Neil Jackson Reveals Episode 12 Ratings

Neil Jackson has just posted on his MySpace blog that the ratings for episode 12 were around 1 million, which is apparently slightly lower than last weeks. He still has high hopes and thinks the last episode will definitely play a large role in whether or not the show comes back... so make sure to kidnap as many people as you can and force them to watch it this coming Wednesday!

Neil Jackson writes:
I've just heard that the ratings for this weeks ep (112) were around the 1 million mark (slightly down on last week). However, the ratings for the preceeding show - Lethal Weapon 2 - were half of that. So, despite the marginal fall off in numbers from last week, it goes to show that twice the number of people are tuning in to SPIKE specifically for Blade: The Series.

You can check out his full post here.

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  1. samantha Said:

    OH MY GOD, I LOVE watching blade:the series i have watch EVERY episod sence it came on and GOD i want more. I LOVE NIEL, and everyone else i think my now faviorite episod is the season finally. please, PLEASE make a blade: the series 2 and i will be watching it just as long as no one like MARCUS, KRISTA, chase, shen, and blade do not DIE. peace out LOVE YA NIEL. your 1 and only fan: sam XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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