Reader Question: Chthon Ended What Tyranny?

Chris has sent in a question that I could use some help with. It's regarding something that was said in the final episode.

Chris writes:
in the final episode, it was said that the lord Chthon took the sword and ended the tyranny of...and he said a name. Was that another house? They use very poor sound for some of the sences...or I am going deaf be either way I really didn't hear it.
Any info?

First off, thanks for the great question Chris. Second, I tried to find a part where they say what tyranny Chthon ended, but I came up empty. Near the beginning of the episode Marcus talks about how he's going to change the world and how he'll take the sword that Chthon used to end some tyranny, but he doesn't say exactly what tyranny (unless I missed it somewhere).

If I had to guess, I'd say it was the tyranny of the House of Erebus. The House of Erebus is the house that the pureblood Alex was from (the guy Chase turned to vampire goo). It's also the house that Deacon Frost was from in the first Blade movie. It has been said that the House of Erebus and the House of Chthon hate each other and had a huge war years ago. My guess is that it was Erebus that ruled over the House of Chthon until Chthon took the sword and ended that tyranny.

However, like I said I couldn't find a place where they say exactly who Chthon used the sword to defeat, so if anybody knows for sure or perhaps knows where to find it in the episode that'd be great. I do have all the episodes recorded on Tivo so I can go back and check out any scenes that might mention it. Also, if anybody has any better guesses as to what the tyranny may be, send in your comments below.

[update: Thanks to Robert in the comments below I was able to find the spot where the head of Chthon mentions the tyranny that Chthon stopped.]

It's kind of hard to hear, but it definitely sounds like he says Chthon ended the tyranny of Argento. I tried to do some digging and see if I could find any references to Argento in the Blade universe but I came up empty. My guess is still that it has to do with Erebus and perhaps Argento was the leader of Erebus until Chthon killed him and gave the House of Chthon the power they enjoyed for years after.

If anybody knows for sure what name was said or perhaps if you've heard of an Argento in the Blade universe, please leave a comment below so that we can all stop wracking our brains.

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  1. Mike Said:

    I think that Marcus meant the prosecution of their kind. Back in the middle ages, there was quite a bit of hysteria about vampires. Graves were dug up, people stoned, etc. That's what I think he was talking about, though I doubt that Cthon alone was the one who ended it. Drake and La Magra probably had something to do with it as well. Of course, it could also be your explanation. According to the special edition DVD of Blade, the Dragonetti family (Of the House of Erebus) consider themselves the first vampires. Seeing as the House of Cthon seems to think the same thing of themselves, it only makes sense that they would have clashed. The House of Erebus was likely winning the war at first, seeing as there were more purebloods left in the House of Erebus afterwords, but Cthon must have helped his house come through in the end.

  2. Robert Said:

    This comment takes place around 39 minutes into the final eppisode (including comercials). The head of Cthon is talking about when the pure bloods meet and their first meeting. Although I can't quite place the name he says. I hope this helps.

  3. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Thanks Robert. With your help I was able to find the part about the tyranny (I was focusing on Marcus' talk with Krista at the beginning as he mentions it briefly there as well). I've updated the post with the information, though I still am not sure exactly what he says. As far as I can tell he says "Argento".

  4. Azaethel Said:

    Just re-watched "Conclave", the name he says is definitely "Argento" but the only things I could find about that was a Director with the last name...

  5. Mark Said:

    Okay, guys I found out the name. I used the subtitle option and I know what Rusk said: "In year one of our calender, when Lord Chthon himself took this sword in hand and ended the tyranny of Argento." Presumably, he was speaking of another pureblood. This was before the foudning of the houses, so I would assume the House wars to which some refer, did not come till many centuries later, after they were all well established. I think Damek and the other pureblood Armayans took it upon themselves to rule by elimanating the purebloods of the other houses. Seeing the mutual threat, they set aside differences, united and crushed the Armayans.

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