Interview and Photos With Kirk Jones

Denise has sent in another awesome Blade: The Series link and this time it's an interview with Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones. The link also has a bunch of great photos of Jones and the other main Blade cast members.

From the article:
MB> What was it about this role that attracted you and made you want to pursue it?
KJ> Everything. First off, we need more black superheroes. Blade is one, and he’s so cool. But, outside of that, you’ve got three monster machines behind it -- New Line, Spike TV and Marvel Comics -- so it was incredible.

MB> Were you approached about doing the role, or did it just come out of a regular auditioning process?
KJ> It came out of a regular auditioning process. As a matter of fact, I had to fight for it. It didn’t come easy. I had to really go to bat and say, “I want this part and, not only do I want this part, but I’m taking this part, and y’all are going to give it to me. My name is Sticky Fingaz and everything I touch, I take, and I’ve already touched the part, so it’s taken.”

As you can see, Jones really wanted and fought for his part on the show. He goes on to talk about his familiarity with the films and comic books as well as how he identifies with the character.

Also from the article:
MB> Was there a lot of training involved with this role?
KJ> Yeah, vigorous training. They’ve had me doing martial arts, kick boxing, wing chun, wire work, sword work, body sculpting, dieting, stretching, everything -- the works. But, it’s not new to me. I’ve always done most of that stuff, anyway.

MB> Do you do a lot of the stunts yourself, or do you leave it to the stunt people?
KJ> I do at least 85% of the stunts myself. It’s just, when they’ve got somebody jumping out of a three-story building onto cardboard boxes, I’ll let the stunt guys do that. Everything else, I can handle.

It's good to see he admits to having stunt guys doing some of the stunts, though I haven't seen much in the show that would really require stunt men for Blade - yet. He also notes that there's been no serious injuries and that his biggest injury was some nerve damage in his hand (that's since recovered).

There's a whole lot more in the article as well as some great photos of Jones, Wagner, Jackson, Gower, and Lee. In case you missed the link above, it's right here.

Oh, and in case you're interested, Jones had this to say at the end when asked about whether or not the show has been picked up for a second season "I’ve been told, unofficially, that it will. I’ve got the inside scoop." How reliable that information is is anybody's guess, but it sure does make me that much more hopeful.

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