Goyer's New Movie "The Invisible"

Blade: The Series writer David Goyer has a new movie scheduled to be released in January called The Invisible. Goyer is the director of the movie and you can check out the trailer here.

It seems to be about a young man who's invisible to others because of a tragic accident. It very much resembles the movie Ghost, at least for me. The big difference seems to be that in The Invisible, the main character may actually still be alive, though he must solve his supposed murder to remain so.

It's definitely interesting and if Goyer's involved I'm sure it's pretty good. I just hope it's not too much like Ghost (though I did like that movie quite a lot).

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  1. Ellie Said:

    aqtually the movie is a remake of the 2002 swedish film Den Osynlige (in english: The Invicible) starring Gustaf Skarsgard from the Oscar nominated The Evil. both films are based on a novel by Mats Wahl.

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Ahh, thanks for the info Ellie. I had wondered why Goyer wasn't writing it as he's likes to write.

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