Episode 13: Conclave

Recap and Review
The finale opens with Marcus showing Krista around the newly built Conclave location while Blade and Shen are busy in their lair setting up a Conclave infiltration operation. Unfortunately for our good guys, Chase arrives with a squad of gun-wielding vampires and/or familiars. Before Shen can set off the auto destruct system he's knocked unconcious. Blade is able to set off the explosives but not until after Chase takes off with Shen.

Back at Marcus' office, Krista is instructed to torture Shen in an effort to pry information out of him. Knowing she has no choice, Krista proceeds to pull off Shen's fingernails one by one. When Marcus asks her to escalate the pain, she moves in on Shen and acts as if she's breaking his fingers, but breaks her own instead - seemingly fooling Marcus and also giving her the chance to slip Shen a blade to escape with.

Krista and ChaseLuckily for Shen, it's not long before Marcus and Krista are called away, giving him the opportunity to break out. After taking out a rather large vampire guard and sneaking by some other Chthon underlings, he's able to escape and meet back up with Blade, whose just gotten back from obtaining the key to the Conclave (the architect's eyeball). The two head off to the Pure Blood meeting place to make sure Marcus is able to pull off his plans.

Meanwhile, Marcus, Krista, and Chase are called on to present the Aurora vaccine to the Pure Blood council. Marcus gives a brief little speech before revealing his true intentions. Unfortunately for our smooth talking villain, he was betrayed by Chase and the Pure Blood poison fails to be released. We learn that she really was working with Charlotte and that Charlotte either called her or the Pure Blood "overlord" (apparently the head of the Chthon council) to let them know of Marcus' plans.

Marcus being chokedWith Marcus' plans bust, Chase grabs Krista and the overlord attacks Marcus. In hero fashion, Blade bursts in with the Pure Blood poison, releasing it on the council members just in time. Krista takes the opportunity to break free from Chase while Marcus grabs the Chthon sacred sword to fight Blade - setting up two much anticipated battles.

The Krista versus Chase fight was kind of weak, though it ended spectacularly with Krista pushing Chase down the opening of a spiral staircase (the stairs went down several floors). Luckily the Blade/Marcus fight was much more entertaining with acrobatics and some decent swordplay. Blade does eventually get the upper hand, but before he can plunge his sword into Marcus, Krista shouts out distracting him. This is also timed with Shen entering with gun blazing. He hits Krista in the shoulder which causes Marcus to jump to her and protect her while fleeing.

While that could have been the ending, we were given a special treat - one more scene with Marcus and Krista at the burned down Blade lair. Marcus lets Krista know that he has some sort of informant that led him to Blade's base of operations. He then grabs her, shows his fangs, and asks her how long she's been working with Blade... the end.

Notable Scenes

  • Krista pulling off Shen's fingernails.

  • Krista breaking her own fingers.

  • Marcus' swordfighting.

Closing Thoughts
The poll two weeks ago hit the nail on the head - predicting a few casualties right before both Charlotte and Collins were sent to the big TV in the sky. This last poll asked for opinions on which minor character might make it back for the finale. Unlike the previous poll, this week's missed completely as none of those characters were brought in to wrap things up. But you know what? While I was hoping for Frederick or perhaps Cain to make an appearance, I really didn't miss them after experiencing this unbelievably great season ending finale.

There's just so much I could go into, but since it'd end up being a billion pages, I'll try to touch on only key points.

Blade versus MarcusFirst, Chase's betrayal of Marcus was awesome. I love how they did it as it didn't come off as too cheesy or forced. Like many, I had a feeling she might turn on her man, and I really did enjoy how they pulled it off. I also am glad that it looks like she survived the finale. Hell, I'm glad that all our recurring characters survived the finale. Many thought Chase was ash and I'm glad those that thought that were wrong.

Marcus finally came out and showed that he knew about Krista, though it almost seemed like that was a new revelation for him. If he really does have an informant like he says, wouldn't he know how long Krista was working with Blade? If so, the season likely wouldn't have ended with him asking her how long she's been with Blade. Hmm... His informant is likely a new development, so perhaps that's why he doesn't know.

Speaking of his informant, I wonder who it is. Normally the informant would end up being a twist like Shen or something, but that wouldn't work here. Shen can't be the informant because there would be plot holes all over the damn place, not to mention that Marcus would then definitely know when Krista started working with Blade. That doesn't really leave us with anybody else as the informant, except for maybe the scientist lady that helped Blade and Shen determine what the liquid was. I just don't know.

So where does that leave us? Marcus is now a rogue vampire with no allies (now that he's outted Krista). He's apparently comfortable having his Pure Blood "atomic bomb" as leverage and seems to think he'll easily be able to become the head of Chthon with that lone power. Krista is clearly in trouble, though she'll obviously either escape Marcus or he'll let her go. Her role will forever be changed since Marcus knows her intentions. Blade and Shen's plans were to continue using Krista all the way up the vampire food chain, but with Marcus being onto their plans, they may have to take a more "head on" approach to their dealings with the vampires. There's also the informant that's an unknown as well as the entire vampire society to likely break into some sort of civil war or at least a civil unrest. There's just so much to look forward to and I'm sure they've got even more planned.

Well, I see that I've already filled up the page quite a bit so I'll cut it off here. Let me just say once again how awesome the finale was and how incredible the season was as a whole. Like I said in an earlier post, I'll still be adding much more to the site so don't go thinking this place will be in hybernation mode or anything. I'll definitely be posting any news on a (hopeful) second season when I see it. I'll also be continuing the weekly poll, which means there will be one tomorrow (Thursday) sometime. As always, feel free to discuss the episode in the comments below - I'm sure everybody has a lot to talk about!

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  1. Eric Wang Said:

    Great finale. I had high expectations after seeing the preview and it did not disappoint. I'm really hoping Spike will pick up the second season.

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Holy CRAP! Honestly... for a one hour finale I dont think it gets any better. Great Recap Squirrel. A very notable scene for me was Chase falling 12 stories... but.... they (the producers, directors) could have simply had chase fall to her demise in cheesy fashion but nooooo... they had to have her bounce off around 4 of the lower flights like a rag doll. Amazing. Chase for me will be one of the more interesting characters in Season 2. My second notable scene was the ending (epilogue) with Marcus and Krista in Blades rummaged lair. SOLID. My third notable was Neil Jackson - simply amazing. His acting abilities and expressions truly make him the unique and a fan favorite villian and for seemingly some a hero. I loved the expression when he learned of Chases back stabbing and the expression on his face when he watched the pure bloods "getting what they deserve". I really enjoyed the Marcus-Blade fight scene and was equally impressed with Shens battle exit from the House of Cthon. I completely agree... definately Krista requires a little more training. I thought Chase looked good in battle but Krista was extremely weak and therefore that fight scene was a little lame... BUT ENDED IN STYLE! There is so many positives to comment on but I like Squirrel will end it now. I cannot wait for a season 2. Cheers!

  3. Holly Said:

    The season finale was awesome! I wish they would have made it a two hour finale,that way it wouldn't have felt so rushed. The fight scenes were good most notably Krista and Chase's. I love when Chase falls and is banging around on the rails,LOL. Marcus was great,as soon as the episode started I knew that he had to know about Krista. I especially could tell when he made her torture Shen. The ending was good. I had a feeling that Krista would intervene in someway. I could tell that Marcus was worried when Krista got shot and they jumped through the window or whatever that was they jumped through. I loved at the end when Marcus confronted Krista,that was a nice way to end. I could tell he didn't really want to kill her but if there is a next season,I doubt Krista will be allowed to go anywhere. Marcus will make sure of that. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.

  4. Randa Said:

    I do not know where to begin except that this fianle was not what I expected and had so many twists in it. The episode kicked some serious ass. I am wondering why, when Krista was shot that Marcus screamed her name and protected her as they escaped together. All though Marcus at the end confronts Krista about working with Blade but since he already knew she was working both sides it makes me wonder if he truly does love her and cannot live without her. I am wondering what will happen with these two characters. I know that Chase survived and I know that she is probably going to come after both Krista and Marcus. Blade and Shen are still going to try and kill Marcus at whatever cost. I believe that in the end that since Marcus killed the Purebloods, he is going to keep Krista because even though he wants power, he cannot live without Krista because in the past episodes he mentions you do not have to be alone anymore and I think that Krista is going to have to make a choice and I believe that she might actually play Blade for a fool to keep Marcus because of their relationship. There are so many angles to go on from this finale and I hoping for a second season because the ending of the finale just left wondering what is going to happen next.

  5. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Actually, Blade and Shen did NOT want to kill Marcus. They talked about how the "best case" scenario is that Marcus keeps moving up the vampire food chain, bringing Krista (their spy) along for the ride. Blade recaps this when he talks about all their "wins" after the battle. I absolutely loved how Krista saved Marcus. While the two ending up together wouldn't have worked before, I loved the way they showed her definitely siding with "good" (by freeing Shen and disobeying Marcus) and then protecting Marcus - person she has grown to perhaps love. She's definitely still a "good guy", she just couldn't watch Marcus die. I can't wait to see how Marcus handles this aftermath next season. He was betrayed by his two closest "friends", though he seemed to know about Krista for at least a little bit. He may become incredibly distrusting and go a bit crazy, though he's so calm and calculating that I'll bet he bounces back in no time. The entire premise of the show has changed as it's no longer about Krista spying on Marcus while Blade and Shen clean up around her. I really just can't wait!

  6. Holly Said:

    I think Marcus does Love Krista,Randa. I recorded the episode and watched it again, I noticed that when she was shot Marcus was deeply concerned and actually shielded her body with his. Also he has known that she was spy for at least a week, Marcus could have had her ashed at any time. I think Marcus is upset with Krista but she did save his life and I think there are feelings there on both sides that wont go away. If they do a next season I think Marcus will have her watched closely and I think he will wear her down and she will side with him eventually,just as Shen has been warning Blade all along. The thirst will also put an impact on Krista if she doesn't have any serum she will be forced to drink blood. Knowing Marcus that is probably what he will do keep Krista locked up until she has to feed.

  7. Joponica Said:

    The finale was awesome ! Blade dusting the Purebloods , Chase and Krista fighting. By the way, Chase you have something that belongs to Krista. Krista is conflicted you see her hating to torture Shen, while not being able to see Marcus die. One word complicated and that is just how I like it. The writing for the show just gets better. Watch out for Chase because Chase is out for what's best for Chase. As for what will happen to Krista, the deeper she goes the more conflicted she is. Marcus had every opportunity to ash her . He could have jumped out the window without her, but I am glad he jumped with her. I still love them together guys . I can't help it and maybe that makes me a traitor but I do. Marcus has the means to kill more purebloods which work in Blade's favor so that is a good thing. Man, the possibilities are endless.

  8. Holly Said:

    I am too Joponica. I love Marcus and Krista together because it adds great drama and conflict to the show. Marcus wouldn't have even bothered asking how long she had been working for Blade if he wanted to ash her,he would have just did it or left her behind at the conclave. So Marcus does deeply care but at the same time he is evil and he wants to dominate her will. Eventually he will,I believe. Back a few episodes Krista told Blade after the aurora deal she was done and I think she meant it.

  9. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I used to be extremely against Krista and Marcus ending up together as it would have destroyed the show's dynamics in my opinion. However, now that the main story has made this huge shift and with Marcus knowing about Krista's allegiance to Blade, I am definitely warming up to the idea of a Marcus / Krista relationship. However, there's still that problem of Marcus killing Krista's brother which caused Krista to try and take revenge by killing him. It's hard for me to accept that she'd be okay pursuing a romantic relationship with the guy that murdered her brother.

  10. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well as long as Krista has any humanity in her I would be very disappointed if she makes a consious decision that Marcus is the one for her. The feelings Krista has for Marcus I am not sure of right now. Its seems obvious she must care for him in some regard as she did save his life.... but maybe she is smarter than I think and she has stated on a few occassions will this ever end. In order for this to have any hope there has to be an informant on the inside. Maybe she agrees with Blade and the fact that Marcus needs to stay alive with her by his side to have any hope of ridding the world of the vamps. I really think Krista is enjoying the "spy" thing and will not forget her brother. As well I think she has feelings for Blade and Shen in their plight. The internal struggle within Krista is just as powerful as the one within Blade and therefore those two share a commonality which I think will continue on for quite some time... actually which I hope will continue on for quite some time. Who knows with this crazy twisting ride.

  11. Holly Said:

    I actually think that Krista is going to ultimately end up blaming Blade for her brother's death. I know that sounds twisted but I think she will blame him for putting him in the dangerous position in the first place. Also I noticed in the first couple of episodes the one where Marcus killed Zack,he wanted to be turned. I also remember he had all those vampire posters on the wall when Krista visited his apartment,so he may have been just as conflicted as Krista.

  12. Kevin Said:

    Last night's finale was pretty damn good. I've been impressed with the writing, and I've read some critiques where they're down on Jones's portrayal of Blade, Krista, etc....lighten up folks, it's popcorn theater with a brain and great storylines. Any series that is smart enough to have new episodes every week, and very few dead spots (no pun intended) is great to just sit back and escape to. I don't believe Marcus will end up with Krista. I have to think there will be sometime when Krista is the one to ash Marcus, or she may do him in by sacrificing herself. That type of endgame plotline would have to happen at series's end, or who knows, maybe they'll kill off Marcus the next time out. Many series have had cliffhangers only to resolve them very quickly in the next season's opener. Anyway I just can't believe that with all the time invested in Krista that they'd have her turn completely evil and screw over Blade. It's been shown she cares about Shen (someone has to, Blade treates him like the "b*tch" the guard suggested last night) and Blade has the syrum and the physical means to seek revenge for her family. I'm worried that this is the end of the series. I have to believe it's not, and some other network would pick it up if Spike dropped it.

  13. Holly Said:

    If Krista turns it will be over a period of time. Marcus will wear her down or brainwash her. I really think that if there is a second season that's where it is headed. Krista will be of no use to Blade if she doesn't stay with Marcus and the longer she stays the deeper she goes with him, just like Shen said. So I think she will be the one to turn the game around and spy on Blade for Marcus. She feels all alone and Marcus has offered her family. Blade has not offered her that and as time goes on she will probably realize that once Marcus is ashed she will be next. Hopefully if Krista turns it wont be permanent and she will come to her senses. I was quite surprised from surfing the net the support people have for Marcus and Krista,they really want these characters to interact and be together. Can't say I blame them they make the show interesting.

  14. Topazgirl Said:

    Well, I enjoyed the finale too. Personally, I enjoy the character developement each the main characters. Marcus - can be brutal but he has shown some redeeming qualities. I've thought all along that one of the reasons he killed Zach was to "lure" Krista to him(Charlotte talked about this to Glynnis that she has used this trick before). I'm sure Zach talked about his sis and Marcus' words in the finale state that he wanted her by his side from the moment he saw her. I've also thought there was something to Marcus' shooting Zach himself. Usually, Fritz or Chase does his dirty work. Zach may have meant something to him. I do think he cares for her and won't kill her. He wants to know and to hear from her mouth that she won't betray him again, that's all. I'm with Japonica on this. He could left have her there in the conclave after she was shot. He practically squealed like a girl when Shen shot "K R I S T A". Also, he does not have a choice. He has no structural entity to keep Krista prisoner. In fact, she does not even have to stay with him. He's on his own with no where to keep Krista nor no one to help him contain her. Krista has feelings for Marcus even though he killed her brother. I think she always has. I think she was attracted to him prior to her being turned. In earlier episodes, Marcus was clearly infatuated with her, gave her the most intense looks and she can barely even look at him.(Scene for episode 4, when Marcus checks in on Krista's wound, he punctures himself and puts his blood on her wound to heal it). Actually, its not a new tell in fiction that a person falls for the someone who killed a member their family, sibling or friend, i.e. Romeo and Juliet. It seems to a theme repeated in vampire lore, i.e. Mina and Dracula(Dracula kills Lucy). Didn't Marcus tell Krista(paraphrasing) that even if she kills him or he dies, "he'll always be connected to her, my blood runs through veins". I think Krista's character will always have this struggl

  15. phermone3 Said:

    Who do u think the snitch is? What happened to the cop Krista turned?

  16. Terry Said:

    I agree that was great season .All the epoisodes were great .But the way it ended ,their is no way I see this show coming back . Because Marcus killed Krista's brother . And chase I don't think she is dead .Vampire's don't die from just falling .If she was ashed then she would be dead. But think about it Blade helped Krista from the beginning of the series ,and krista helped Blade .Now why did shen shoot krista ? And If Marus had a informat knowing what Krista was doing then why did he let Krista do so much ? And when he told krista that he knew she was helping blade , then showed his vampire fangs in front of krista , and then it ended, just like that .Krista I don't see coming back .Me I thought all the eposides were great , but that ending was to shocking .To many commericals .The way it ended it should have 1 more eposide. But to have it end like that ,give me a break .

  17. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Terry, let me try and answer a few of your concerns. "Now why did shen shoot krista ?" The key is that Shen shot her and didn't kill her. We already know both Shen and Blade need both Krista and Marcus alive so that they can continue to spy on the vampire world. If Shen came in with a gun and didn't shoot at Krista, Marcus would know something was up. It's like how Krista tortured Shen, not because she wanted to, but because she had to so that she could continue to fool Marcus. "And If Marus had a informat knowing what Krista was doing then why did he let Krista do so much?" My guess is that Marcus only recently obtained the informant. However, even if he's known for most of the show, he would still likely keep her around. First, because he has real feelings for her and hopes to eventually convince her of the "darkside". Second, his informant would have let him know that she was just there to spy on him and as long as he knew that, he could be very careful as to what information Krista was able to obtain. If you look back on the show, there was actually very little that Krista did to hurt Marcus' plans. As for the ending, I think it was great. We all kind of suspected Marcus knew about Krista, so him confronting her wasn't too surprising. They had to leave us hanging with something, and to leave it with us not knowing how Krista will out of there is a great cliffhanger but not so bad that I feel "jipped".

  18. ninjutsumaster Said:

    I loved the finale! I thought they could've gone into more detail about how Krista was found out but other than that the fights were the most spectacular. Chase got her fair share of spotlight with Marcus going on about "After everything I gave to you" and her comeback which solved the mystery about their relationship, "And evrything you didn't". Great stuff. Personally I think the pure blood recipe was in the locket Marcus gave Krista because Chase wouldn't have snatched it for the value of revenge. At least in my eyes. Great work on the summary and to the Cast and do-ers of Blade the Series! Let the blood lust ring for many seasons to come!

  19. Mitch Said:

    AWESOME season finale. I couldn't believe they packed so much into the 44 minutes. I'm still squirming thinking of Shen's fingernails. Next season (I'm not even gonna think of the show not coming back) is going to be strange, with Blade, Krista, Marcus and then the whole rest of the Pure Bloods all on different sides. I loved seeing Chase turn and I was even happier that she lived to fight another day. Marcus' reaction to her name in the last scene was golden. My favorite moment? "So this is the sword of Chthon? Why am I not surprised it's a piece of shit." I was afraid "shit" wouldn't make an appearance in this episode, but Blade pulled it out in the last 5 minutes. Seriously, this show sure says "shit" a lot. I LOVE IT!

  20. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, Blade had A LOT of great lines in the finale. The "piece of shit" line was great, as was just about all his conversations with Shen (how people tell him he's cynical every day, then later how he's optimistic every day). As many have said, Kirk Jones just didn't feel right as Blade in the beginning, but he's definitely improving leaps and bounds each episode.

  21. mgarmy Said:

    I think the informant is Krista's ex husband

  22. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Krista's ex husband? I didn't know she had a husband. Or did you mean Chase's ex Frederick. I could perhaps see Frederick being the informant, since he seems like the kind of character that would like to see the Pure Bloods go down since they represent the "old" way. I don't see him being so confrontational though, so I'd guess it isn't him... though it could definitely be interesting if it is.

  23. Colleen Said:

    Hi, This is my first post here, but I have been visiting the site since I discovered it. Have voted in each poll, too. I think this site (and the show) are freaking fantastic! I wanted to make a comment about the 'when did Marcus find out' question. Remember the file Krista went to reach for in Monsters? I think that was the info. The architect came that day to talk to Marcus, and at the beginning of Conclave, Marcus apologizes for his outburst 'the other day'. Since we find out he has known for a week, I think this is when it happened. I think he knew and still gave Krista the necklace because he does deeply care for her...I think he loves her, as much as he is now capable of loving. And I agree with Squirrelinabox, I think he is going to lock her up until she starts feeding, until her true vampire nature takes over. I think he vamped out and grabbed her at the end not just because she has been working with Blade. I think he was eventually going to deal with that issue. But the Blade connection, coupled with Chase's betrayal, sent him over the edge. Just some thoughts. Thanks again for such a fantastic website!

  24. Colleen Said:

    Just wanted to add another comment to my previous one. A little more elaboration on why I think Marcus was going to wait to confront Krista. The killing of the purebloods was his first priority. Everything else could wait. And Krista was not given an important role at the events of the Conclave. Marcus had her torture Shen as a test, which she passed to his satisfaction at the time. But at the Conclave itself, her role was basically as his woman. Yeah, she checked on Chase, but that was basically a nothing errand. In the eyes of Marcus, there was nothing she could really sabotage. And he would deal with the Blade issue once the purebloods were dead and they were back at Cthon.

  25. Holly Said:

    I agree Colleen. I think Marcus knew in the monsters episode too. I remember a part where Krista was on the phone and she sees a car pass by and says she has to get back when she is talking to Blade. I think Marcus was trailing her or had someone trailing her. Marcus does love Krista he could have ashed her and he didn't so I firmly believe he does. No one else seemed to know about Krista being the mole besides Marcus. If there is a second season I think Krista will be forced to feed,she will have no serum and Marcus will probably demand it. Maybe she wont kill and she'll just drink clone blood like the house of Lycan but I think she will have no choice but to drink some sort of blood. I was certain that Marcus loved Krista the moment she was shot and he yelled her name. Marcus clearly had no reason to take her with him out the window either so..he definitey cares. I just had this wild thought. I am not sure how possible this is but do you think maybe the informant is Krista's brother? That would be a really crazy twist. Maybe he was turned and she just doesn' know.

  26. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Colleen, I too have thought about the possibility of Marcus holding Krista until the serum wears off enough, forcing her to feed. I think a lot of what Marcus sees in her is her human side. I think that maybe he knows he can connect with her hatred of vampires as he obviously has similar issues. With that said, I do think he'd much rather her feed and accept her vampire self fully, though I think he knows he'd be killing off part of her he likes (or possibly loves). Holly, I don't think Krista's brother is the informant. Marcus clearly shot him in the head and killed him and Krista identified his body in the morgue. So unless the bullet didn't kill him and he then proceeded to "play dead" in the morgue, I really don't think he could be the informant. Besides, he wouldn't know that Krista was working with Shen, the most he could know is the location of Blade's hideout, which would have meant Marcus knew about that location from the start, meaning he would have likely attacked it much earlier.

  27. Holly Said:

    Yeah it was just a crazy thought. I thought I would just put it out there. The informant could be no one of importance. Then again it could be a number of people. I think you are right about Marcus loving the human side of Krista. I know that when Marcus wanted Krista to dispose of the body in the monsters episode and she didnt and Chase did, Marcus just looked like he was tired of Chase. So considering how different Chase and Krista are Marcus probably is much more attracted to Krista and her compassionate side.

  28. Colleen Said:

    Thanks for the response. Once again, I love this website and the discussion it rouses. I agree with with the belief that Marcus is attracted to Krista's humanity. I think that is why, after 107 years of being a vampire, he finally gave that locket to someone. I think, especially given my theory that he already knew she was working with Blade, his giving her that treasure is of tremendous significance. I don't think he 'sees' his dead wife in her, but rather characteristics they both shared. Which is why I find it interesting that despite all of his trust in Chase (albeight sorely missplaced), he never told her about Isabelle. Another thought...we know that Chase didn't know about the wife, but I bet damn sure she had seen that locket before. Marcus kept it in his office, and I would be surprised if in the last several decades Chase had never seen him take it out and muse over it. I don't think the identity of the informant is important. TPTB willing, we will get another season (and hopefully, several more) and I will be proven wrong. That Marcus knew, especially during the events of Monsters and Conclave, is the big issue, at least for me. Not to stir up any big debate...but I have read here, as well as on several other boards, the issue of 'how can Krista be with Marcus after what he did' topic. Once again, I just want to add my two cents. Loss is a terrible thing (Krista's brother, to name the really pertinent one). I have been through it myself. So, I can understand the argument in favor of 'How could she be involved with Marcus since he killed her brother?' But on the other hand, she is now alone (yes, because of Marcus), cut off from everything she once knew. And when you are alone, one tends to seek kinship with someone, anyone. But more importantly (had this conversation with my best friend, who had seen only 3 episodes before the finale, remembered all of the characters, and went out of his way to watch the finale with me), the heart w

  29. Blaine Said:

    Great final episode, and Chases's betraying Marcus really through me for a loop. One question i havn't seen anyone bring up, that doesn't make sense to me is this. If Chase did turn on Marcus and accept Charlottes offer, then why did She give her the sword that blew up the plane she was on? It's something that has been bugging me for the past few day.

  30. Colleen Said:

    Hi Blaine, I think Charlotte may have known about the bomb. Yeah, she exchanged a look with Thorne when the beeping started, but how is it that they were the only two on the plane to 'survive'?And since Chase is the one who gave Charlotte the sword, why would she need to ask Marcus if Charlotte was really dead, as she did in the beginning of Monsters? I think it was all part of the plan...but once again, Blade's interference was not factored in.

  31. Colleen Said:

    Okay, not the beginning of Monsters, but a little ways into the episode.

  32. Jeff Thomas Said:

    I was thinking today with 31 posts on the Conclave thread... this has been the most active thread which relates me to one of two thoughts.... The Marathon ran again the weekend before the finale... I wonder if that spiked the viewship like before. Thought 1: Did we get final numbers on the ratings for the finale? Thought 2: A potential poll question wondering how many of the 371 voters that turned out for the favorite character thread are 1) new viewers post the last Blade Marathon.... 2) viewers post the first marathon and 3) viewers here from the beginning! At any rate my fingers are still crossed and my eyes and ears are open awaiting the good word. Cheers!

  33. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Let me throw one more figure in there for you Jeff. Thursday had over 2500 visitors come to this site (a record by quite a bit). I definitely think the marathon helped since Neil Jackson said how the first marathon showed a huge spike. I also think the fact that it was a finale jumped the numbers up, especially for here where everybody is talking about future episodes and speculating on various plot lines. Hopefully it all leads up to them bringing us a second season.

  34. Steve_R Said:

    Hi all, I just rewatched to ending to the Conclave after reading these posts. Marcus never says that he has an informant, just that they intercepted a phone call to Blade and then followed some one. It seems likely to me that it was a phone call made by Krista, certainly Marcus may have become suspicious of her after Monsters. Leaves me wondering about the necklace, which is now with Chase, it would make a good place for a tracking device, or have I been watching too many James Bond movies.

  35. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hi Steve, I dont think too many 007 movies... I think the necklace/locket could be an interesting twist but I think it purely is a symbol of Marcus exwife. (or maybe ex ;)). I do not beleive the phone call intercepted was a Krista phone call. Again I beleive it was Blades "biological scientist" informant that was intercepted. I do beleive that Marcus has always been skeptical of Krista but up until the last episode it was merely skepticsm. The last episode opened Marcus eyes enough to confront Krista and push the Bluff based on Blades reaction to Krista calling his name as he was about to be ashed. It will be very interesting to see how Krista calls his bluff, or doesnt, on Season 2. Cheers!

  36. Squirrelinabox Said:

    I may have just assumed Marcus meant he had an informant by the way he was talking about how Blade had his own network of spies or whatever. I may have to rewatch the ending again, though it definitely seemed as though he was implying that he had an informant of some kind.

  37. Evan Said:

    Well, what a great season finale. Chases's double cross really surprised me, and it surprised me more that she got past Marcus. The sword fighting between Marcus and Blade at the end was superb. Regarding Marcus knowing about Krista I think he has known since at least monsters, and has suspected something was up for quite awile, after all he never mentioned that he knew that she turned her mother. In regards to the Krista/Chase fight i am just trying to figure out why krista would think Chase is dead without being ashed, and why she didn't just go ash her after she was knocked out from falling a dozen stories. On a final note I don't think we have to worry about there not being a second season. Im sure it was greenlighted otherwise they wouldn't have left us with that cliffhanger ending.

  38. Mike Said:

    About the Chase not ashing thing, I don't think a vampire absolutely needs to ash in order to be proclaimed dead. Frost, Drake, Demaskinos, and Mercury were all vampires, yet they didn't ash when they died. I think it depends on how the vampire dies... Frost and the others weren't killed via traditional methods, so that might explain why they didn't ash. The way I see it, dropping down a staircase isn't a traditional method either. That may be the reason why Krista didn't check to make sure Chase ashed. Poor Krista didn't know that Chase was just pulling a Quinn.

  39. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Well stated Mike.. excepting Vampires can survive pretty surmountable falls... i.e. Krista falling to her death as the recently turned vampire quite a few stories. It would be interesting and a topic always of debate on how to kill a vampire outside of the methods we know of now. I.E. (silver, garlic, sunlight, beheading) I honestly do not think you can kill a vampire without the aforementioned examples happening.... After all they are allready dead.... Cheers!

  40. Jeff Thomas Said:

    *Excerpt taken from the Wikipedia I found this extremely interesting referencing my previous comments. "The vampires in both the Blade movies and TV series are different from the vampires featured in the Marvel Comics on which the show and movies are based. In the Blade universe, they have far fewer weaknesses. The vampires are highly sensitive to garlic, silver, and sunlight/UV radiation. A Blade vampire can be killed by a stake to the head or heart, exposure to sunlight or a UV lamp, beheading, or garlic poisoning. Holy water, crosses, or other religious symbols have no effect on them. Silver causes the vampires to burn, but it's total effect has been contradicted in the series. Nonetheless, silver is Blade's weapon of choice, and all of his knives, swords, etc are silver or silver plate. When killed, the vampire instantly combusts at a high temperature, leaving a pile of ash and embers behind. Vampirism in the movies and series is based on a virus, not black magic. In the series, there are two types of vampires: "purebloods" (those born vampires), and "turned bloods" (humans who were infected with the virus). When a vampire in the Blade universe bites a victim, they must drain them completely of blood or that person will become infected. People who are bitten and turned were shown in the movies to be able to be cured by a retrovirus invented by Dr. Karen Jensen. In the series, this cure has not been mentioned. Krista Starr was infected and THEN killed, leaving speculation as to whether she could be cured or not since she was actually killed by a fall and not by the virus. It has also been shown in the series that if a human is killed first, they cannot be turned by a bite. Pureblood vampires are assumed to be descendents of the first vampire, known as Drake (a reference to Dracula). Drake was "born perfect", and was immune to all vampire weaknesses except for a virus known as "Daystar", which was created by the Nightstalkers to destroy all vampires on Ea

  41. Arielle Arkwright Said:

    I was so out of words when Marcus turned around and grab krista and said "How long have you been working for Blade?"I was cussing so badly , I thought my parents overheard me. All I have to say HOLY CRAP!!!!I loved the finale to the fullest.

  42. cassie Said:

    didn't fredric find the empty serium bottle in the house of lican episode so he could be the one who is marcus's informant as for the locket having a bigger meaning could be the doctor never sees krysta and blade together as krysta says all marcus does is worry maybe he followed here and found out himself

  43. Tim Said:

    that was 1 great show right from the start a great sword fight and nice fighting the cliffhanger was a really exciting 1 and also chase survived so if there was a season 2 could have turned into something quite big shame it got cancelled and i think the fans will be gutted and a bit dissapointed that they wont at least finish the story i think the fans at least deserve that.

  44. Kirk Said:

    Yer I was really hoping for a second season but spike could give blade at least 1 more chance with another season or a 1 hour special.

  45. morgan Said:

    i fell in love with this show !i hope they put the 2nd season on air.. give blade another chance!!!!!!

  46. Johnny Tong Said:

    That bloodsucking asshole and fucking bitch Marcus. Season 2 please! Anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HBO, Sci-fi, TNT,or another network. I hope Krista shoves a stake up Marcus's british Stupid-ass!!!

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