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Yesterday I posted a link to an interview between Comic Book Resources and David Goyer. Well, that same site has just posted a follow up interview with Kirk "Sticky" Jones.

From the interview:
Interviewer: David said in the beginning you started by watching the films and they told you to stop doing that. Do you think that helped?

Kirk Jones: I did watch the boxed set of 1, 2 & 3 and I had already seen all three already, but I just went back to revisit it. By watching those I think that what might have happened is it made me think I don’t want to fuck with the public too much by taking on Wesley’s character when we’re trying to create a whole new character. Yeah, it’s the same Marvel Comics character, but it’s a different person playing it. Like, Michael Keaton is going to do Batman differently than Christian Bale. It was more like, “Sticky, forget what you’ve heard and seen. Just do you. We trust your judgment. Run with it.” I think that’s what I started to do around episode 3 and on.

So Jones admits to having a slightly shakey start with the Blade character. I do agree that the TV Blade is completely different from movie Blade, but whether or not that is a good thing is another story.

The interview does goes into the Blade stunts, the Vancouver filming location, and Jones' music as well as some future projects he has planned. Unfortunately there is no mention of a second season or DVD possibilities, though it's got some great behind the scenes information on the series and what it takes to do some of the things we see each week. Jones comes off as his same old cocky self, but it's definitely worth the read for any Blade fan.

The link to the full interview is right here.

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