Spike TV's Scream Awards

Spike TV has had information on their new Scream Awards up on their website for awhile, but since it's taking place October 10th, I figured it was a little too far out to mention it previously. Now that it's less than a month away, I guess it's time to post about it and see if it's even worth the mention.

When I first read about Spike TV doing an awards show called the Scream Awards, I was certain Blade: The Series would be in there with multiple nominations. Sadly, I was mistaken. The vampire show isn't in a single category. It's kind of rediculous, really, since it is a vampire show and it is on Spike TV.

The whole thing sounds kind of lame in my opinion, since most of the categories have nothing to do with screaming or horror. While I love Battlestar Galactica (it's definitely one of my top three shows), what the heck is it doing in an award show called the Scream Awards? I'm definitely disappointed with how this award show is setup and will likely not tune in October to watch.

One thing to note is that Blade: The Series is at least somewhat represented with Batman Begins being nominated as it was written by Blade: The Series writer David Goyer. Also, there's probably a good chance that at least one or two Blade cast members will make an appearance seeing as it is on Spike TV and I'm guessing the network would love any chance they can get to plug the show (that's if they decide to pick it up for a second season). I'll be keeping an eye out for any information on the presenters to see if any of our Blade people will be there representing the show.

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  1. Joponica Said:

    This is what upsets me. It is as if SpikeTV doesn't want to support Blade:The Series at all. We have had trouble leaving feedback for the execs to read and I feel the show could be promoted so much more. Thank goodness for the cast keeping fans abreast of the show. The show should have gotten nominated for something. I mean their own network don't see the talent. I hope we hear something on the fate of the show soon. The waiting is killing me. I also hope some of the cast at least get to be presenters at the award show.

  2. Jeff Thomas Said:

    Hmm interesting thoughts squirrel. I too was curious if Blade would have some slots on the show but figured a couple of things: 1) The show was compiled and completed prior to Blade getting going 2) Not knowing what type of interest Blade would generate it would be a program that would move the the Scream Awards 2. Other than those thoughts I would agree completely that a Show like Blade "screams" out for the Scream awards. I will tune in most likely but only on the hopes of hearing an announcement ;) or seeing a few of my favorites as presenters or in the crowd. Cheers!

  3. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I'm thinking the main reason is that the season wasn't completed when they setup the nominations. I still think the show is pretty weak considering most categories and nominees have nothing to do with screaming.

  4. Mike Said:

    When I heard of the Scream Awards, I thought that it would have something to do with horror films. Now that I know it has Batman Begins nominated for something, it's pretty obvious that this is far from what I expected. Still, I hope Blade: The Series gets nominated for something in the next Scream Awards.

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