. It was amazing on it's own, but it also built us up for what looks to be an incredible season ender.

So, to sum it all up... this episode was fantastic and I'm extraordinarily excited about next week's season finale.

*the two Blade: The Series photos were found via Comics Continuum

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  1. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Again Squirrel - absolutely loving your recaps! I cannot disagree with a single item you have expressed. I too found the Battle between Thorn and Blade a little weak... nope rather short. I would have liked a prolonged battle with a little more damage having said that the end result was pretty cool and Blade kicked a$$ again which is true to his movie form. I would also have liked a better demise scene with Charlotte. I thought she deserved a little more than a quick ash... but again thats the power of blade with his arsenal... doesnt take much for him to send the vampies down in a puff of ash. I though Charlotte was fantastic and will truly miss her character. Chase and Krista.... I CANNOT wait until there showdown. Marcus and Blade.... Again drooling!!! This finale has the premise to absolutely have it all. Is it a two hour finale? Do we know. Great Recap and Cheers to next week!!! I am allready feeling a little Blade withdrawal and the only thing that can satisfy that craving is a Season 2 announcement.

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I'm pretty sure the finale is only one hour long, as that's what it seems to be on the schedule. I too am excited about the Marcus vs Blade battle as well as a possible Chase and Krista confrontation. I just really hope we don't lose any more great characters in the season ender!

  3. Simon Said:

    Great episode. I don't wanna say much about it but, I'm soooo looking forward to next week. By the way, Collins was a somehow useless character. The only thing he did was finding the wreckage's position. Though I have to say I some kinda liked his sideplot. Too sad he's gone.

  4. YankeeFan Said:

    There was one thing I did not understand. Why was Marcus so sure that the bomb in the sword would kill Thorne and Charlotte? I thought purebloods are harder to destroy, so I was suprised that he was 100% sure the explosion would kill them. When someone hears how the show did in the ratings this week, please let us know.

  5. Nicole Said:

    I don't get why Marcus would just automatically assume the plane crash would have kill Charlotte. He should have made sure somehow. It seems rather un-Marcus like that he'd do something like that. Other than that and the fact that Collins died (I really liked him) it was a pretty good episode.

  6. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, it was odd that everybody (Marcus, Krista, Blade, etc) assumed the bomb would easily take care of Charlotte. It did blow up fairly close to sunrise and made them crash in the middle of no where so maybe it was a better attempt than it appeared. Also, both Charlotte and Thorne may have been done for without the campers to feed on, so that's something to think about as well. Another thing that bothered me in the episode was how Collins shot Thorne with what appeared to be one of the garlic jar shots that usually ash vampires on contact. Either the shot misfired upon contact or Thorne was somehow special (perhaps Charlotte smuggled him the Aurora vaccine somehow). I'll keep my eye out for any ratings information, though my guess is we won't hear anything solid until after the finale - though we'll likely have a word or two from Goyer and the cast asking us to get as many people as we can to watch the finale to insure a second season.

  7. Vanessa TaleWeaver Said:

    I was a little bothered by agent collins' ending, precisely because his storyline seemed a little pointless. He really only did two siginificant things - let Blade pursue Charlotte and Thorne quickly enough to catch them, and breaking in on Krista and Glynnis' fight long enough for Lisa Starr to escape. He didn't have anything to do with Boone, in the end. I kinda thought he'd wind up in the Nightstalker's underground next season. Unless this storyline was simply to illustrate how easily people tend to die once they find out about the vampire's world? Also, something that bothered me. Why was Chase so pissed when she saw Krista wearing the locket? She didn't even know Marcus was married a few weeks ago, and I doubt that Marcus would actually tell her the story (he used the ADE to tell Krista, remember) so how would she even recognise it? Unless she recognises it as something Marcus has held onto and treasured for as long as she's known him, maybe?

  8. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Vanessa I had the same exact thoughts when with both Chase and Collins. I really didn't think Collins was going to die because he really hadn't done much... yet. I thought his character was finally becoming interesting and involved, then bam, he's dead. As for Chase, it definitely bothered me when I first saw her reaction to the locket. However, after thinking about it, even though she probably doesn't know it's history, she's likely to have seen it around. She could have asked Marcus about it and he didn't tell her, she may have seen him act different around it, and she have even figured out it's importance after Alex let on that Marcus had a wife. So even though it did seem weird that she was so angry at Krista for having it, I do think there's enough possible reasons to let it slide... for me at least.

  9. Jeff Thomas Said:

    I watched this episode again on Sunday evening and have decided that Marcus knows that Krista is allied with Blade. Indirectly the decision was based on body language but I also note there are too many coincidences related to Kristas arrivals back at the House of Cthton. I found it very interesting that Marcus was "waiting" for Krista in her room. I am quite confident he was not waiting 36 hours looking out the window but most likely knew that Krista had "just left" Blades lair. Along with the previews for Epi 13 showing the attack on Blades lair and the kidnapping of Shen.... I think Marcus needed Blades involvement and has schemed for his involvement at the "meeting place". Blade did get rid of Charlotte which definately aided in Marcus' cause. What a show... Cannot wait until Wednesday.

  10. Joponica Said:

    I thought it was another good show. I also think Marcus has known all along Krista has been spying for Blade and maybe he used it to draw Blade closer. I think Chase was pissed because she knew how important the locket was to Marcus. I loved the interaction between Marcus and Krista as always. I also liked the fact that he gave her the knecklace. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach someone won't make it:( But, either way, I am sure it will be a great show. Fingers crossed for another season.

  11. Holly Said:

    I loved this episode! I am sooo looking forward to the season finale. I feel the same way some of the other posters do about Marcus. I believe he knows that Krista is Blades spy but he is allowing it to his own advantage. I absolutely love the chemstry between Marcus and Krista and I am hoping that neither one of them gets killed. In the end if Krista and Marcus do make it out alive I believe it will be a turning point for Krista and she will take Marcus's side. They better have a season two.

  12. Shannon Said:

    I agree that Marcus knows Krista is with Blade, and though he may have genuine feelings for her. She is the key to moving Blade around the chessboard. The coincidences are too strong for these things to be ignored, and they all started when she was turned. I also wondered how Chase knew about the locket, but I'm assuming she figured it belonged to a woman...and then when she discovered he had a wife, put two and two together. Interesting series...very engaging. I hope it survives this perilous first season. I'd like to see where they will take it, and I love this Krista/Marcus/Chase thing. Really good show.

  13. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hey Shannon. I am looking very much forward to seeing how much Marcus knew/knows regarding Blade and Krista. I think it will be quite suprising. Regarding the locket there are many that assume the locket is some type of tracking mechanism and that Marcus actually had "ill intentions" and not the "romantic intentions" we are led to beleive. Regarding Chase I tend to agree... I am not sure what she knows about the locket but it seems more than we know by her reaction. I will be very disappointed if we do not get to look forward to next summer and another 13 or more episodes of Blade... lets continue to cross our fingers and definately enjoy what should be a truly dynamite finale. Cheers!

  14. Holly Said:

    If Marcus doesn't really have feelings for Krista,I will be very surprised. They seem genuine to me but...who knows there could be a tracking device in the locket so that he could find Blade. I still have a feeling that Krista will turn in the end on Blade and take Marcus's side.

  15. Shannon Said:

    Wow...I hadn't thought of it being a tracking device, though I can't recall if I ever seen her wearing it around Blade. Hmmm...that would fit, and that would be a good twist. I still think he has feelings for her though, even if it is some sort of primary need to dominate her will to his.

  16. Squirrelinabox Said:

    It's great to see so many different opinions on how the relationships should end up. I hadn't thought of the possibility of a tracking device in the locket, though that does sound interesting. I do think Marcus at least suspects Krista isn't completely "onboard". He's demonstrated being a very intelligent person so for him to be fooled this whole time by Krista would be odd. I think he knows Krista is still fighting the "darkside". I think he genuinely does want to be with her for eternity, though he wouldn't mind using her to get to Blade first.

  17. Holly Said:

    Thats how I see it too squirrel. I got the impression from the last show that Marcus's feelings for Krista are lot different and deeper than the feelings he has for Chase. I do think that Marcus is using Krista to his advantage though,falling for her but at the same time using her to get Blade out in the open. Marcus probably figurres that he could take out the purebloods and Blade all at once. I am just anxious about the second season. They definitely have enough to work with for another season.

  18. Shannon Said:

    I think they have feelings, but not all of those feelings are healthy, last forever type feelings. This is the man who coldly shot her brother in the head and killed him, so they got some sick stuff going on between them for sure. IMO, they got the Vader/Padme thing going between them...it's basically doomed. I'm more convinced Marcus knows and is using Krista, but...he still got these wierd feelings for her too. They never explained why he killed her brother, but it could have been to get her all along because she was the stronger of the two and perfectly suited to get Blade to trust her.

  19. Topazgirl Said:

    I agree with alot of what's been said, but I'd like to add this to the equation. I do not think Marcus wants Blade dead. Why? He'll have someone to blame this situation on. Blade is his scapegoat. I am not sure with Marcus knows Krista is the spy. Marcus looked genuinely frustrated when Krista would not/could not dispose of the body. She remark to Chase had a very condescending tone. I almost get the feeling that Marcus is tired of Chase. Since the moment he turned Krista, Chase's negative remarks about Krista to Marcus have angered him, he's ignored her(Chase) requests to not share things with Krista. Also, he may see Chase as threat to his power, which she definitely is. Chase particularly barged into his office and could have exposed Krista/Marcus in a very embarassing or compromised situation. In fact, I think Chase to turn on Marcus. Her remarks(paraphrasing) that these are going to change around here in the next fews and that Krista does not want her as an enemy". Makes me think Chase will throw Marcus under a bus. Maybe the person Charlotte was talking to on the phone was "Chase".

  20. Holly Said:

    I thought about that too Topazgirl. If Chase was the one on the phone with Charlotte that would really put a neat twist on things. Tonight during the season finale maybe Chase will turn on Marcus and Krista will step up as his number one girl. I am thinking more and more that is what may happen.

  21. Shannon Said:

    Side question...but I was wondering if anyone else thinks Marcus' wife was turned when Damic bit her? I kept thinking she survived, but went mad because of the thirst. I'm sure this is in the other thread, but I can't find it. I just was curious. Whoa...wouldn't it be interesting to see Krista and her face off :)

  22. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I really, really, hope Marcus' wife is really dead. It would be too cliche and a bit obvious if she were still alive, not to mention it was already kind of done in the first movie with Blade's mom still being alive.

  23. Holly Said:

    I agree squirrel. It would definitely undermine the whole thing going on between Marcus and Krista. I thought that maybe she was turned but no longer wanted to be with Marcus but I think she was probably drained when Damek bit her and just died right there.

  24. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Another thing that would make her being alive not work is that Damek said he didn't even remember Marcus or his wife. You'd think he would remember her if he had actually turned her (unless he thought he killed her when she really turned and just so happened to avoid him for the last couple hundred years).

  25. jen Said:

    does anyone agree that they could change the caracter blade and it would not make a difference?the rest of the caracters make the show.just curious?

  26. jen Said:

    change the acter who plays blade.

  27. Shannon Said:

    Blade is used in archtype role as per the movies, and it's always been the characters around Blade who made him interesting in those because Blade...is just Blade. He's just the sword taking the vamps down. He barely has a conscious about it, and is doing it on auto pilot most times. If there is a season two I hope they expand his character. I just seen the finale and I wasn't surprised. It wasn't totally shocking, but it left me hanging. I hope they bring it back. It's got some good places to go. Anyways, I like the actor. I didn't realize it was Sticky...LOL...he bulked up. Yet to answer the question, the character around Blade can't be who they are with him. That is one of the reasons he is essential. It's necessary to make sure that the character does have the cool aspects of the character, which is basically chopping people up. Yet, he can stretch a bit...I hope to see that in season two.

  28. Tim Said:

    i watched the show when it was on bravo im now watching the re-run on virgin 1 its a great show and a good episode but i also think the fight between blade and thorn was a little short and i think that charlottes death wasnt that great and could have been better but is it true i heard this from some friends that Bravo are trying to get the rights for the show for a second season?

  29. Kirk Said:

    No I dont think it is true if not there would have been an official press confrence about it or something. Anyway about the episode i also fought that charlottes death was a bit weak she could of at least been killed getting sliced by blades sword or something, and thornes death could of been better but i liked agent collins he was a great help and ally to blade.

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